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By Paula Keyne

The response to Adz travels was great,a lot of people commended it,even the hotel posted her review on their website and social media pages which led

to mad traffic for her blog. She has been getting a lot of responses and even some people were already sending in their pictures and reviews which she has been posting on her blog regularly. She continued posting all the

regular things her blog was known for and have even started to add new materials, she now posted about food,which included cooking tips,healthy meals and also good restaurants where one can get affordable but good food although she wrote about pricey places that their food was to die for too,she also started posting about fashion,where she gave tips on her to dress and how to match different pieces of clothing and still look good and also contacted some stylists who always sent her the latest or hottest trends which she updated for her readers to see. She let her readers also send pictures of their own unique styles,this seem to be a hit amongst the ladies because her emails were filled with pictures from them tho some guys sent theirs too.

Today she was appearing on the Tony’s show. She walked to her closet and peep through,trying to figure out what to wear,earlier in the week she had given all her clothes to charity and changed her wardrobe. She had not done this because she was the most generous person but because she was on her way to recovery and all her former clothing had been purchased by Samuel,he always decided what she should and could wear so now that she had her independence she decided to buy clothes she actually liked and fancied. She even changed her hairstyle to faux locks,it has always been something she wanted to try but Samuel never let her,in his words she wouldn’t look like

the wife of a respected individual in the society rather she will look like a rascal or drug lord’s girlfriend. Well she didn’t look like that she thought with a smirk. She picked out a black jumpsuit and paired it with a

red pair of stiletto heeled boot and carried a small purse. Once she was dressed and her makeup on point,she stepped out and headed for the studio.

“I don’t think she should leave her job because her husband said,if and when she decides to leave,it should be because she wants to and not because she is being told to do so” said Adanna

“I disagree with you on that Adanna,you see this not him ordering her,its him suggesting for her to find something less time consuming so they can start a family. I mean what’s wrong with that?” Said Chigozie Obi,he was a

TV presenter and one of the panelist. The others were Mimi Sanders an actress,Heather Olu a marriage counsellor and Tony the host

“No,it states clearly that’s her dream job which means she has been wishing and dreaming for this job for a long time,am not saying starting a family is not important but if they really want to they can still start one and both will keep their jobs” she replied

“I agree with Adanna on the dream job thing,like if she leaves this job for a family and not because she really wants to then the man better be ready because with very little thing of obstacle she face,she is going to blame

it on her leaving her job and trust me no marriage will will last if one spouse keeps blaming the other or feel they are entitled to something because of a sacrifice they have made” Heather chipped in

Tony stepped in at this point “so basically the ladies feel she shouldn’t give up the job if she doesn’t want to?”

“Yes” Adanna and Heather chorused

“But you need to get the man’s perspective too,I mean is it too much to ask your wife for a favour so you guys can start your own little family” he added

“Yes I agree with you,exactly my point this whole time” Chigozie added

“You guys should stop this whole Alpha male thing, he met at her job,he courted her still at her job even went as far as getting married to her at the same job but now he wants her to leave it. Does that make sense even to

you? I mean let’s be real here,its not like they will fire her if she gets pregnant or something,she can take in,give birth go on leave and then return later and believe me no matter how time consuming her work is she

will find time for her child. For goodness we all heard when Tony read the man’s mail,in no part did he say his wife is not giving him any attention,if she can make time for him,she sure as hell can make time for other

things” Adanna added

“And you will know this how? Seeing that you have a failed marriage and you don’t even have a child,how can u give advice when you clearly need help too” said Mimi,who was just speaking for the first time. The whole station stood still after that comment,it felt like people were even scared to breath. Adanna turned and faced her before replying

“You are older than me yet you are not married”

“Yes,that’s because am taking my time and don’t want to end up a sorry case like you”

“Taking your time indeed,girl we all know you are being tossed around by every male in the industry so why don’t you wait until you have been married for a while at least before you compare notes with me and I can only pray that giving your history as being the the number one industry hoe and mattress,I can only hope your white blood cells would be able to fight all the battles they will soon encounter and just so you know,I might have

a broken marriage but I sure as hell don’t have a broken fist,say poo to me again and my fist will reply” turning back to the audience she continued “back to what we were discussing……….”

Her ringtone woke her up,she answered the call “hello”

“Lord,babe when did you get that hard,I mean I was just cheering for you while you drag that thing for all she is worth. Mama you have been trending on twitter since last night”

Hearing the accent she started to laugh “really Thomas, you wake me up very early in the morning for this?”

“Yup cos am so proud of my baby girl,I think you need to pay me because we both know that the former wouldn’t say that,geez you cursed on national TV girl,if my influence is not rubbing on you then I don’t know what it is”

“It has nothing to do with you, am just fed up”

“If you say so. I love the way you have upgraded your blog its dope”

“Yeah its part of the fed up program”

“Okay but hope you are good? And between how is lover boy?”

“Am not having this conversation with you, right now what I need is sleep so go find a chore or something then call me back when you know human beings are awake” she ended the call then switched off her phone,chuckling she went back to sleep.

That day,she had calls from everyone who had her number,Susan even came around with a bottle of champagne because according to her,the new Adanna

needed to be celebrated. Later in the evening,Adams took her out for dinner at a cozy new restaurant in Lekki,she made note to feature the place next

time she was posting on her blog. She took pictures of the place and the food before she began to eat and catch up with Adams since she hadn’t seen

him for close to a month now,they talked about a lot of issues including his unborn child who will soon be delivered any moment from now.

Adams drove in silence,Adanna was slumped on her seat her seat snoring lightly,he turned to look at her and then use his right hand to caress her face gently so as not to wake her . Tho the evening had been exciting and fun but deep within him,he could feel her pulling away from him,he couldn’t really pinpoint why or how but his guts were telling him so and they have never been wrong.



“Hello Mr Samuel,the boss wants to see you in five minutes time in his office”

“Okay” and then the line went dead. Breathing uneasily Samuel wondered what his boss wanted with him,all the years he had been working for the company he had never met Mr Rotimi Eko the owner of his firm. Mr Eko was always the first to arrive and the last to leave the building everyday and the few workers who have seen him tell the tale like its a legend. Every one in the

office calls him “the boss” because not only does he call all the shots in the firm but because he seem to know everything that is going on with the staff even if such matters don’t happen in the office, its like he has the

key to all knowledge or something and he never hesitates to fire any erring staff that goes against any of his policies whether the act was carried within or outside the office.

He wondered what the boss wanted with him. He stood and put on his suit jacket that he had earlier been resting on the arm of his chair. He walked out of his office briskly and went to the elevator and hit the button for the top floor,as the elevator slowly moved upward,he kept on arranging his clothing,he adjusted his tie till he wasn’t breathing properly and left it alone and the elevator door opened and he walked nervously across the hallway and walked up to the secretary who promptly told him they were waiting for him inside. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask what she meant by they but he was to tensed to do anything but walk towards the door

like a robot. He tapped the door lightly before he opened the door and stepped into the spacious office. He soon discovered the they she was earlier referring to was the boss and the CFO who was seating down while Mr Eko was standing by the side of his desk with a glass in his hands,he motioned for Samuel to sit down as he also too his seat and placed his hands on his desk.

“You have been a very dedicated and I most commend you for that because its not everyday you see young and dedicated men like yourself”

“Thank you sir” he replied

“Even when you were involved in that public debacle I turned a blind eye because I believed for someone who has contributed immensely to the growth of this company, it will be wrong for me to judge you based on your personal affairs and let’s not forget that somehow my son Adams was tangled in that situation yet I chose to ignore it and stick with you”

“Yes sir,I know that sir,thank you sir and may God……..”

Cutting him short “That’s not why I invited you to my office young man,I just wanted you to know that your personal life had nothing to do with my decision, your

employment with this firm has been terminated but because of your dedication to the company I will let you resign and should you get a job somewhere else you can always come to me for a referral “

At first it sounded like a joke to him and he laughed and then seconds later the impact of the words were clear to him and he laughed even harder and seized abruptly like it started. He wasn’t sure whether to beg for his job or just cry,true,he has been making plans to leave the company but he was not yet financially buoyant to float his own company. He looked from the boss to the CFO and nodded his head and walked out.

“I hate to see someone with so much potential just go like that” the boss said

“You had no choice,his personal life and choices has began to bite the company’s tail and we have a lot of clients who threatened to pull the plug on their accounts with us if he was on it…..” placing a hand on his

shoulders he continued “Sometimes I wonder why you have such a soft spot for that young man”

Looking up at his CFO and bestfriend for over three decades “That my friend is something I really don’t understand myself,maybe its because anytime I see that young man,he represents everything I wanted my son to be” he picked up his pen and started on documents in front of him “Make sure you tell everyone involved in this project that I will like to see a presentation by Friday” he said as he handed the documents to his CFO.

Samuel felt like he was walking on coals with each step he took to his office. When he was finally in his office,he closed the door and leaned against it wondering when and how his life got to this point,so everything he has worked for was just down the drain like that. How on earth was he going to get another job,who on earth will believe he resigned from his job,a lot of people will kill for his position and somehow he is suppose to act like he wanted to give it up. He moved across to his desk and started arranging his belongings,he might as well begin before he is chased out of the building. Once he was through with arranging his things,he sat down and

drafted his resignation letter. Soon he was through with everything and after handing his letter over,he took his things and left the building without uttering a word to anyone.

Adanna was going through her email when her phone rang,she checked the caller ID but it was an unknown number “hello” she said

“Hey babes wassup”

“Lord,Thomas how many numbers do you have?”

“Is that how to reply a friend you haven’t heard from in a while huh?”

“Gerrout joor,this one you are calling me,I hope am save?”

“Yeah,for now tho. I will be coming to Nigeria next week….”

“Wow that’s good news,I hope you bring a lot of goodies with you” she said cutting him short

“Yes I will and am calling you to let you know that I will be staying at your place”

“My what? Did I ever tell you I run a hotel or something,if you are going to stay at my place be prepared to do some house chores too”

“That’s no problem,I can scrub your back,even apply your cream. That’s enough chores right?”

“You are crazy. Just let me know your flight details before hand so I can come pick you up”

“Alright shawty I will keep you posted. Hope you are good tho?”

“Yes,I am”

“How bout lover boy?”

“He is fine too, I will ask about your significant other but I don’t I want to know the model you are currently frolicking with”

“When you put it like that you make it sound like I am a bad person but if you are really interested in my love life I will let you know they are about three models currently and some other ladies I can’t remember their names”

“You are so unbelievable,you know that right?”

Chuckling he replied “yeah you just told me now. So we’ll talk some other time alright. I will text you about my flight details soon. Take care”

“Yeah you too” and the line went dead. She focused her attention to her mails and continued sorting out the ones she wanted to use.

…to be continued

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