Curious – Episode 15

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By Paula Keyne

Kylie was going through her twitter feeds when she started getting a lot of tags,checking one of the links she saw the latest between Adams,Sarah
and Adanna who many people believed to be the mystery lady. Smiling to herself,she knew this was not an opportunity to miss and she quickly sent out two tweets

“Geez some people are truly heartless #shameless”

“First you refuse to give your husband a child and now you prevent another from having a relationship with him child”

And just like she expected,the blogs fell for it and started running it. Take that b***h. She returned to what she was doing before the interruption.

After watching Adams on TV,Adanna felt so sorry for him and knowing him like she did she knew he was going through a lot at the moment ,she stretched to the cupboard beside the bed and carried her handbag and
tumbled all its content on the bed and took her phone from the mess and switched it on. She called Adams but it rang without him picking up,she kept speed dialling his line to no avail. Just as she wanted to send him a
text,something flashed the screen that caught her attention and looked at the screen to see her picture side by side with that of Kylie and her tweets were below,the news anchor was talking about her a lot of people were with Kylie and that some media houses were already gunning to have an exclusive interview with Sarah. The phone slipped through her fingers and fell on the bed and tears began to flow down her cheeks. She tried wiping them but more just seem to pour out of her eyes. What has she done to deserved all this, for goodness she has been minding her business and
somehow they just seem to drag in to everything bad,maybe she truly was this awful person the media is trying to portray her to be. Trying to find her hanky to wipe her face from the mess of things in front of her,she
removed a new razor blade she bought the other day. She stared at the blade for a long time and wondered why she couldn’t just end everything right now. Who knows maybe if she stopped to exist then everybody’s life will just go back to being normal. She came down from the bed with the blade still in her hands and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the tap and let the bathtub fill. Looking at the blade in her hands,she slowly stepped into the tub while the water was still running and laid down,slowly she took off her shirt. She brought her left hands forward turning it her palm side up and squeezed her fist,with shaking hands she placed the blade in her right hand on her forearm and started slashing down along her veins,she repeated the same step with her bleeding left hand on her right fore arm.
She placed the razor next to the tub and laid down in the cold water,trying so hard no think about the pains she was going through or the implications of what she had just done. Slowly she started to feel steadily weaker but there was also a growing peace and tranquility inside her body and just when she wanted to fully embrace it,she heard her phone rang from the bedroom with Chris Brown’s smooth vocals singing waves beckoning on her but she could not get up and she quit struggling and let the growing peace engulfed her.

“Kemi you missed this afternoon”

“Wetin happen?”

“My dear,shei you see that oga wey de stay for fourth floor wey the claim fine boy and Americana na so yesterday police come carry am according to
them say I’m duped some people na im run”

“Tell me something” she said and folded her hands across her chest “wait o,no be him the form politician son?”

“Politician fire,see as im the insist make we call Mr Jim,my sister you no go believe wetin be im real name”

“Tell me abeg?”


“Wait o,why e sound as if na alebo you the try pronounce”

“Na so me self see am,come see gbege as they the carry am comot,instead of him to just cool down make everything quiet na so im just the shout say, my father will hear,all of you will arrested for trying to humiliate me,babe na so one police man ask am whether na im father wey dey village him the talk about”

“Some people go just the form wetin they no be,na so that day wey I been dey in charge of im floor only that guy give me headache.Just the send me the do annoying annoying errand at the end five naira ma him no give me”

She kept quiet as the elevator opened. Kemi and Shola walked out of the elevator together pushing their cart filled with toiletries. “Babe no disappear after our shift end o,remember you promise me beer”

“You too like free things,oya help me clean some of my rooms I go double the bottle”

“If I help you na three bottles be that o”

“No yawa oya come” she replied as they kept walking. “Wait o,person leave im tap on comot abi wetin? Why water just full ground here”

“Make we check see which room the cause am” On getting to the door,she knocked but no response “shei u the hear the water wey dey pour for inside?” She quickly used her card to open the door and they both walked
in,the room was not flooded like they thought rather it was just the water coming out the bathroom that was going out since the bathroom was close to the door. She walked in to close the tap and then she saw a woman in the tub with blood dripping from her wrists immediately she started to scream which alerted Shola who rushed in to see what the problem was. “Jesus Christ,I dey come make I call receptionist sharp sharp” she dashed out and used the room’s telephone to call. Soon the room was flooded with staffs and the woman from the bath tub was being rushed to the hospital.

Adams was working on a painting when he phone rang,the caller ID was Adanna so he quickly answered “where have you been and why haven’t you been
picking up your calls”

“Good evening sir,please my name is Gordon Adikwu am the manager of Sets hotel,we had a little situation today involving the owner of the phone,we are currently at the hospital and since we could not identify her, we had
to search through her phone and your number was the last she called,please are you a member of her family or can you point us to one so we can identify her and settle everything”

“Am her friend,just tell me the hospital you are in right and I will come and meet you” once he got the information from the man he quickly grabbed his
car keys and ran out. He got to the hospital in record time and in no time met with the man who he had earlier spoken to on the phone,who also gave him Adanna’s personal items found in her hotel room and also briefed him on the situation,he was also introduced to a police man who the hotel had called and he supplied his necessary information and answered the questions
asked. He also had to fill some necessary documents for the hospital. He couldn’t see the doctor at the moment since they were in surgery and not wanting to be alone,called Susan and briefed her on the matter and she also got to the hospital in record time. They sat together waiting for the doctor to come out. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the
doctor walked out and they rushed towards him bombarding him with questions. Once he ascertain they were the closest thing she had to a family and they
knew his patient well he led them to his office and gave them an update on her and how she was stable at the moment. He further asked questions to know more about her and also to know if she had ever tried to harm herself before,they answered his questions to the best of their knowledge and also filled him in on what had been happening to her for the past months,when
they were through he replied

“Well with all that you have told me about her,I can see why she carried out the act tho I need to say that she is very lucky to be alive and she has some factors to thank for it,like the fact she was in cold water helped
her because if it was hot water,honestly I don’t think we will be having this conversation right now because it would have made her bleed more rapidly since it would make her veins to open up and also while slashing
her wrist all she did was a single lateral cut on each wrist which practically did maximum damage to the tendons and minimal to the veins which maximized the probability of the wounds closing before she suffers
lethal blood loss. Also the damage to the tendons also made it possible so that she could not make further cuts on herself. Its too early to say anything but from everything I have seen its safe to say she will survive
this but also another thing was the timing was good because if those hotel attendants hadn’t found her when they did it would have been a different story all together.” He told them

“Okay,so where we are right now,what are the steps forward for her” Adams asked

Removing his glasses and setting it on a pile of files,he looked at them for a while and said “Am not going to lie its going to be a tough journey from now because right now all we have to do is wait and pray she she makes
it out alive and once she is strong enough there is going to be a psych ward,there will be a subscription to a powerful antidepressants and then we can begin hope for a gradual recovery but there is also going to be therapy because from all you have told me its my belief she needs to just open up and let things out. We can just hope she is strong enough to just face everything. Picking up his glasses again he started to take some notes and they asked if they could see her,he replied that they could but should not stay in her room for more than five minutes. He buzzed a nurse who led them
to see her in the Intensive Care Unit. They had earlier wanted to spend the night at the hospital but was advised by a nurse that Adanna needed them
strong and well rested and also pointed out that they was little they could do to help her at the moment.

The media had a field day when news broke of Adanna’s suicide attempt,many people who were against her switched sides and blamed the media for what happened to her and some felt Samuel was at fault. A lot of columnists wrote articles airing their views on the matter.

Once Adanna regained conscious and the doctors gave the greenlight,there was a terrifying psych ward with anti depressants plus they were all these nurses who couldn’t even pretend to like her and made her felt more
miserable and then there were these annoying therapy sessions and she could not wait to be released from the hospital. After one of such sessions she made a vow to herself that she will never attempt to take her life ever
again and if she should ever attempt it then she will make sure she get it right. During the course of her treatment there had been some attempts by some media outlets to get exclusive pictures of her in the hospital. Some had been successful since they paid some staffs who took such photographs of her,others didn’t have such luck and some even lost their jobs. The
weeks seem to drag by and the only thing sustaining her were visits from Adams and Susan but even then they seem to have this worried look like they were scared she will do something crazy well she wouldn’t blame them
because the way she was feeling currently doing something crazy will surely bring a new spark in her and that was needed to end this dull ache inside her. Just when she was giving up hope that she will never leave the hospital, she was discharged tho she still had therapy and visits to see the doctor weekly. Once she was home,it felt like she was in another prison
because Susan and Adams took turns to watch over her like she was a kid who needed protection,she loved them both but they just made her feel choked
and it was getting her depressed. During counselling some weeks later,she explained to her coach how she felt and asked if it was okay to take some
time off for a short vacation. At first, the doctors wouldn’t let her go but later relented when he felt it might be beneficial for her to take a break from her surrounding. It was obvious that everyone kicked against the vacation because she insisted on going alone and there were scarred she was going to hurt herself again. She had requested for a month but the doctor wouldn’t accept they later agreed on ten days and she was to check in with him and also to take her meds.

These past few weeks has been the best Kylie had ever had,due to the publicity she has been receiving her clientele was rapidly increasing so much that she started her own decorating company since she she couldn’t keep up anymore and since her baby will be due next month,she wanted to slow things down and rest well. She didn’t go for field work rather sat back in her office and ran the whole organization. For a while she thought she was going to loose patronage after Adanna’s suicide attempt but that was for only a short time because she had more clients rushing in,she was
scared she wouldn’t be able to keep up. Samuel has been the perfect husband all this time,since the divorce was still pending they decided to buy another house at Lekki which the moved into. Her only constant worry was that the divorce couldn’t end fast enough, she just wanted to have her husband all to her self,speaking of her husband Samuel seemed to be having the best time of his career because with his new popularity,he was not only promoted but he was like the poster boy for the company. He seem to head a lot of campaigns now tho there are still a few hiccups as some people refuse to work with him especially some females who insisted that he had nothing to do with their project or else they will hive the contract elsewhere. After the suicide attempt they were more requests to get him off a project but things seem to be returning back to normal and their perfect little world was just getting better.

…to be continued


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