Curious – Episode 14

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By Paula Keyne

Susan took a pack of juice from the refrigerator and walked towards her desk. She took the remote control and increased the volume of the stereo where Chris Brown’s before the party mix tape was playing. Taking a sip from the pack directly,she scrolled through her emails while dancing to the songs blasting from the stereo. She was engrossed with what she was doing that she did not hear the footsteps behind her.

“this is what you do in your office shei?” she heard from behind,turning around she saw Adams smiling at her,she picked the remote control and reduced the volume of the music. “lover boy what brings you here? She said and gulp down more of her juice ” do you want some?” stretching the juice towards him,which he received and took a sip

“see how your lip stick is all over the pack”

“yet you still drank from it”

“i only did that so you won’t feel bad”

“get out” she said laughing and reached out and collected her drink from him “so what’s up” she said as walked round to seat on her chair with her juice still in her hands.

Sitting down,he replied ” i just want to clear my head from everything going on”

“yeah,i understand” she said while taking a long drink from her juice “you know,you kinda looked hot in that video that leaked last week right?”

“tell me about it. My parents have been on my neck ever since,if i knew that lady had recorded what happened that day i wouldn’t have allowed her go with that tape” he said and stretched himself before putting his feet on the desk in front of him

“well you couldn’t have known that will happen,well some clients called me but i told them it was nothing to worry about and that everything is still on schedule, i hope everything really ? She replied looking at him

” of course,everything is ready for the showcase,some need a little finishing touches and we are good “

“we better be because you can’t make look a fool to all this people,its bad enough that i have to work with these snobs daily between with your new popularity from this whole Adanna saga we have been getting a lot of mails concerning your work and some media houses have been trying to get you on their station tho i believe most of them are more interested in the love triangle you are connected in at the moments than your art but any publicity is good and let’s be honest with ourselves this is the most coverage you have ever had,so we need to start working out plans for you to be out there before your showcase”

“in other words you want me to ride this Adanna’s wave and promote my brand”

“yeap “

“you know i can’t do that,it wouldn’t be fair to her and what kind of person do you think i am”

“you don’t necessarily have to talk about you and her all you need to do is be out there and when they ask questions that are too personal you tell them no comment or you ignore it and if it will make you feel any better i can ask to preview the questions before the show begin whereby we can choose what question go on air or not”

“you can do that?”

“yes i can,but not everybody with that and at such we might loose out on this opportunity”

“so what exactly are you suggesting i do”

“take the offer but be very vague with questions concerning Adanna,in that way you get to promote yourself and also not saying anything that will implicate you”

“hmmm,am going to have to think about that”

‘hurry up with your thinking because time is a luxury we do not have and erm,well just so you know,i booked you for a radio interview ” she said returning to her drink

“you did what?”

“you heard me,so hurry up with your thinking and lemme get back to the producers of the show and you also have an interview with a TV station tomorrow night,hold on don’t interfere lemme finish, i told the network that you will only do the interview if they showcase your art which they agreed to,i already sent them an edited version of your earlier works on a CD which there will air so when you come on it will basically be them wanting to know more about you but i can’t promise that they won’t be questions about Adanna tho”

“sometimes i wonder why am friends with you” he said dropping his feet down and reaching towards her to grab the pack of juice from her but she held on tightly “because you can’t do without me,get your hands of my drink joor” she replied laughing “if you want on go to the fridge and get for yourself.”

He gave up struggling with her and sat back in his chair. Using his hands to his temples he said “how bout i talk to Adanna first before i get back to you”

“that’s fine by me” she picked the remote and increased the volume to the highest “come let’s dance” she said

“nah,am gonna have to pass on that,lemme get back home” he said and got up and walked towards the door turning around he said “have anyone ever told you,how terrible a dancer you are? If not then am telling you now”. Picking up the now empty pack of juice she threw it at him which he dodged “throwing things at me won’t make you a better dancer” he replied grinning

“get out niccur and make sure you call me tonight”


“good morning”

“good morning,how was your night?”

“great and yours?”

“it was good”

“why did you not call me last night?”

“i was trying to get a hold of Adanna but i couldn’t,i went to her house but the gate man told me she left earlier with a box of clothes and i have been trying her lines since last night but its not connecting”

“you don’t think something bad happen to her right?”

“i really don’t know,i guess i will just keep trying her lines”

“well get out of bed and start preparing because that radio show is in two hours and i have already promised them that you will be there”

“but i thought we agreed that i will have to talk things first with Adanna before we proceed?”

“yeah that was the agreement we made before she went AWOL now get your a$$ off your bed and start preparing”

“yes mummy,i will see you in a bit”

“okay,take care of yourself and don’t trouble your mind over am sure she is fine,she probably just needs time alone to just clear her head”

“i hope so” he replied and the line went off,dropping his phone on the cupboard beside his bed,he stretched his full length across the bed before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

Adanna sat on the bed of her hotel room with her laptop on her laps,she had spent all morning going through her mails,replying those she wanted and deleting those with hateful comments. For the first time since the whole

Samuel and Kylie situation happened she felt like posting on her blog,at first she wanted to dive back in and just post the regular stuffs that was common her blog but on second thoughts decided to post about everything she has been going through,well she couldn’t just post everything but at least she could just give a glimpse of what she has been passing through all these weeks and who knows maybe just venting out might just help her on her road to recovery. Before she could change her mind she started typing

‘ Hi guys, its been a while. I hope these past weeks have been better for you than it was for me? Yes,I know you have been keeping caps on everything the media have been saying and I also know you have all been waiting to hear my own side of the story. I have been silent all these while because I wanted to be the bigger person and take the high road but I think that hasn’t worked well for me. I tried to ignore everything going on around me because I thought with time everything will be settled but it did not. I wanted to find solace with my blog,after all the reason I created it was to have a positive thing that could uplift you no matter whatever you were going through but I couldn’t. Each time I click to post something, I always shy back and I have received a lot of hateful messages these past weeks that have left me broken inside, am not going to pretend to be that alpha female online the truth is right now am so broken and drained it hurts,I wake up everyday wishing it will all just end but it  doesn’t look like that’s about to happen anytime soon. I realized yesterday that I will soon become a single woman again and the way its heading I will be penniless soon too.In trying to keep to myself, I have left my blog and in the same way my advertisers have left me too. Also my safe Haven for positive outlet has now been ransacked with trolls who decided to post all their frustration in my comments section. Funny right? And I all this just made me realize that of I don’t take the reins of my life,soon there will be nothing to hold on to. It will be wrong for me to treat this chapter of my life like it did not happen,if for anything I have learnt since putting up this blog was that those stories we share help empower us and others out there and for that reason,every week I will post something about my life and am going to begin with this whole marriage fiasco.

These weekly life stories will be called Adanna’s diary and am not going to hide anything, I will be honest and live in my truth. I wanted to turn the comments off when ever I post my diaries but am going to leave them on because am past that stage in my life where I will allow people’s words hurt me anymore. To end this long epistle am going to answer those nudging questions I know you have.

Did my husband get another woman pregnant and then married her? YES

Was I ever friends with my husband’s new wife? YES

Did I ever know they were seeing each other? NO


I will like to go on and on but right now its not the time,I will update the first diary on Saturday. Xo Adanna’

Just as she shut down her laptop she saw Adams on the screen,she quickly took the remote control and increased the volume of the TV.

Adams walked into the TV station with Susan,they had earlier gone for the radio which had been a success. He had earlier told the presenter that he did not want any question relating to Adanna or Samuel and he had complied. They had talked about his art and all the challenges he had earlier faced during the course of his career. After a while they had opened the lines and people called in and at end he gave two lucky fans tickets to his showcase coming up next month.

“Don’t think too much Adams,everything is going to be smooth like it was this morning,just watch and see” Susan said rubbing his arms

“I hope so” he replied. Before he could add more a lady walked up to them

“Hello Susan welcome” she said smiling and hugging her

“Hi Cynthia,this is Adams,I hope everything is ready?” She replied

“Of course,if you will follow me” she said and led them to the dressing room,where they were briefed on what to expect and a makeup artist came in later to give him a little touch up. A lady walked in and whispered in Cynthia’s ears and left. Turning towards them she said “they are ready for you Mr Adams,follow me”. They both got up and followed her to the side of the stage,where she debriefed him again,telling him the position to seat and how to walk in,after wished him luck she left them to take care of other issues.

” All the best dear,make me proud” Susan whispered in his ears and pushed him in as soon as she heard his name. He was startled for a bit as he got a glimpse of the audience but he quickly composed and smile like he was expected to and walked briskly to the host and kissing her on her cheeks and sat down.

“You are welcome Mr Adams Eko”

“Thanks for having me on show”

“So we just watched a little documentary about your life as an artist and we can all see that it took a lot of work before you got to where you are now,so I want to ask what were the challenges you faced while trying to establish yourself?”

“My biggest challenge was my parents accepting my decision to be an artist, it took a while but they came around. Then another challenge was the fact that I when I began it was just me having a passion for it and not because I went to school and at such such whenever I talked about my art with people they never took me serious and at such I just had to go back to school,I did a course tho it was beneficial because I got to learn more about art and all”

“Wow,that’s good. I guess your parents wanted you to take over their chain of consulting firms right?”

“Yeap but they never really said that tho but I guess they were hoping you know”

“Yeah,I get. So are you single?”

Shifting in his chair he replied “errmm,I like to keep my private life private”

“We are not asking for her name, we just want to know if ladies like us have any chance with you”

“Am keeping my mouth mute”

“Okay,I guess you want to keep everything low key since you and Sarah just had a baby and there is also all these rumors about you and popular blogger Adanna being an item .Congratulations on the baby, Speaking of Sarah and the baby,her latest Instagram post seem to state that you have been a deadbeat dad and not concerned about the well being of your child,she also went further to talk about a mystery famous lady you left her for. She claims this lady is the reason you won’t acknowledge your child. How true is all these allegations?”

Sitting uncomfortably on his chair he looked around and his eyes locked with Susan who looked as confused as he was,she quickly signalled for him to say nothing and he turned back to the host and gave a false smile and said “like a earlier said,I like to keep my private life private”

“Okay,if that’s how you like it but you sure have a juicy life,if you ever decide to write a tell all book best believe it is going to be a best seller” she said to loud cheers from the audience. “So one last question before you go,will you ever take charge of your family’s consulting firms?”

“I don’t know maybe in the future I might”

“Well I guess if you take charge then Mr Samuel Kombol will need to find a new job seeing as he work for one of your father’s firm. It was nice to have you with us today,I wish you all the best with your career”

“Thank you” he replied

“Now ladies and gentlemen we take a commercial break and when we return…….

As Adams walked out of the stage he felt like he was walking on hot coals,he ignored everybody and walked straight to the dressing room and sat down. It wasn’t long he heard the door opened and Susan was barking at everyone to vacate the room and they quickly filed out and she shut the door after them. She walked up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders and her eyes met his in the vanity mirror ” Am so sorry,I have spent the last 10 minutes screaming at Cynthia and she insists that she had no idea that Grace the host was going to pull that on you. Am so sorry I should have smelt the trap from a mile away but I was so interested in using these currents and create a buzz about you,am so sorry”

“Its not your fault,from the beginning she made it clear she was out for a witch hunt” he replied still holding her gaze

“I never knew Sarah was pregnant”

“Neither did I”

“So what do you want to do”

“Honesty I don’t know,I guess am going to have a paternity test done and then try to establish a suitable a support payment if the child is mine and probably try to get joint custody” he said and before she could reply he punched the mirror in front of them shattering the glass

“Oh my goodness don’t hurt yourself” she took her handkerchief and wrapped round his bleeding hands and pulled him off the chair and towards the door

“come on let’s go and take of that.”

…to be continued


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