Curious – Episode 13

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By Paula Keyne

Samuel slammed his hands on his steering angrily,he has been stuck in the Lagos traffic for over two hours now. Since his anger couldn’t control the traffic he decided to chill and surf the internet to find out the latest on his marriage fiasco and lo and behold there was an update somehow a blog Gist Partner had gotten a picture of him, Adanna and Kylie and was running that they were friends and that Adanna knew about the marriage. He wondered where they had gotten the picture from and now scrolling through other blogs he discovered the story had change with some claiming Adanna and Kylie used to be friends but the later snatched him. The comments in most of the blogs were hilarious, some people felt Kylie was more beautiful and others disagreed with them, mean while they were some people who felt he was dope and also a genius to pull stunning ladies like that but the most interesting were ladies who probably have been hurt before by guys who decided to pour their frustrations on him,some even went as far as raining curses on his generations to come,well since he had no business with any of them he wasn’t bothered. At that moment the traffic started move and quickly dropped his phone and focused his attention on the road.

Adams had spent the night at Adanna’s house because he was scared of what she might do if he left her alone all through the night. He had slept on the couch not because there wasn’t a guest room but he wanted to be close by and watched her carefully. Since nothing happened all through the night,he decided to make her a surprise breakfast,well since his culinary skills were terrible,he decided to call his cook Huklan to lead him through. He was in the kitchen when he heard a car horn,he wanted to go and check who the visitor was but decided against it,since it wasnt his house it would be very rude to do that.

Adanna was in her room going through the multiple emails her fans had sent to her when she heard someone horn at the gate,she was surprised because she wasn’t expecting anyone to come visit but even then she probably won’t know if the person was a friend or for since her phone has been switched off since yesterday. She sluggishly left her room and went downstairs to see who this august visitor was. She was downstairs waiting for the person to come in,when she realised she hadn’t seen Adams leave this morning,maybe he had something important to do. At the moment the door opened and the last person she wanted to see right now walked in

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“I live here I think”

“Where is your wife” she replied as she folded her hands across her chest

“She is not the reason am here Adanna,I came here so we can talk things through”

“No,there is nothing for us to talk about,now turn around and go and meet your wife”

“Last time I checked you were still my wife”

“For the time being”

“Really? And how or should I rather ask what will you do if you leave me?”

“That is none of your business, will you please just leave”

“Look woman,I don’t want to be here anymore than u want me to be too,so can we as adults just settle. Okay”

“So long as you leave after saying your garbage its okay by me”

“Okay,well since you already know am married and you also in Nigeria there are a lot of polygamous homes so we could just settle and see how we can live out different lives and not upset the other”

“I can’t remember you telling me I upset you before?”

“Am not talking about me,am talking about Kylie,you know she needs to move in with me now and she shouldn’t be alone especially as she is pregnant”

“Wait, she is pregnant?” She repeated, any resolve she had in her mind as to why Samuel married another woman came crashing down,she felt weak all over again and she grabbed the couch and sat down because she couldn’t trust her legs anymore. She never could imagine that a day like this will ever come,she starred blindly at Samuel and felt so much hatred for him,shecouldn’t believe she ever loved loved this man “please leave right now and just so you know there will never be an understanding between because am leaving and will file for divorce as soon as possible”

“Are you sure that is what you want?”

“Yes” she replied and raised her chin to stare at him

“Well since you will soon be my ex wife,I hope you know you will have to find a place to stay and seeing that you don’t have any means to provide for yourself, I hope you rethink your decision”

“There is no rethinking this,it is final and you cannot chase me out of this house” she screamed as she jumped off the couch to stand on her feet

“Really? Did you contribute a dime to buy this house huh?”

“Am not stupid Samuel,you and I were married and everything you own is as well mine and the courts will split everything into two”

“Lady don’t fool yourself,what do you think the court will do for you,last time I checked we don’t have any kids,so what half are you talking about? You have never contributed a dime in this family,you never gotten a job,all you have every been is a burden to me,just so you know”

“I have been a burden you say? Wasn’t it your idea that I don’t get a job so I can take care of the house better? Wasn’t also your idea that we don’t have any kids since you were not yet ready to be a father? Tell me did I get anything wrong? Just so you know Mr,I have a very successful website, I don’t need your money,I will do just fine on my own” she screamed at the top of her voice

“Bravo Adanna and you are going to prove this little epistle you just spilled here in court how? You say you don’t need me but somehow the so called website you claim is successful is being funded with my money. Well

that’s not a problem seeing we are both co owner for it”

“Co owner from where? Like Adanna dot com is fully owned by me”

“But it was started with my money and weren’t you just telling me how since were married everything I own belong to us,so therefore your blog is mine too”

“Get out you bas***d,just leave right now fool” she screamed and picked one the pillows on the couch and threw at him

“Is that all you can do” he said as he dodged her missile and walked towards her.

“I believe the lady asked you to leave” Adams said from behind. Samuel was surprised to see him and wondered had w much of the conversation he had listened to but that did not matter as he took in what Adams was wearing since he was just putting on his pyjamas

“Oh,I see,I haven’t been gone long and there is a new guy warming your bed”

he said as he looked from Adams to Adanna who was looking pale

“Seeing you got married to someone else I don’t anything we do should be your concern,now if you will leave before things get ugly here” Adams said as he approached

“I did not come to fight you or anyone at that,am a much bigger person than that,I will leave right now but I will definitely be back” he said as he walked towards the door

“Yeah right,we are scared, now get out of here”

“I will see you soon wife” he said and walked out

Adams who had earlier listened to the whole conversation turned to see Adanna who was sitting on the arms of the couch looking pale. He walked up

to her and pulled her into an embrace

“She is carrying his child” she said as tears started flowing down.

“Shhhhh don’t think of that,just think about how lucky you are to have missed bullet” he said as he used his hands to wipe her eyes

“He is going to take my website” she whispered

“No he cannot and even if he had claims to it like he said we will battle it out in court” he replied as he pulled her up and stared in her eyes “you are not alone anymore and that’s all you should put your mind on” he said and kissed her.

Adanna was lost in thoughts as Adams drove her to go see a divorce attorney his friend told him about. Who could have thought that she and Samuel will ever reach this point? She always knew he was not perfect but she loved him like that. This past month has been the worst in her life, every morning she woke up to see a new article about her and Samuel and just went she thought this nightmare was over,Kylie decided to release official photos from her wedding with Samuel and as if that was not enough last night Samuel posted pictures of Kylie’s baby bum on his social his social media pages and the circle started all over again,her name was being brought up almost everywhere and now there is a new theory that Samuel got married to someone else because she could not give birth. One blog even went as far as stating that they were told by a close family source that Adanna had earlier had six miscarriages and that after the last one she told her husband to marry someone else that will give him children. She couldn’t believe people will go this far just to get clicks on their blogs and it didn’t help that a lot of bloggers also ran the story too. Right now every medical blogger in the country was giving her advice and tips that will lead to a successful childbirth. She had chosen to be quiet all this while because she just wanted this thing to die a natural death but its as if someone or something keep stroking the fire and is adding more to the flames, maybe she was wrong for keeping quiet all this while for goodness sake she ran an empowerment website,how can she who tell people on the daily not to be afraid is just dumb not knowing what step to take. She hasn’t posted on her blog since the fiasco started and when she tried checking her mails all she saw were concerned emails from fans and some sadists who seem to think she deserved what was happening to her at the moment. Maybe she should just post on her blog her own side of the story maybe everyone will just leave her alone.

“We are here” Adams said as he parked the car. They both got out of the car and walked into the building together and was ushered in by the receptionist into an office where the were told to wait for the attorney.

Some few minutes later a very beautiful lady walked

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I had something urgent to carry out” she said as she took her seat across them and continued ” My name is Ehi Agbo and you are welcome to my office,do you care for any drink? ” she asked

“No,thank you” Adams replied while he looked at Adanna who nodded her head at him

“Okay then let’s go straight into business”

Some seconds went by in silence and Adams decided to take charge

“My name is Adams Eko and the Lady beside me is Adanna Kombol,we got your contact from David Adeke he told me you were the person to talk to, if we wanted a swift and good divorce”

“Oh,so you guys want an amicable divorce?”

“No,I mean yes but am not the one she is divorcing its her husband am just her neighbour” he said and exchanged glances with Adanna who sat still like a statue

“Okay, I get you. So Mrs Kombol I will like to know why you want a divorce.from your husband”

“He married another lady”

“Okay,do you know this Lady he got married to? “

“Yes,she was my friend”

“I see,was there any kind of violence while you were married to Mr Kombol?”

“None, he has never laid his hands on me”

“How long have you been married to him?”

“Does my husband have any right to any property I own during the period of our marriage let’s say for instance like a car?” She replied,looking nervously at Ehi

“Well if your car was during the marriage and is considered marital property in that case it will be distributed in your divorce. This does not mean he will get it,just that the car must be considered in the property

division and you can ask to keep it. Tho in a situation where you owned the car prior to your marriage then its not a marital property. Have I answered your question?

“Yes,you have”

“Then why don’t you look at ease,am not a child so why don’t you go on and tell me what property exactly you are talking about?”

“Well,errrm the thing here is that we have been married for three years and I have never gotten a job because my husband said it wasn’t necessary and some months back I started this blog and now he is telling me he will drag my blog with me is that possible?”

“Well it depends,if there is a signed contract somewhere between the two of you or if he can prove he financially sustained the blog”

“Okay,there is no contract tho and the money I used or should I say I have been using for my blog is mine,like over the years I have been over to save a little money on the side and that’s what I have been using”

“Then he doesn’t have a claim on your blog,truth is so long as he doesn’t have any proof or contract,he doesn’t have a case but even he tries to pull anything I think with what you have told me we could easily throw his claims out of court that is if you want me to represent you”

“Of course I want you to represent me that’s why am here”

“Okay, first we need to go over some details then we can proceed to file for separation”

“No I want to go straight to divorce”

“Wow,so there is no changing your mind then,if that’s what you want then that’s what we will do” she replied and pulled out a file from her desk and proceeded to ask them some questions and jot some points down,it didn’t take long and she assured them that the next time they see they will cover the basis and can start the court proceedings. They left her office satisfied and had a quick lunch at a restaurant on their way home.

On reaching her house,they got the surprise of their life when they discovered Kylie had moved in and Samuel was also in the house . Judging from the way there were relaxed and watching a movie,it was obvious they have been around for a while. Adanna let go of Adams hands and walked in front of them

“What is going on here?”

“Hello soon to be ex wife,where have you been?”

“You did not answer my question?”

“Do I need to have a reason to be in my house madam?”

“You have five seconds for both of you to carry your filthy selves and leave my house”

“Excuse me Adanna who do you think you are to disrespect us like that” replied Kylie who stood up and lounged towards Adanna

“Respect yourself and take your big stomach out of my way,this is between my husband and I”

“Girl you don’t seem to get the memo you are now old news adi�s cargo get lost” she replied and slapped Adanna who in turn shoved her across the room,she stumped out of the sitting room and into the kitchen.

Somi had been interviewing Kylie and Samuel when she became pressed and had to use the bathroom. She was just cleaning herself up when she heard angry voices coming from the house, she quickly left the bathroom and went to see what the commotion was all about,she hid behind a pillar and peeped to see who were the people involved and lo and behold it was Kylie and Adanna exchanging words. She knew she was betraying Kylie’s trust but juicy news like this don’t come everyday and since she had her handbag with her,she quietly brought out her phone and started recording,this will definitely rock the media and its just perfect that this exclusive will come from her.

Adanna dashed into the kitchen and hurriedly went to shelves where they kept their knifes and carried one and rushed back outside. Pointing the knife at Samuel and Kylie she said “You have five seconds to leave now if not the next thing attached to your names will be RIP” she screamed while mobing towards them.

Kylie who was afraid hid behind Samuel “You cannot do anything,senseless woman,you think you are strong come,I wonder if you think that knife with make us fear you or what?” She said still hiding behind him.

“One,two,three,four” replied Adanna as she kept walking towards them

Adams who had been standing like a statue quickly sprung to life as he realised that if he did not

…to be continued


  1. I know its so hard to contemplate adanma !! But you just have to take it like that and leave Samuel for good. Note- dont marry adams yet, just be friends with him and focus on your life and career first. I wonder how you could abort pregnancy when your married on the sake that samuel doesn't wanna be a father yet. Just leave him be, i know its gonna be hard but just let go… Such hurtness. Oga ooo

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