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By Paula Keyne

Adanna walked nervously into the TV station,she kept praying in her mind that all goes well and that this interview will help boost the traffic on

her blog. She hastened her steps as she saw all lady who was waving at her to come over and who she later discovered was the production staff. After exchanging pleasantries with each other she was led to room backstage and soon after a makeup artist came along. While she was having her makeup done,she was also being briefed about what to expect in the interview and

also the sitting arrangements plus camera angles. After a while,the talk show’s host walked in and smiling at her he said

“Hi,am Tony Shogo ,its really nice seeing you in person,and I hope you have been treated well since you arrived?”

“Yes,your staff has been wonderful to me” she replied

“Okay then,I guess I will see you in half an hour when the show starts. So just relax yourself and enjoy the comfort the station has offered” he said as he gave her a slight nod and left the room.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen you are welcome to yet another exciting episode of the Tony’s show. Today promises to be a blast with all the latest celebrity gossip that happened all thorough the week and also we have with us in the studio today the brain behind one of fastest growing websites in Nigeria, you know her blog as like Adanna dot com but today you get to me

Adanna herself please stay while we go for a quick commercial break”

With her heart pounding, Adanna sat backstage listening to Tony and also waiting for when it will be time for her interview.

“At this junction my audience,its time to bring out our guest for tonight who no other but the beautiful and talented Adanna Kombol ,do give her a round of applause”

With shaking legs and with each step that seem to be her last,she walked out on stage,weaved at the audience and sat down beside Tony.

“Good evening and welcome to the Tony’s show,you look incredible”

“Thank you”

“Okay,so the whole world knows you as Adanna the blogger and I know there is more to you than that so tell us a little about Adanna the lady?”

“Okay, well am Adanna Kombol ,am married and have been for two years now,tho next month will make it three. I am a graduate and errm I like to

cook and I like listening to music”

“Wow,okay so who is your favourite musician?”

“Chris Brown”

“Yeah we probably know that he is always in the top five spot whenever you update your playlist for your favourite songs of the week. Alright moving

on, what inspired you to start your blog?”

‘Well,a lot of factors led to it,like I was going through a lot of challenges in my life at that particular time and I needed an outlet to just let it all out and also to connect with people who were probably going through the same thing or those that have been able to overcome such

obstacles in life. Also I had reached a point where I had a lot of negativity surrounding me and I just need a more positive vibe you know,like I just want to be genuinely happy,I mean like just get that internal peace and all”

“Wow,that’s interesting to know, so tell is there anything you fear in life?

” failure,like am so scared of it sometimes am afraid of doing or starting something tho am working on it,am hoping that in a short while I will be able to over come such fear”.

“Okay,one last question before we round this up, what is your advice to people out there especially young people who are trying to start something up?”

“My advice to people is to first of all find their purpose in life. I mean once you know your purpose then you can navigate through it and then excel in life. Have it in mind that it will be best to draw closer to God if you

are a Christian or Allah if you are a Muslim, that is try to seek spiritual help when trying to find your purpose in life because once you find your purpose every other thing will just flow. Thank you”

“That was deep,thanks again for being on the program today, ladies and gentlemen we have been having a chat with the brain behind popular website like adanna dot com, Adanna Kombol. Please do make sure to check her blog for heart whelming, positive and also inspirational stories. At this junction I will like to to thank my producers and also you my viewer for making this show a success, do have a great weekend and I will be back next week to give you another exciting show. Goodnight.”

After the show,she went backstage and took pictures with fans. When she was through she headed to the dressing room to get her things and when she

walked in she noticed a bouquet of flowers with a note from Adams congratulating her on the success of her interview,she felt tears threatening to pour but she was so happy within just knowing that he had not forgotten about it and also that fact that he was the first person who even congratulated her really touched her heart. He had not used the fact that they were not on speaking terms ever since that prank he pulled at her house some weeks back as an excuse just made her feel like she has been wrong for keeping him at arm’s length. The fact that even her husband who she was trying desperately to save their marriage had not even remembered

about the interview but then again he seem to be forgetting a lot of things this past few weeks,he looks troubled but whenever she asked him about it,he always replied that he was fine and that everything was okay.

Adams sat in his hotel room contemplating whether to call Adanna or not,he had watched her interview earlier and wanted to commend her for how good

she looked and how she answered the questions thrown at her but he couldn’t just go through with the call. He wondered if she had seen the flowers he sent,maybe they arrived too late and she did not get them because she had not try to reach out to him. He decided to give it a few hours,maybe he will call her later in the evening.


“Hey babe am home” Samuel said as he walked into the kitchen where Adanna was by the sink cleaning up.

“Welcome back dear,hope you had a nice day in the office today?”

“I sure did and everyone kept complementing me about my intelligent and extremely beautiful wife, congrats on your bae” he said as he wrapped his hands around her waist from behind.

“Why don’t you just leave what you are doing right now and go upstairs and freshen up,I need to take my intelligent wife out for a treat to night” he whispered into her ears.

“Am almost through just give me five minute top,lemme just wipe everything clean” she replied

“Okay then you have five minutes and nothing more” giving her peck he walked out of the kitchen.

Samuel and Adanna walked into Stories hand in hand and proceeded to the VIP area and as soon as they had settled down and placed their order Samuel’s

phone rang. He checked the caller ID and seeing it was Kylie who was calling he decided to ignore the call. When Adanna asked why,he said it was work and since the night was about her he wouldn’t like anything to

distract them. Soon their drinks arrived and they were discussing and having fun,something they had not done in a long time. They went dancing for a while and soon returned their seat and continued with their little

celebration when a lady walked up to them.

“Hi,sorry to bother you guys but am such a huge fan of your blog and seeing you on TV today really inspired me”

“Oh my,thanks a lot”

“My name is Essie and for real consider me your biggest fan”

“Thank you Essie,well this is my husband Samuel”

“Nice to meet you Mr Samuel, you really married a rare gem”

“I know right thank you,why don’t you join us, we are celebrating her success”

“I will love to but I came with my man and he will soon start missing me but if it is okay with you guys I will like to take a picture”

“Sure why not” replied Samuel as she joined them and then took a selfie with both of them.

“Thanks a lot for the picture” she said as she walked away

“I guess you are now a certified celebrity now huh?” Samuel teased his wife

“Sure,very soon I will start signing autographs” she replied as they both burst into laughter.



“Hi,I got your flowers thanks a lot”

“You are welcome”

“Are you back”


“How long before you return?”

“I will be back by the end of the week. Is that how much you miss me?”

” Not really,I just want to make sure you are not dead”

“Yeah right,I will pretend to believe that. Where is your husband?”

“He went to work”

“On a Sunday?”

“Yes,he had some things to wrap up “

“Okay,will I see you when I return?”

“You always see me whenever you are around”

“No,you know what I mean”

“And what is that?”

” I dunno,you know what let’s just drop the matter till am back okay”

“No for real Adams tell me what is it?”

“Geez Adanna just drop it,we will discuss better when am back, so tell me how have you being dealing with all the new fans you have gotten”

“Well its been good so far,I have gotten more emails and there are all overwhelming and I just feel like I have been empowering a lot of people out there and it has really been making my head swell and I don’t know it has just been good”

“Alright mrs blogger,I have to go now, I will call you later in the day”

“Alright dear”

“Have a nice day”

“You too”

Adams ended the call and dropped his phone by the bedside. Looking across at the clock on the wall,he discovered it was almost time for his meeting

and rushed out of bed to the bathroom.

Samuel stepped out of his car and looked around at the lovely surrounding,we walked round the car to open the door for Kylie. They were meeting with her family for the first time to do and informal introduction for their

forthcoming wedding. They held hands as they walked in . They entered the house and went straight to the sitting room where he sat down on a couch

while she went upstairs to call her parents. Once introduction has been made and since the parents had already been briefed and had an idea about what his intentions were,he just talked around trying to let them see him as a good guy and also to formally ask them for Kylie’s hands in marriage.

The parents asked questions about his job,life,childhood and other things you will like to know about your future son in-law. Kylie sat beside him

and also helped in calming him down while he answered the questions being thrown at him by her parents. Just when he thought everything was over and he was about to call it a day,he heard from behind

“So what are you going to do with your wife?”

“Wait, you are married?” Asked both parents in unison.

He sat stunned for a while then turned around to see Kylie’s sister Susan walk into the sitting room and then turned back to the parents before replying

“Yes, I have been married but my wife and I are currently going through a divorce” he replied while exchanging glances with Kylie

“So you mean to tell me,you are not yet divorced and you came to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage” asked her father

“Sir,what left with my marriage is just formalities,like every necessary documents that needed to be signed has been and all that was remaining was a judge to grant the divorce final.

“Well don’t you think it will be better to wait until the divorce is final before you come to ask for my sister’s hand in marriage?”

“For goodness sake what is your problem Susan” Kylie replied

“Don’t talk to your sister like that,she like everyone of us here only want to look out for your best interest” replied her mother

“Well, like my dearest fiancé just said,he will soon be divorced, that should not be a problem because by the time we get married the divorce will already be finalized.”

“Young man if I may ask, what exactly is the reason you are divorcing your wife? Because I don’t understand how you will leave one marriage just to jump right into another marriage” her father asked

“Sir my wife and I are divorcing due to irreconcilable differences and it has gone beyond trying to repair it,so we decided on a divorce”

“Just how sure are you that this irreconcilable differences won’t happen to my daughter”

“Well for staters I love your daughter and we understand ourselves well and you know that’s a good thing”

“So in other words you did not love your wife right?

Samuel stop with the lies,we all know you and my little sister want to get married because she is pregnant”

At that Kylie stood up and charged towards Susan

“Don’t interfere in my life old cargo you think everyone will lonely their whole life like you huh?”

“Old cargo huh?” replied Susan as she slapped Kylie and before she could retaliate Samuel pulled her away

“Did you just slap me” she said struggling with Samuel to get past him and back to her sister

“Yes I did, what are you going to do?”

“You know what you are not worth me breaking my nails for and if you are so Mrs perfect don’t think your husband will still be with you huh? Why don’t

you channel all this energy that you use to interfere in other people’s life and a life for yourself. Just because you are an old bitter douche does not mean the rest of us will be like you. Fool” she said as she stomped out of the house

“Am really sorry for this,I apologize really” said Samuel as he ran outside to catch up with her.

“Wait for me dammit” he said when he got outside. He quickly went over to car and open the door for her to get in

“Am so sorry honey,it did not go according to plan”

“You are sorry? That all you have to say? I told you countless times to divorce that fool you have in your house but no,you wouldn’t listen now look at the situation you have put us in. Hold on, in there you said you are finalizing your divorce but you and I know you haven’t even started anything, have you even told her about us?”

” look am sorry okay,its not as easy as you think,I just can’t walked up to Adanna tell her I want a divorce she will definitely want to why and you know I can’t tell her that “

“Tell her what? That am pregnant or that you are now in love with me?”

“See one way or another am going to divorce her,so just chill”

“Don’t tell me to chill,you better hurry because I want to get married in the church”

“Yes ma I hear you,” he replied as he pulled out of the driveway.

…to be continued

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