Curious – Episode 1

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Author’s note: This is my first attempt in writing a story. Its pure fiction and my imagination. Constructive criticism would be welcomed

Adanna looked around her in awe, never has she in her twenty six years of life seen any neighborhood like this. Well maybe its because she did not come from a rich background but even then she had rich friends back when she was in school and even their neighborhood noe houses could compare to billionaires like Adenuga, or influential people like linda Ikeji.

Driving through the gated community in which he just bought him self a multi million dollar house,Samuel was filled with pride,across from him was his wife of six months who has still not overcome her shyness for him.

Who would have thought that Samuel Kombol could marry a damsel such as Adanna.

His wife looks definitely could have gotten her on the cover of high fashion magazines or even on a run way around the world,sometimes he wonder why she did not become a model she got everything to make her a star from her long legs that she covers beneath her long skirts to her honey brown eyes that seems to captivate your mind every time you look at her. He was indeed a lucky man.

Pulling up in front of his house he stepped out of his car and walked behind it to get their luggages. Since they were moving from a different state and wanted to save cost they decided to sell the things in their former house and use the money from the sale to get new furnitures for the new house. He had employed an interior decorator to take care of  all the necessary details involved in making his house presentable and walking inside he must admit the young lady did a really nice and thorough job the house looked like one of this hollywood stars homes.


Adams is standing in his bedroom by his window lost in his thoughts when a movement distracted him,looking down he can see his new neighbours moving their luggage into their home. He did not really pay them any attention after all he probably would only see them once a year since most of the people who lived in the estate were all well to do and always jet setting from one part of the world to the other.

Walking across his room,he sits on his chair thinking about his life,at twenty eight he had nothing to show for it all he had was his parents wealth and his monthly allowance from his late grandmother’s will she set up for him. He has never really had passion for the family business which was a disappointment to his father.

Mr Eko always wanted to hand over his chain of consulting firms to his son and never considered any other profession good enough. Taking a deep sigh Adams thought of his unfinished paintings, well that would have to wait because for the past couple of weeks he had not felt the passion to paint intact he felt alienated from everything around him,maybe he should take a vacation after all his dealer Susan was always telling him to.


Samuel stands in front of his sitting room admiring a piece of painting

the interior decorator had earlier chosen, looking at the painting at first glance you will only see a flowing river but when you really look into the painting you will see what the feelings the artist was trying to pass

across,it’s as if when you really look you can just feel all your emotionsrunning high, as if they are trying to pour out of you and just leave you hanging but at the same time refreshed.

He was still lost in his emotions

when Adanna wrapped her hands around her husband’s waist “where is your

mind honey” she whispers in his ears. Turning around he replied “thinking

about you,why don’t you go get changed let’s eat out and celebrate our new

home together”

“Okay sweetheart” she replied.

Adams is sitting by corner of his favorite eatery,he usually sits inside

but decided to seat outside by the pool today,from his angle he could see

anyone coming into the open space where do the tables were set and diners were having a fun time.

In the pool there were a couple of girls who had been going out of their way to have him notice them,funny how he did notice but didn’t show it because the girls weren’t his type.

He has always had a thing for thick girls from their thighs to their a$$ he just loved them maybe because growing up he was always with girls who starved themselves to look stick like and that made him not to find them attractive, he likes when he grabs his woman he feels some flesh not some bones.

“Adams are you listening to me at all?”

Coming out from his thoughts he looks in front of him to see Susan’s younger sister Kylie. Kylie is an interior decorator and also a spoilt brat who felt the world was under her feet.

“Sorry,my mind was somewhere else what did you say”

“Well I was asking if you help me watch over my bag while I take a swim”

“I won’t be here for long but you can keep it,when am going I will let you


“Okay thanks” she replied.

Droping her bag she slip out of the towel she had around her,revealing a very trim and sexy body covered by only a two piece red bikini. Kylie knew every eye was on her so she walked slowly and stylishly sway her hips

before she dived into the swimming pool.

Adanna was returning to her table after using the ladies room when she saw her husband stunned Starring at something with all concentration, she

followed his eyes to see a very beautiful lady putting on a skimpy red bikini.

She sood still for a while studying how her husband’s eyes never left the young lady,she could read in his eyes he had dirty thoughts in his mind and she felt a mixture of hate, anxiety, confusion or was it jealously

she felt she wondered.

Slowly she approached her husband,when she was some few feeet’s from his table she coughed and that seem to bring him back to reality making him to turn to look at her.

“Samuel I want to go home now” she said

“OK” he replied without arguing because he knows she caught him lusting after another lady.


After rolling for hours,Adanna gets up from her bed and walking on tip toe not to wake her husband, she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

After placing her glass in the sink, she walks to the dinning room and

switching on the lights she sits on a chair,looking up the clock she realise the time is 4:30 am and she has been up all night.

How could she have slept when every time she closes her eyes images of her husband lusting after another woman keeps creeping into her mind and when she

thinks of how perfect the lady’s body was she just feels jealous all over again.

Different thoughts keep coming into her head,is her husband just like other men who lust and chase after ladies outside their matrimonial homes. She stands up and goes to stand by the glass looking outside lost in

her thoughts.

With loud music playing in the background,

Adams is trying to finish this mural he started but just can’t seem to get it right.

After many trials with no avail,he drops his brush and walks to his balcony to receive some fresh air and to think about what to do to bring his art together since he was already behind his schedule and had to work fast, he was still thinking when a movement from his next door neighbour caught his attention.

Turning his focus to it,he realise its his

new neighbour’s wife,he had seen them earlier when they were moving in yesterday.

The lady probably did not know that she was like a billboard to him since the area she was standing by was just glass. He wanted to remove his eyes since she was just wearing a transparent nighties and he could see

that she wore nothing underneath but there was something about her that just held his eyes spellbound to her.

The lights behind her just made her seem like an angel who was looking after a love one,she looked so far away

in her thoughts but at the same time so close. If only he had the foresight to bring his sketchpad and pencil he would have made a sketch of her right

now. Her legs seems to go on forever, she had that diva look with a touch

of innocence that draws you like a magnet to her.

Adanna was still lost in thoughts when she started feeling like she was

being watched,she quickly looked around and then suddenly her eyes locked

with another pair of eyes from the house beside her.

She was startled for a second and then realising her state of UnCloth she moved her hands to wrap

around herself and studying the person whose eyes held hers, she could tell he was male but it was too dark for her to really see him so she stepped back and turned off the lights.

She went straight to her bed where her

dreams were filled with thoughts of the man in the Shadow.


“Good morning honey, how was your night?”

“It was great, just be patient your breakfast will be ready in five minutes”

“Thanks babe,but I can’t wait, there is this conference meeting with the board of directors and I still need to prepare my speech. I will see you

when I come back home in the evening”

“OK dear,have a nice day at work”

Adanna stood at the door and watched as her husband drove out of their home.

She ate breakfast alone and headed to the kitchen to wash this dishes. When she was through with the dishes, she did all the house chores. With all the chores done,she decided to rest a for a while before heading to the grocery store to get things for dinner.

Her thoughts started drifting back to that stranger she saw the night before and out of curiosity she walked to the dinning room but this time she hide behind the curtain while she peeped at the house next door.

Adams was putting the finishing touches on the canvas he has been working on for a while. His thoughts were filled with images of the lady he saw last night,he kept wondering what her name was and what she will look like when she smiles.

He decided to go to his balcony,who knows maybe he could get a glimpse of the mystery woman. Walking out he tried to look busy by pretending to be talking to someone on the phone while his eyes scanned the

whole compound.

He kept wondering how he will go next door and ask for the woman’s permission to paint her.

Adanna was about to move from behind the curtains since it looked like prince charming wasn’t coming out.

As If reading her thoughts he walked out to the balcony where she saw him last night, he was engrossed on his

phone call so she used that opportunity to look at him to her feel.

He looked like one of the Greek gods that novelist keep talking about. He was very tall,he was definitely over six feet tall, dark in complexion and looked very athletic, just looking at him you know for sure he spends hours

in the gym,she wondered if he had six packs like all this guys on TV.

Well she had to admit he was really good looking with his handsome face and beards, she has never understood why men kept beards but looking at this

man she wished her husband kept them too.

She wonder how it will feel to run her hands through his beards, well enough pepping for today she

decided to leave but as she turned to leave her legs were wrapped in the curtains and as she struggled to unwrapped herself she ended up bringing down the entire curtain with her as she fell down.

One minute he was pretending to be on the phone and the next thing he saw was the curtain in his neighborhood’s house shaking and before he could say jack he saw the curtain tumbling down with something he was sure was human.

It was really funny he did not even know when he laughed out loud. He wondered who the person was,maybe it was the maid trying to clean the house,well that person would definitely be in trouble when their boss come back from work.

Heart racing,Adanna layed on the ground, taking the risk she decided to peep if her Greek god saw her fall, well he definitely did because he was laughing with all his mouth open. Hissing,she crawled with the curtain trailing after her.



Going through the things in her cart it looked like she got everything that she came for,pushing her way forward Adanna scanned around the mall if there was anything else she might like, not seeing anything she wanted she

went to join the queue to pay for her items.

There were a couple of people before her so she brought out her phone to reply all her messages from Facebook. She was about replying the last message when a call from her husband came through

“Hello honey”

“Hi babe,how are you doing?”

“All good dear,am currently at the mall trying to get everything we will need for dinner”

“Okay sweet but it seems like I will be a little late,I have something’s to wrap up in the office and I have to meet up with a client later. I dunno when I will be back but you can go ahead and eat alone just keep my food in

the kitchen and when I come back I will do justice to it”

“Can’t you reschedule your meeting, I have been planning this meal since last night and now you won’t be around”

“Babe I will be around,just a little bit late. Don’t worry I promise to make it up to you. I love you dear,just take care,I will see you when I get back”

“Hmmmm, if you say so” she ended the call and looked up to see there were two persons before her in line. With her mood spoilt Adanna couldn’t wait

to leave the mall,if not because she had already spent time shopping for all this items,she would have just dropped them back.

After paying for everything she carried her purchases and was on her way out when she stepped on someone’s toes.

“Oh my gosh,am so sorry” she lifted her head to come in eye contact with her Greek god neighbour.

“No problem,am okay. Thanks” he replied while maintaining eye contact wit


Damn,she was so beautiful in person. Adams who never looked at married women,could not bring himself to break contact with her but realising he

was in public he decided to be a gentleman by looking away.

If only he was paying attention and not thinking about his unfinished paintings then maybe he would have seen her coming and would have saved them both the


“Am really okay ma,just be careful and watch where you are going” he said

“okay, thanks and once again am really sorry” she replied before walking away.

Her voice was so angelic it kept ringing in his head. Geez man get a grip of yourself she is married,he told himself.

Samuel looked at his watch,it was almost time for his meeting and he still wasn’t through with his work in the office,well he decided to pack everything

in his suitcase he would just have to continue working at home.

Shutting down his computer and arranging everything in order he left the office. He was going to meet the client in a new bar around the corner called “stories”.

He walked into the establishment ten minutes before the appointed time,he sat down at a table close at the edge and where you can get a clear view

of everybody that walks in.

He just ordered for a drink when a very pretty lady walked up to him.

” Sorry to disturb you but are you in any chance Mr Samuel Kombol ?”

“Yes I am, who is asking?

“My name is Kylie Ojo, I was the person who decorated your house,we spoke on the phone when I was working for you” she replied.

“Oh my goodness, you did a very fantastic job,my wife can not stop gushing about the house. Wait,if we only talked on phone how are you able to recognise me?”

“Well sir, you sent some pictures that you wanted me to add when i was decorating so i recognized you from there” she replied.

“Wow thats good”

“Okay,so I will bid you goodnight while I go hang with my friends”

“Its been a pleasure finally meeting you goodnight”

“Kk, I will see you around”

“No problem” he answered.

As she turned to walk away,he watched from behind and that’s when it stuck to him,this beautiful damsel was the same person his wife caught him starring at the other night,so funny. It really is a small world.

His thoughts were shoved for later as his client walked in then.

…to be continued


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