Cracked Sources – B02E06

Andrew couldn’t stop thinking about Imelda; for most part of the weekend,
he fantasized making rough love to her. Almost every other woman seized to
appeal to him. To break his unholy obsession, he visited Agnes at her home �
for the past months she had been begging he come see her current lover and
children. Life as single mother had been hard for her and Andrew could see why
Marcus made her happy; he complemented everything about her and this made
Andrew happy. He decided against asking Agnes to get him Imelda�s number as was
his earlier intention. He resolved to wait till work hours by Monday.
Agnes was more than efficient, and that was one of the reasons he
loved her. It didn�t take long for Imelda to walk through his door.
“You sent for me, sir,� her angelic voice spoke softly.
�Yes, I did. Please, have a seat.� Andrew responded. He tried hard not
to sound like a pervert. The thought of drilling her while she screamed his
name kept crawling into his head.
Imelda wore a tight-fitting black skirt that extended a little below
her knees, with a plain-white shirt tucked in. Her bulging assets where calling
out for Andrew, and he couldn�t take it any longer. He wasn�t going to waste
more time to dilly-dally: it was very obvious he wanted her.
�You�re beautiful, and I want you to be my mistress.� He finally came
out clean.
Imelda couldn’t believe her ears: After a lifetime of having sex for
nothing, here was someone offering to make her life better. Who was she to say
no? She arose from the seat, walked over to Andrew and traced the long nail of
her right index finger from his forehead to his lips. Andrew exhaled gently as
she traced her nail over his lips. She soon went on her knees, unbuckled his
zipper and like the wayward girl she was, she handled his pecker like a
Andrew kept hitting Imelda vigorously from behind. He returned to his
senses when the door opened and walked in. She left as soon as she entered.
Andrew ran after her almost immediately.
“Hey!… Anna, wait.� He called out for her. He finally caught up
with her halfway through the hallway. �I thought we were cool?” Andrew
asked; he feigned ignorance to the knowledge of how uncomfortable the sight his
ex-lover just witnessed was.
“We are,� Anna lied unconvincingly. Andrew knew she was at his
office to update him on the dinner she had with his mom; he also wanted to know
how it went, but the timely was bad. Imelda surfaced from the office, tired of
waiting for Andrew’s return she signaled him to call her and swerved her waist
heavily as she walked away to further strain their conversation and whatever it
was between them. She hated competition.
“Never mind.� Anna said, and started to walk away. She staggered
on her steps, and felt dizzy; Andrew rushed to her rescue. He ignored her
resistance, she wanted him to let her be, but he insisted on taking her back to
the firm�s medical center.
The Doctor on duty at the staff clinic immediately announced her
suspicion, �You might be pregnant,� she said. The awkward look Anna gave to
Andrew told her she could be wrong to believe they were still together. This
was a case of office gossip gone wrong, Andrew might not be the father and she
had announced Anna’s possible status to a man who had no right to know, CEO or
not. Her fears were confirmed when the result came out positive, she apologized
to Anna for her unprofessionalism. Anna didn’t care, the damage had already
been done.
Huey greeted Andrew with his presence immediately he returned from the
medical center. Andrew silently cursed Agnes for not being at her post: People
were coming into his office without regulation. He had a lot on his mind now
and didn’t see the need to tell Huey he was just from the staff clinic, it
certainly would lead to more questioning and he needed to keep Anna’s secret
safe. He hoped she’d make the right decision and terminate the pregnancy �
there was still time to have children, all she needed now was to focus on
working towards becoming the terrific lawyer he knew she could become.
Huey brought good news, apparently the same Judge who sent Mark to
prison still resented his father, Akin, for his dubiousness. The Judge got
angry when he realized Akin was using the leverage of having an external lawyer
represent his interest to attempt a hostile takeover of the firm. The Judge
gave an injunction that prevented Akin from getting close to the firm and ever
becoming its CEO in the near future. Andrew heaved a sigh of relief at the good
news, it was desperately needed, especially after finding out Anna was carrying
Mark’s child. This was a win for them against Akin and his family.
Before Huey left he reminded Andrew he�d been saying for a while now �
Andrew needs to leave the game he was playing at the firm while he still could;
things were sure to get worse, and he wouldn�t want to see his friend get
caught in the cross fire. Andrew downplayed the matter, he maintained he was
still on top his game, and would always be the one to throw the first punch.
“Girlfriend I’m sorry,� Agnes pleaded. Beatrice shrugged off
Agnes’s touch. They searched furiously for an unoccupied space to sit and eat
at the staff’s canteen. Agnes touched her friend playfully, she wanted her to
listen to her success story with Marcus else she brings up the issue with
“Did you have to call his name?” Beatrice spat at the
mention of Andrew. Agnes watched with keen interest, she never knew Beatrice�s resentment
had gotten this deep. She thought of an Andrew related news worthy enough to
make Beatrice smile, and told her about the day she caught him and Ramon
shamelessly making out in the office just like he did with Anna months before.
Beatrice remained indifferent; as far as she was concerned she was done with
all things Andrew and had no care whatsoever for him.
“That’s a lie,� Agnes corrected her, she told her that no matter
what happened she’d always care for Andrew.

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