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Cracked Sources – B02E03

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The conference room was unusually filled for
the today’s meeting. Many Directors were fond of sending representative
whenever impromptu meetings were called for, but today they appeared to have
made a pact to show up, and on time. Andrew felt it was because of the extra
eyes the public had on them after Badmus’s suicide (as the police ruled it);
all major Directors, shareholders, and senior staffs (save for Mr. Sanni who
had travelled for the Barrister’s symposium) were all present, they anticipated
Andrew’s arrival with anger as he was thirty minutes behind schedule, Patrick’s
continuous heralding of his coming did little to cool their vex. Mr. Wale, the
Director of welfare seemed to have the loudest opinion, he went as far as
calling for the immediate suspension and probe-to-sack of The CEO, citing
disregard for public power and disregard for human comfort as his bases for
argument. All their noise and agitations went almost extinct the moment Andrew
entered. The reverberating echoes of “Good morning” made it
impossible for the wailers such as Mr. Wale to be heard anymore, and soon
everyone settled down for the discuss of the day.
As the meeting progressed Andrew noticed the
hall was unusually full and littered with some unfamiliar faces comfortably
seated with the regulars. Amongst the many one man stood out. He had it in for
Andrew start from the moment the meeting commenced; he spoke with a confidence
not bought easily from the common market. Andrew had to single him out for an
“I’m Mr.
Malik of Pierce chambers and consults,” the man said, he used his body
weight to push the seat he was gracing backwards to allow his swing to the left
and right more show of confidence. He spoke loud to the clear hearing of
everyone present, he was here to protect the interest of Mr. Akin and his son
just as the High court ruled in their favour this morning – No kobo from Akin’s
percentage of the company’s share was to be used in any form without the
expressed permission of Malik and written permission of Akin.
Ramon looked
keenly at the exchange between Andrew and Malik. She found herself continuously
hissing each passing moment Andrew didn’t cause a scene. She wondered if the
court documents Malik presented to Andrew were authentic as he claimed them to
be. As Malik went back to his seat she realised she could be spending more time
than anyone would have thought with him. He flashed her a smile, she hissed
Ramon picked on Andrew the moment he came
through the conference room’s exit, the minute sign of fright on his face
caused her to laugh: She could make do with a little fright, it reminded her he
was still human and not invisible even with all he’d been able to accomplish.
They walked side by side to his office, talking and laughing made the journey
longer than it should have been, but the many things they had to say to one
other took precedence over any inconvenience the added distance should cause.
She sat on his desk and beckoned him to “Come to mama,” he obeyed. He
stood in between the firm grasp of her legs without complaint. Though his left
leg had begun to quake, he wasn’t one to quit anymore, she taught him that. He
suddenly saw the significance of the moment they were having, and wanted to
celebrate. He asked to be permitted to break formation, and soon returned with
a large bottle branded Brut-rose ‘Armand de Brignac Midas’ – one of the world’s
most expensive drinks – it was perfect for the occasion. Ramon leaped for joy:
Beautifully crafted bottles were her specialty and she was glad Andrew still
remembered, he offered one with an incredibly expensive content and she
couldn’t love him more, and refused to be daunted with her conscience that the
drink could have been for someone or something else, she was the owner of this
“I won’t waste this on you,” she
promised and planted a light kiss on his lips, Andrew’s throat contracted in
anticipation of more but she shied away from the thought, at least for the
moment. She killed his joy by bringing up Akin, he was on to them and she
wanted to remind him, Malik showing up today at the meeting confirmed the
suspicion she had the moment she met him at The Bar.
Andrew totally broke formation to go sit on
his Throne, that way he wouldn’t have to see her face as she mentions Akin’s
name repeatedly in her quest to guess what his deal was with the good looking
Lawyer from Pierce. He looked up when Ramon turned to him, her boobs literally
popping out of their cages. He didn’t hear her clearly but he knew she said
something important from the way his face automatically responded to hers. He
listened better and heard her repeat, Malik was her ex-husband. According to
her, they were married for a while, this was when she was eighteen, but she
left him when she realised he loved the marriage and his law career more than
he loved her and her chosen career at that time. “I was young and
naive,” she said, it took her a divorce to see that Law and a life of
scheming and lies were her destiny too, but it was all in the past now
something she was certain Akin hadn’t fully realized when he selected Malik to
breed distrust as a distraction between her and Andrew. She trusted Andrew
enough to let him in on this secret, as long as he willed they’d be good enough
to fight Malik and Akin together.
Andrew had heard
enough theories; he was still ON. He dragged her from her current position on
the desk to the other side where he sat, he carried her and placed her on the
desk, almost like the way they were positioned when they had arrived the
office, the only difference was that he was in charge of this formation. He
ravaged her lips and her popped out boobs, her unique dark silky arms, her
appetizing thighs, practically every opened avenue on her perfect body. He
passed his hands through the side of her waist to her back to lift her dress up
to gain easier access to her wonder land, he almost achieved his aim save for
his unlocked door that saw Agnes walk in through it.
Agnes handled this one better than she did
that with Anna, after that day she promised herself to be prepared for whatever
she saw Andrew do in the comfort of his office. She stood long enough for
Andrew to realize that whatever brought her was important, he was forced to
stop and help cover Ramon up. Ramon’s intrusion when she told him his mother urgently
requested his presence did nothing to please her, she found it irritating that
her fellow woman felt no shame after been caught trying to dig it out in an
office, private or not; she refused to dignify her intrusion with a reply,
Mark kept his gaze fixed on Anna, he feared a
change in the mind of the prison orderly who made this moment possible. Soon
the orderly was done and spoke with a soft voice, he assured them a thirty
minutes window, after which he couldn’t guarantee their privacy or what would
happen if anyone ran into them. His offering was good enough, they’d make do
with the little time fifty thousand naira could buy them within these walls.
The orderly cut himself a large chunk of Mark’s birthday cake, his added year
celebration was the reason he and Anna went the extra mile to get themselves
secluded, to have him in a foreign attire, to have a semblance of the outside
world he was missing. Mark pushed aside the enticing cake that demarcated them,
eating a cake was the last thing on his mind when he could exchange the
providence he had been offered to eat his girl.
Anna played
along, though unequipped, she wasn’t unprepared, deep down her mind she always
knew this would happen; it was something they both had longed for during her numerous
visits and now it was going to finally happen. She could gauge Mark’s
enthusiasm as he started to strip, she wondered why hers didn’t measure up,
difficult to imagine that a freak like her could stay away from intimacy for
close to two months, because the man she wanted it with was behind bars.
Mark enthusiasm continued to grow, he looked
like one eager to check a to-do list of weird places to get nasty, his pants
were all he needed off to get this train moving. He quickly placed Anna’s back
on top the rickety table that once held his birthday cake, he was ready to
mount her like the ravaging dog he felt like, but held back momentarily to gasp
for breath. In the process of stimulating her, Anna flung her 100% cotton
Victoria Secret pantie which she held in her hand at his nose, the pleasant
choking but unexpected odour caused him to shout in surprise, his voice brought
her back to consciousness, and her apology allowed him to proceed with his
desired pump action.
The door flew
open, and Andrew immediately turned, it was Mother tired of waiting for him to
come to her so she came to him, she was fuming in anger, all Agnes could do was
watch from the distance of her office space till Mother slammed the door on her
view. Andrew’s claim of being busy added to the anger she held when she found
out he was trying to get her another accommodation, he was displaying
insubordination and she wasn’t finding it funny.
The bolt in Andrew’s throat tightened, all he
could see were sparks flying out from Mother’s mouth as she spoke, it was as
though she breaths fire. Though he had been avoiding her since she arrived
Nigeria which was made more difficult by the fact that they lived in the same
house, it was still out of his sincere heart for her improved comfort that he
wanted to get a place for her to call hers since it seemed she was going to be
in the country for a long time.
Mother shouted, she wasn’t buying his explanation. She resisted his attempt to
calm her down. He called her Ma, and she dished him two resounding slaps, he
wasn’t going to take her for a ride not after everything she had to do to get
both of them here. She wanted to be a Director in the firm, and she used this
occasion to remind him, she even went as far as threatening Anna’s safety
should he try to resist or get rid of her again.
“Andrew! Andrew!” Agnes repeated as
she rushed in after Mother left. She looked around but couldn’t find him
anywhere, little fear gripped her but she gripped firmer onto courage and
walked about till she settled close to his desk, she rested her weight a little
on it to gain support as she looked round the large office for him. A hand
grabbed her leg suddenly, she yelled in shock, “Jesus!” She summoned
enough courage to pronounce, and kicked hard against the hand which immediately
recoiled into the darkness of beneath the table.
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