Cracked Sources (B01 E13)

Mark walked into his office and saw his
father seated.
back father. Welcome.”
He grudgingly greeted the old man.
you, son.”
Mr. Akin cleared his throat as he
awaited his son’s obvious next question.
you not home resting from your trip?”
rest when my life’s works aren’t being threatened any longer
Akin scoffed. Mark stared blankly at his father, awaiting an explanation.
stepping in as temporary CEO, till the Crescent case is dead and buried. You’ve
only succeeded in awakening a mighty sleeping dog I fear is above your
hell with that father. You and I both know you’ve never been happy about
handing this seat to me,”
Mark pointed at
the executive chair of CEO on which his father sat.
Mr. Akin laughed at his son’s display of
childish tantrum.
one’s getting rid of you, son, but if you want to talk about getting rid of,
fine. The law is going to find you, and you’re going to end up in jail, if you
don’t swallow your ego and listen to me. We’re at war.”
Mark snapped and walked out on his
father, he ignored his call to return. He bumped into Andrew at the exit, and
his mind went straight to Anna. He used the element of surprise to pin Andrew
to the wall close to the door. “If
you touch Anna again, I swear to God I’ll ki*ll you.”
He walked out of
the office.
do not even want to know what that was all about,”

Mr. Akin said to Andrew.
mind. Welcome Sir.”
Andrew still held a tint of anger in his
voice for what Mark just did to him.
you Andrew. I called you here to let you in on personal secrets of my family.
It’s about Mark and I.”
listening Sir.”
all starts and end with this Crescent Housing case…”
think I know who stole the money,”
Mr. Sanni said
as he entered Patrick’s office
Why aren’t you screaming the person’s name already?”

Patrick asked puzzled.
Mark, your CEO. Now tell me, how do we scream that to the world?”

Mr. Sanni replied.
Patrick looked dumbfounded.
Mr. Akin began to narrate. He told Andrew
of how he illegally put Mark, who still in school at that time was unqualified
to act as a lawyer, to be a part of the firm’s representative on the case. Mark
was replacing Mr. Sanni who was on leave, and was supposed to represent him but
he was away on family business, leaving Mark as the mouth piece of the CEO at
that time. According to him, Mark disappointed him, by going into a shady deal
with the account officer of Crescent Housing to hide the missing N935,870,000
from the court, and reduce the settlement offer to the prosecution. He then
said that at that time it sounded as a good plan to Mark, up until the account
officer disappeared with the money, all he’s been trying to do ever since then
has been to protect his only son from the weight of the law which he swore to
uphold. Different sacrifices, ranging from blackmailing the internal auditor of
Crescent Housing to cover up all the mess, to making Mark CEO at an early age
to give him better standing in the society.
it has gotten to this stage, I know my son is supposed to go to prison, but he
won’t, because the only evidence that can implicate him is safely tucked away,
under my orders,”
He said, drawing Andrew’s attention to
the details at this point.
I want from you Andrew my boy, is your support, for me to ascend back as CEO
when the time comes. If all goes according to my plan, this seat will be vacant
soon, and I need to be reinstated by Senior Circle members because I know the
board of directors will jump on any opportunity to kick me out,”
not a problem at all Sir. You can count on me to get you all the support you
Mr. Akin never doubted Andrew’s resolve
to stand by him, he loved him like a son and he trusted he’d always do the
needful to salvage his honour.

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