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A woman’s heart is broken on her wedding day, her husband to be, his family and guests refused to show up at the wedding venue, only for her to see pictures of him on that same day getting happily married  to another woman who had been her rival. She never expected such and it seemed her life ended that day as the man whom she thought loved her left her with no explanation but brought disgrace to her and her family.But surprisingly she gets married three days after, to a man whom she believed never liked her. Even the new husband never believed in the arranged marriage but somehow , it begins to work, it seemed like this two were going to have a great marriage forever despite the threats from the man’s new girlfriend who had thought she was going to get married to him.

But the bliss does not appear like it would last, the same thing that stopped her first wedding from taking place is here to destroy this marriage. In a few months, her loving husband went from being attentive to being cold and dismissive. She’s in pain, emotional distress and sorrow.

Will a wife ever be made out of her?

Find out in this mind blowing romance. The sprinkle of suspense is tantalizing, the plot is highly fascinating and the storyline amazing.


Starts on 02/06/2017

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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