Reasons for the Site Downtime and lack of updates.

For about three days last week, the site was unaccessible due to wrong DNS settings which was made last month when I made a domain registrar transfer but it has been resolved now and the site is back fully. I apologise for any inconveniences caused and I say thanks to everyone who tried to reach me.

Also there has been lack of updates on the website since Friday 14th and that was because my device was stolen while I was charging in a studio on Friday morning. It was returned Saturday evening to the same place but with the screen guard removed and my WhatsApp sim removed. I wondered who could have done that and thought that was the only problem with the phone. It worked for few hours that Saturday evening, it was the same I used to locate the problem with the website. It went off that day due to low battery but since then refused to turn on again until now after being fixed by a repairer. I believe it’s in good shape for now, except for the battery and the charging point which seems a bit shaky. However updates would continue from now while I work on replacing it.

Thank you.


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