Who Am I? (21)

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By KingWax Oluwadamilare

There was a bang- a shot from his gun. I decided not to move, there was no reason to. The end was near. I accepted that. I only wished that David would be taken care of. That�s all that mattered to me. Tears streamed down from my eyes, but I refused to sob. Suddenly, I could hear. No more static sounds but somewhat like a loud wail in a vast hall. I tried to open by eye but it closed again. I could hear the voices. I was expecting more shots to hit me but none came. That�s was when I realised that Harry never shot me. He pointed the gun, I heard the shot, but it wasn�t from Harry.

I opened my eyes again, this time, I saw Harry, pointing a gun towards the window and shouting. I couldn�t hear what he was saying, but he wasn�t joking. Beside me was the guard that was laughing with him when he was about to sh00t me, he was dead. Harry had shot him. I was confused. Why would Harry sh00t the guard? I asked myself.

I shook my head better and I could hear the voices a bit clearer. Harry pointed his gun towards the window. I could hear another voice now. It was child�s- sobbing. I shook my head again and this time, I heard well.

�Put the gun down, Terry. Put it down!� Harry shouted.

Terry? My mind raced through the names. David! That was David. I looked towards the window, where Harry pointed his gun, it was at David. Oh, my God! I tried to stand up but I couldn�t.

�Terry. It�s bad to ki*ll, okay? You just shot my man here. Put down your gun- we call talk about this.�

I looked at David. He held the gun in both hands, definitely terrified, sobbing, but determined.


�sh00t him, David!� I mustered some strength.

�Shut the fucck up!� Harry screamed at me. �Don�t listen to that bittch, okay? You are a good boy.�

�David, please.� I said.

Harry aimed at me in a sharp quick movement and fired his gun. He missed. In a flash, he was aiming back at my son.

‘You got the count of five to put down that gun, Terry. Or whatever the fucck your name is. I swear, I will shot you. I am done pleading with you.’ Harry shouted at him.

�Please, don�t ki*ll him.� I cried, trying to get on my feet.

�You are not dead yet? You got nine lives, yeah?� He chuckled as he responded to my plea. �Don�t worry, I will take care of you. But it�s a pity I gotta ki*ll this brat.�


Terry fired at David, and right in my eyes, David wet down. The gun in another direction. I fainted.


I woke up to many beeping sounds. My head aches. My body too. The trauma of losing David weighed all over me. My strength, all gone. I began to cry. Fighting Harry was not an option. After seeing David die, the next things was to follow suit. All the will to fight faded in an instance. I expected Harry to finish up his job. I decided to stand up and run to him. I know what he would do, he would sh00t me. But that was all I wanted, that was all that must happen. I have to die.

I gathered my strength and tried to sit up, but it appeared I was tied. I fell back and tried to open my eyes. Everything was a bit dark, blurry. I closed it and tried again, then I could see clearly, where I was. It was in a room; I was on a bed. The beeping sound was from the heart monitor machine and the ropes that held me down were many tubes that conduits fluids into various veins on my body. I fell back on my bed.

�Oh, my God, David.� I cried.

�David is fine.� A voice answered me.

I quickly glanced to my side, I didn�t know he was sitting there, beside me.

�David is fine, Cindy.� Fredrick said again, a smile on his face and a tap to my arm.

�He is?� I sobbed.

He nodded and smiled.

�You need to get well, okay.� Fredrick said.

�No, I need to see my son.� I said and sat up. I began to remove the drips on me.

�Don�t do that, Cindy.� Fredrick held me down. �I will order them to bring in your son, but you need to get well. You were almost dead. I warned you not to come.�

�Please, before you ki*ll me, let me see my son.�

�No one�s gonna ki*ll you, Cindy.� Fredrick let go of me and gestured to a guy by the window. �Bring David in.�

�David?� The guy said.

My heart leaped. �He�s dead, isn�t he?� I began to cry. �He�s dead! I saw Harry shot him!�

�Bring in Terry. Will you?� Fredrick said.

�Oh, sorry. I don�t know any David.� The guy muttered and exited the room.

�I am sorry.� I whispered to Fredrick.

David was brought in- hale and hearty. I couldn�t contain my joy as I held him to my chest and cried uncontrollably. My joy knew no bounds. After I had taken my time, I turned to Fredrick and thanked him.

�It�s okay.� He replied.

�Please, let me take him. Let me go.� I pleaded. �Do not let Harry take��

�Harry is dead, Cindy. You are free now.�

�He is?� I was surprised.

�Yeah. I killed him!� Fredrick said.

�Your father?� I whispered. Both confused and happy at the same time.

�Well,� he began, �I came in just when he was pointing his gun at the poor boy. I knew my father, he would ki*ll him.�

�But� But I heard the gun shot, I saw David fall.�

�Yeah, he was just scared. He must have thought he was dead when he heard the sound. I was the one that shot my father.�

�I�m sorry.� I whispered.

�Don�t be.� He stood up. �I never liked him. Get well. I already arranged how you�ll get to Mexico.� He said as he was exiting the room.

�Can we go now?� I said as he was about to leave.

�You don�t want the money?�

�No.� I quickly said. �It was your father�s; keep it. Just let us go. Please.� I begged.

Fredrick smiled. �We shall see.�

He said and exited the room. I was scared. I can�t take another round of trouble.

�Lord help me.� I whispered.

David hugged me and sobbed.

Three days later, I arrived in Mexico, with David. Fredrick had let us go. He didn�t plan to keep us at all. Fredrick was generous enough to give us ten thousand dollars. He asked me to get a job and live a modest life. I agreed. I had no choice though. Ten thousand was enough for me to start a new life. We rented an apartment and I got a small shop and started my hair salon business. Business was slow, but it puts food on the table, helped pay for David�s school fees and we could save a little for the raining day.

Seven months later, a postman delivered a parcel, directly to my door step. It was surprise because I wasn�t expecting any. I had no friends and no family. Without doubt, it was meant for me. My name, Rosa Rodr�guez was clearly printed on the parcel. I signed and took it inside. With shaking hands, I opened it and it was nearly empty- except for a small envelope. I tore the envelope and couldn�t withhold my surprise. It was a cheque for five million dollars and a letter.

�Hi Rosa

I see that you have taken my advice and is living a modest life. I cannot tell you how happy I am.

This is gift for your son, David, on his birthday, today. I know you would be surprised, we never discussed any of this, but, I still believed you earned part of the money.

I know you said you have forgiven me about your mom, but, I am still sorry about her death.

I promise to you guys soon.

From me, Fredrick!



  1. WOW wow wow ?
    Infact I got scared, confused and happy at last..the suffering is too much for rose that I pitied her..
    Anyway,it's an interesting story..thank you author

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