Who Am I? (14)

By KingWax Oluwadamilare

That was all the past. This is the future. Those idiots can�t ki*ll my love, and get away with my money- the same I had so suffered for. I said as I picked myself up from the ground. The smoke of dust left behind by the cars, was coming towards me. I shielded my face as the dust enveloped me. I fanned by face with my hand and coughed from inhaling it. After a while, the dust settled and I was able to see the cars galloped onto the tarred road and zoomed off.

�Fredrick.� I slumped back on my knees and cried as the cars disappeared.

All hope was lost- I was lost. Again. Just when I thought I have found love- someone to live the rest of my life with, they took it away from me. Then, a sharp sound started beeping from around me. I stood up and scanned the area- it sounded like an alarm- or, a bomb!

I ran as far as I could, away from the bomb, until I fell. I clamped my head in my hands as I fell, expecting a loud explosion, because the beeping sound was now fast and frequent. But nothing exploded, so, I relaxed. I gathered myself together and walked back to the beeping site- it was coming from my phone. An alarm- I thought to myself. But I wasn�t an alarm person, so, I was still not sure.

I summoned the courage to pick it up. Dusted its screen and checked again. It was coming from a tracking application that was installed by the car tracking company. My heart leaped. I have never had the use of it since I installed the tracker. So, I pardoned my initial action. In truth, I didn�t even know how to use it- but, luckily for me, it was easy enough to understand. Just like the salesman said.

The interface was simple. A map was shown on the screen, an a little blinking red dot, moved very slowly within the map. I knew that was my car. Below the map was an instruction which said, my car is now two kilometres away from my phone, asking if I wish to keep tracking or quit the app. I got the message and I chose the �Yes, keep tracking�, option. Then a pop up message came up with a message below:

�Is this a theft? Yes or No?�

Impulsively, I chose the �No�, option. There was another message that asked if I was sure it wasn�t a theft. I replied in affirmative and the app kept tracking. I was glad. I looked around for my shoes, I could only found one. I picked up the money that was thrown at me, counted it and it was three hundred dollars. I tucked it in my pocket at ran towards the main road- the phone at my face, fixated on the blinking red dot.
I flagged down a vehicle, and it didn�t take long to find one that took me back to the motel that Fredrick and I slept over. I walked barefooted without looking at the surprise faces around me. The receptionist was taken aback, but she tried to remain calm.

�You�re back!� She smiled.

�Yes, I am.� I said, as I approached the counter.

I leaned against the counter, over to where the receptionist was standing and she took some steps back. But I already got the glimpse of what I wanted to see. I removed a hundred dollar bill from my pocket and slammed it on the counter.

�Your flip flop.� I said.

�What?� She asked, surprised.

�Gimme your flip flop for a hundred dollar. Deal or not?� I said and I slammed my palms on her counter.

�My flip flop? Hundred dollars? Okay� okay�� she stammered and took of her flip flop, one foot after the other. �Ma�am, is everything alright?� She asked as she stretched them over the counter for me.

I snatched it and measured the sole of the flip flop against the sole of my foot. I was short.

�It�ll do. Thanks.� I said.

I put them on and exited the reception. I took out the phone again and checked the red dot, it was still blinking and the distance, still counting. Now, I was miles away from my car. The app popped up another message to confirm that my car has not been stolen and I affirmed that it wasn�t. I intended to track it by myself.
Right on the motel premises was a car rental service, I went there and used the remaining two hundred bucks to get myself a small car for the next two hours. Once in the vehicle, I placed the phone on the holder on the dashboard, so as to keep my eyes on the tracking app. Without much ado, I zoomed along, carefully trailing the roadmap to the blinking red dot- my car.

My mind was made up, I wanted my money. Fredrick is gone, but I won�t be going back to Mexico, empty handed- not in this world. I slammed my feet on the accelerator and in no time, I was kilometres away from my car. My eyes never left the screen- I was deadly, more than a venom. I was going to do everything I could- one, for my money and two, for the death of Fredrick.

Some moments later, I was back into the city- the same where I once lived with Harry. Once in there, I started to lose confidence in myself. I saw myself as a fugitive and every policeman appeared like they knew who I was. I kept calm, but was indirectly throwing arrows of suspicion all around. I observed every traffic light, but stopped too soon. I tried not to increase my speed, but was too slow, such that cars behind me had to hoot for me to drive faster. Everything seemed too hard to do.

Without much mind to it, I made the wrong turn and I was asked to pull over by the policeman, right behind me. My mind raced like a thunder bolt- I was sweating almost immediately. There�s no way to run, turn or even escape. I was snookered right within the massive traffic of the city. But my mind, as always, never failed me. I checked through the side mirror and realised that the police was a man.

�Men,� I muttered, �Stupid animals that think with their dicks.�

Immediately, I unbuttoned the first two button of my shirt to reveal my massive cleavage. I didn�t waste time to unbutton the three below and I made the shirt into a knock. My flat tummy was there to see too.
�Licence please.� He said.

I smiled broadly and sighed. �Erm� I�� I sighed loudly. I was deliberate, I had my boobz rise high and low. �I�m sorry?�

�Ma�am, do you have a driver�s licence?� He tried to be professional.

�Erm, yes, I do. But I don�t have it here.�

�Are you being serious, ma�am?� He removed his glasses.

I quickly removed the phone from the holder and gave it to him.

�What is this?� He asked after starring at it for a while.

�That is my car- the same with my driver license and all that. I am tracking it.�

�Your car is stolen?� He asked and returned my phone.
�No� no, not stolen. Erm�� I scratched my wig, �my little sister took my keys and went away with her friends in my car. And I was just tracking them when you stopped me.�

He looked at me like I was speaking in some strange tongues he couldn�t understand.
�Can I come down of my vehicle?� I asked. I knew he needed to see everything.

�Please, do that.� He said and stepped back from the door.
I took the form from the rental company with me as I came down. I came down bare footed, without the flip flop. I knew my cute painted toes are a turn on for many men- so far they have a d**k and can f***! I gave him the form from the car rental company.

�You rented this one?�
�Yes. Like I said, my wallet was in my car and my Driver�s license was��

�In your wallet, I got it. But you still need not drive without your license. It is against the��

�Traffic law. I know. I am sorry, I� I wasn�t even thinking. Oh my God, oh my God�� I said and I collapsed in his arms.

I allowed him cup my boobz and I rolled in his hands as he straightened me up.

�Are you alright, Ma�am? Are you sick or what?�

�No�� I sighed and held my forehead. �The thought of me going to jail��

�Wow� relax, Ma�am. I� I never talked of you going to jail�� He chuckled.

�Really?� I placed my hand on my chest and heave a relieve sigh. �Thank you.�

�But, I may have the police track your car while��
�That�ll be nice. But I will still have to return this car back to the rental��

�You cannot drive, Ma�am. I am letting this go because you are a very beautiful lady. And I don�t want you to end up in jail.� He smiled and licked his lips.

I knew it, he�s caught my flu! They all do. �That�s nice of you, office�.�

�Derick, call me Derick.� He quickly said and extended his hands for a handshake.

I shook him and smiled like an idiot.

�I was thinking, Derick, you�re a good man.� I said as I leaned against my car. �I miss a good man like you. How about I collect your phone number and��

�My number.� He smiled broodily. �Of course.�

He fumbled for the pen and tore of a page from his jotter and wrote quickly. I took it and tucked it into my pants.

�I think I will leave it there.� I said, seductively.

He was weak. �Jesus! You are some lady.� He talked out of breathe. �We will see tonight, right?�

�Don�t say it twice. I will call you.� I slipped into my car and drove off.

He neither remembered telling me not to drive or helping me track my car. He became an idiot, instantly. By this time, the blinking dot had stopped. I believe the car was in its destination. So, I trailed carefully and slowly, until I couldn�t believe where it led me�

It was Harry�s mansion!

…To be continued


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