Jakuta – Chapter 12


****Few Years Later****

Drum sounds, music, dancing and merrying was what was going on all around, many people were dancing their hearts out with happiness all around. The condition of the village had sporadically improved since the arrival of Jakuta and his friends. Their farm produce now came out in large quantities during harvest and without fear of some local thieves coming to raid on them and do away with their produce. All these were the situation they faced in the village of Bhariba until Jakuta and his friend arrived and fought of many kinds of thieves like that. They felt safe once again, they felt protected and the indeed really appreciated it. Jakuta finally left the dance floor after once again proving that he was unbeatable at dancing, his dance skills were almost as good as his fighting skills, if not more.  He took a seat with his friends while they had some wine to drink, together with some meat to eat also.

�Isn’t this like your second birthday since we left the capital?� Thimi asked amidst their random conversations.

�It’s the third, � Jakuta replied softly, took a sip from the cup and a look of sadness appeared over his face. �It’s my third birthday without my dad. I miss him so so much, I feel lost without him, without his guidance.�

�Ohh, brother.� Bonka dropped his cup of whine and placed his  hand on Jakuta’s right shoulder while Thimi held onto his left. They both consoled him.

�Didn’t you say he told you that the gods will guide you when the appointed time is come ?� Thimi asked

�Yes, but when is the appointed time ? Or is this how I am going to keep wasting away in this little village?� Jakuta questioned back.

�Patience, brother, patience. And please let’s not ruin a moment of happiness. It’s your birthday for gods sake, let us wine, dine and later warm our birds with our pretty wives.� Bonka cuts in and they all laughed for a while.

�That reminds me, I want to take a new wife.� Jakuta announced to his friends.

�Another one ?� They chorused in astonishment.

�Come, you guys shouldn’t make it sound like it’s a criminal offence.� Jakuta shrugged of their surprise

�What happened to Obah and Oshun ?� Thimi asked again

�As you all know, I really do love Obah, she was my first love, and Oshun which was sent to me from the capital by the elders, we don’t seem to get along well but I respect her.  Don’t you guys think I deserve something better? Someone that shares my kind of passion? Someone that craves for more and isn’t satisfied with this little village like Obah and Oshun are.�

�Hnmm, who is this maiden that you speak of ?�

�Her name is Oyah.�  Jakuta replied with his face filled with joy and love.

�Some one has truly fallen in love.� Thimi teased and they all laughed a bit.

�When are you making this announcement then ?� Bonka asked

�Right away, I ju thought to tell you my friends before I proceed.�

�Ohh, have you told your women before ?�

�No way!!! You bet they would have stopped me by all means. Best bet is to take them off guard.�

�Good luck with this.� Thimi and Bonka echoed as their friend finally stood up to address everyone gathered at the party. He requested that the music stop before he proceeded, he first of all spoke praises of his two wives, Obah and Oshun. He spoke of how they loved him and how they were diligent with their services to him, and finally he spoke about his new found love, and about how he desperately needs a woman like her by his side. As expected, it didn’t go down well with Oshun and Obah, but they had to hide their grievances and faked a smile because everyone were staring at them to see if any of them will object. When no objection was forthcoming, Jakuta beckoned on his newly found love to come out and let everyone see her. In being beautiful, she was beautiful, her smile shone so bright even at night that they were. Her figure distinctively shaped, her body was indeed like that of a goddess, and her voice would melt the heart of even the meanest warriors. Little wonder Jakuta fell in love with her helplessly.

Despite all her beauty and innocent smiles, Thimi and Bonka didn’t find her appealing, they could sense an evil aura around her, they could feel a cloud of darkness hovering around her, they kept staring at her blankly but occasionally when Jakuta looked towards their side, they fakes a smile and applauded, just like every other person present there applauded. Everyone except Oshun and Obah who were so engrossed in analysing the girl who would be their new rival.  Obah had wondered how the love Jakuta had for her when they first met had disappeared over the years, although she still felt like she did the very first time she saw him, but it appeared Jakuta didn’t even care about her anymore. Oshun wondered what Jakuta wanted with the new maiden, as she doesn’t look like his taste, to her.

After the applause stopped, Jakuta continued with his announcement, he further announced that their marriage rites would be done in the coming days, but before he could finish the announcement, someone barged into the party, running like a mad man that had seen a ghost, the guards on watch tried to stop him but he couldn’t be stopped, he ran straight towards Jakuta and fell at his feet, he stayed on the ground for a while to catch his breath as he appeared really exhausted.

�My Lord!!!� He kept on hammering in the midst of heavy breathing.

�Speak, young man.� Jakuta was beginning to lose his patience.

�There’s trouble.� The man said, still panting.

�What trouble!!!� Jakuta’s voice sounded stronger than it was before and even the man knew he was beginning to lose his cool.

�The capital was attacked, the palace was attacked and they even made away with the Emperor and the traditional crown.� He finally relayed and different sounds of surprise were echoed afterwards by everyone around. Jakuta turned and looked towards his friends who were also staring back at him.

�Gather our best men here, we ride to the capital at dawn.� Jakuta said to his friends and the party was dismissed afterwards.

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