Jakuta – Chapter 10

The silence in the throne room was so loud that it almost brought it down to the ground. Only glimpses were being cast around, most falling on the chief priest that had am just finish announcing the Emperor’s terrible state of health. The sadness that was in the throne room heightened, no one could utter a word at all. Apart from the Emperor being a father to Ajaka and Jakuta, he was also a friend to most of the chiefs present, and a good monarch to every single person in the throne room and even all of the land. Although, Horanmiyan was in his old age, none still wanted him to die. If only they had the powers to make him young forever, they would have used it.

“I will leave now,” the chief priest broke the long moment of silence. “To be back when the expected finally happens.” He immediately made for the exit but suddenly stopped and turned around. “None should touch his body, after he passes on. Leave him be till i get here.” He ordered, before leaving the throne room and the palace.

Minutes after he left, no one was able to move a nerve, they all stood in their previous positions, fixed firmly to the ground, until Ayangeh who was like the best friend to Horanmiyan finally went into the Emperor’s inner chambers.

Ayangeh, one of the finest swordsman and greatest general in the Empire was the closest to the emperor amongst all the chiefs. Together, they had fought and conquered many kingdoms, won many battles, wined and dined together over the years. It was his closeness with the emperor that also made his son, Bonka to be close with the Emperor’s son, Jakuta. Ayangeh spent some minutes with the emperor before coming out with his face filled with sadness. He couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he was about to lose someone that had been his best friend since childhood. He fought back the tears but he couldn’t hide the sorrows. He told Ajaka that the emperor would love to see him. Ajaka hearkened his father’s call immediately and went into the inner chambers, he spent quite sometime in there before he finally came out with a saddened look also and told Jakuta to go in.

Jakuta slowly entered into the inner chambers, and found his father, the emperor laying down on the bed. Weakness was written all over his face, but it didn’t take away his broad and reassuring smile.

“Ajakuta!!!” The emperor called out his full name in a stretched tone. Jakuta went closer to him and knelt down by the bed. “Rise, and seat here.” The emperor said in his weak tone.

“Father,” Jakuta said softly. “You can’t die now, I still need your guidance, i need you to tutor me about a lot of things. You can’t just leave me like this.” Jakuta shed a tear or two.

“Hnmm,” the emperor hummed deeply. “Ofcourse you will survive without me, the gods will surely guard and guide you. They will lead you towards the part of fulfilling the prophecy.”

“What prophecy, Father ?”

“Before you were born, there was already a prophecy about you.” Emperor said after another rounds of humming. “You are meant to be a great man, you shall ride on the horses and conquer the world. You shall make Hoyoh empire great, you shall make it one of the greatest empires of all time.”

“How am I supposed to do that ? I am not even the crowned prince.”

“At the appointed time, the gods will work out everything, all you have to do is wait.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will, someday. Together with your friends, Thimi and Bonka. You shall enlarge this empire. You shall build one of the most fiercest army in and around. The world shall remember you as one who lived like a god.”

“Father, you are confusing me.”

“There’s a warning, do not trust any weaker vessel, do not trust any of them. Through them shall your downfall be caused, but if you are wary of them. You shall remain a conqueror through out your reign.”

“Weaker vessel? Who are the weaker vessels? Who should i be wary of ?”  Jakuta rained series of questions.

“That is the summary of the prophecy from the gods.”

“You still haven’t answered my questions, Father.”

Horanmiyan closed his eyes tight, and began to mumble some words. Jakuta couldn’t make sense of anything he was saying in the mumblings, except for the name that kept popping out, he kept on calling the name of his dead wife, Torosi. Within a short while, he took his last breath and passed on to the great beyond. At first, Jakuta didn’t want to believe that he was really dead, he held and shook his body continuously, when he didn’t get a feed back, it dawned on him that his beloveth father was really dead. His breath increased at a very high tempo, anger beclouded him, sadness weighed him down, he screamed out in agony.


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