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I enjoyed the feel of the liquor as it burned down my throat while I swayed to the music that was blasting loudly in the crowded club. I definitely enjoy nights like this when I finally let go and have all the fun possible.At 27 years old, I can boldly say that life has been great for me. I am young, beautiful and confident. I make my choices and I live by them. I try my best to come out with my girls at least twice a month. What is the whole point of working so hard and being young if I can’t have fun. The dull life can start when I do eventually get married and even then I hope I don’t get tied forever to a dull face.

 I am a Masters degree holder and I have a good job. I also have a boyfriend whom I am in love with and we have been together for two years now. All our friends and family have already started planning the dream wedding on our behalf but I try not to think of it. I look forward to a real surprise proposal after all. Beside me, Tola and Chinonso were already getting high beside me and we were having so much fun dancing and drinking in the VIP section. We have had constant supply of drinks since we walked in from different guys hoping we’ll give them some attention but we were pretty seasoned at warding off unwarranted attention. After all, how many husband material guys do you meet in clubs? My thoughts though. So basically, every time we go clubbing, we dance like our lives depend on it, we tease all the guys and we go home and sleep it off at home. We share an apartment and we’re absolutely loving it. Our parents stay far away from Abuja where we all work. All except for Chinonso who doesn’t have an eight to five job like Tola and I but has a fashion outfit. Her ready to wear outfits are trending all over social media so we kind of get a lot of free outfits.

This particular night was actually funnier than the others because Tola had been trying to ward off one handsome guy that had been attaching himself to her all night. The guy just was not taking no for an answer and I could see she was getting irritated. I really did not see the need for her to be so angry, it is not like she has a boyfriend but hey, this was girls night and guys were not allowed to spoil the fun, even my loving boyfriend, Uche knew that. I looked all around the club with all the scantily dressed females, not excluding myself and I knew some guys were getting lucky tonight. Sometime around 3am, I knew we had had enough and I mercifully went to rescue Tola. I drank the least since we had all decided I was driving tonight. We made our way finally through all the sweaty bodies and drove out of the club straight home. As soon as we got home, we all crashed on our beds.

I woke up earlier than every one the next day and early was around 12 noon. I decided to shower and go give my boo a surprise visit. I usually sleep all day after any girls night out so I knew he was not expecting me. He was always considerate and giving me my desired space knowing how pissed I get when I start feeling crowded. I branched a Chinese restaurant somewhere in town and got us some food. Uche is a terrible cook so expecting to meet food in his house is just a dream. He had given me a key to his apartment about six months ago. I already saw his car parked in the compound so I just unlocked the door and walked in, happy I did not come on a wild goose chase. As soon as I walked in, I could feel that something was wrong before I even saw it. Everywhere was unnecessarily quiet which was unusual because Saturdays was Uche’s television marathon day.

I walked straight to the bedroom and stopped cold when I saw Uche on the bed having hot sex with a slut. Yes I called her slut because she is shacking my man.

“What the hell is this?”

It is weird that all the movies talk about how the girlfriend either walks out immediately or starts crying or faints and all of those dramatic reactions but I just literally bust out laughing. I could not hold the laughter.

I watched while they scampered around and Uche pushed the slut out but I just sat on the floor laughing my head out. I could not stop the laughter. I thought about the last two  years and for somebody who prides herself on being too smart, I was so disappointed at my own stupidity.

“Teni, It’s not what you think. The girl came to seduce me”.

As soon as he said that, I started another round of laughter. I could not hold it.

”Really? Uche, Is that the best you could come up with? She seduced you?”

“Teni please I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

”Wait Uche, I want to hear the end of that story, when she seduced you, what now happened? You could not send her out? You had to have sex with her simply because you were not getting any from me?

”No babe, it was not like that, I swear this is the first time this is happening. You know we’re getting married, I will never disrespect you that way”.

”We are getting married?” I stared at him in mocking surprise. ”How come it is only you that knows that my love?”

“You know me better than to think there can be any relationship between us after this Uche. The moment you touched that slut, you made your choice and it is quite sad that you chose wrong”.

”Teni, please don’t do this”

”It is already done babe”.

I stood up and walked out of his house for good, He followed me to my car but I refused to even spare him a glance as I drove out of his compound. I drove straight home. By the time I got into the house, Tola and Chinonso were in the living room watching television. Immediately they saw my face they knew something was wrong.

“I caught Uche cheating” was all I said before Tola pulled me on to the sofa and wrapped me in a hug and I finally let the tears fall. They both knew me well enough. That relationship is definitely over. Some things I will never condone and cheating was one of them. Two years I had given wholeheartedly and two years I had wasted. I guess I am back in the dating pool once again.

…to be continued

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