Who am I?

Who Am I?

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Raped and brutalized severally by her stepfather, she killed the man who stole away her virginity one day as he attempted to have his way forcefully again. This left her with no choice than to leave Mexico, her city of nativity to join her mother’s brother, Pablo in America.
Pablo lived a criminal life and taught her the same too. As fate would have it, Pablo’s life was shortened. She was left alone in the hands of helpless American men who only agreed to help her in exchange for sex.
Being beautiful and irresistible, all men she met desired to have her as a sex slave, and none was willing to marry her because of her Mexican descent.
She later gets into a fake marriage with an abusive man who helped to give her a new identity. One thing led to another and she began to dip her hands into more crime, changing her identity almost everytime. But who is she really?
Find out in this Action and suspense filled crime thriller.
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