Jakuta – Prologue


They marched home gloriously, they marched home with great joy and their eyes shone bright due to their Victory in the war against the Bhariba People. Their hands were weak as a result of too much wielding of swords against their enemies whom they have now conquered, they all felt mild sores  in their larynx due to the screaming at the war, coupled with the victorious songs which they chanted at the top of their voices. Slaves numbering to hundred and more marched behind a phalanx of warriors, the Hoyoh warriors led by the Emperor himself. Emperor Horanmiyan rode on the horses along side his high ranked warriors while the rest marched along with them on foot.

They had been on the trip back from Bhariba for days hence the fatigue of both the warriors and the horses, they all couldn’t wait to be in the arms of their loved ones again, to lay properly in the comfort of their abode. The Emperor himself couldn’t wait to have a taste of one of the slaves that has caught his fancy, he had ordered them to treat her nicely, she was even offered a horse which she politely declined claiming she wanted to walk the journey just like the rest of her people. Occasionally when they stopped to rest, Horanmiyan would cast lustful glances at her while she flirtatiously smiled whenever their eyes were locked.

“Halt!!!” One of the high ranked warriors shouted and the order was echoed to the back subsequently till everyone halted.

“What is it Ayangeh?” Horanmiyan asked the warrior that ordered for the troop to halt.

“We have company.” Ayangeh replied in a hushed tone as he pulled out his sword and every other warrior did the same too “Show yourself now that you have the chance or I would slit your throat and dismember you.” Ayangeh shouted.

They waited for few minutes but there was nothing, no movement of any sort except the leaves of the trees that were been blown by the dusk breeze, it was sunset already and darkness had begun to cover the clouds.

“One last chance for you to surrender yourself or i’d rip your heart out mercilessly.” Ayangeh screamed again while some people were beginning to think that he was just being paranoid, since they heard no movement, they believed there was no one there.

“Only an unfulfilled mortal will be scared of his life been taken away,” A figure stepped out from behind the trees and all the warriors held their swords at alert “But as for me, I have led a fulfilled life, I have seen better days, the only thing keeping me alive is why am here right this moment.”

“Identify yourself.” Horanmiyan said to the unknown man

“My Lord I am Igoromolu the,” He was about to complete his sentence when the Emperor cut in

“The hunched back dwarf ?” Horanmiyan asked.

“Yes my lord, it is I.” Igoromolu replied as he knelt on one kneel with his head bowed.

“What is it that makes the hunched back dwarf obstruct his Lord that travels back home from a battle?” One of the high ranked warriors asked.

“I bring a message from the gods to my Lord.” the dwarf with hunched back replied.

“Arise and relay your message, son of the soil.” Horanmiyan ordered.

“The gods congratulates you on your victory, they also congratulate you on your decision about the woman whom you have decided to favour. The gods said she is a big piece in making the prophecy come to pass.” Igoromolu replied.

“What prophecy is that?” Emperor asked again.

“The gods have not shown that to me as of yet but that which they have told me shall I tell you right now,” Igoromolu moved closer to Emperor Horanmiyan and continued  “She shall bore you a son, he will conquer the world, he will do things that no man has ever done, he will possess the power of gods, he will be a god in human flesh, he shall be called JAKUTA”



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