Jakuta – Chapter 6

Jakuta was jerked out of his surprise by the loud jeers and wild noises all around the arena, realisation dawned on him when he saw two weapon bearer approaching each of them respectively, Bonka picked out his favourite long type of sword from the weaponry, while Jakuta collected the only weapon that was brought to him, the one his father bestowed upon him. Although he had trained lots of times with the blade but at that moment, he felt like using a mastered weapon like the kind Bonka was using will give him an edge over him, before he could even reach a decision, the weapon bearers rushed out of the arena and the bell sounded, which was an indication that the fight was to proceed. Unlike every other combat, that one was a no rule match, no time limits, they had to fight until they hear the sound of the bell, which obviously would be after a winner has emerged.

They both kept rotating in a circular motion, each trying to study what kind of launching the other would use, each expecting the other to strike first, they kept on rotating. Suddenly Bonka approached him swiftly, launched his sword at him but was met by the strong blade of Jakuta�s, this made a loud clang and the crowds cheered loudly at the excitement. While their weapons were still intertwined, in quick succession, Bonka outstretched his leg, aiming for Jakuta�s groin but in a quicker move, Jakuta swerved the other way, thereby untwining their blades and creating further distance has he moved a bit away and the circular rotation started again.

The fight went on and on, became more vigorous, so much that the emperor would shiver a bit when Bonka hits at Jakuta, only Ajaka noticed it though. All through, the maid that had Jakuta’s eyes wouldn’t stop fidgeting, until Rola noticed and whispered to her to stay still which she immediately obeyed. The arena was filled with joyous noises as they enjoyed every move, every attack, every defend made by the duo. It was indeed a fantastic match, one of the best that the empire had seen, till date, people still compare that match to the one called �The Ending Match� which I will still tell you about. The match went on and on, even I enjoyed every bit of it. The two fighters appeared to be equals, since no one was able to successfully take down the other, the emperor was about to declare the match a draw when Bonka made a skilled launch out of no where, Jakuta didn’t see it coming, but did enough by shielding the attack with his blade which in-turn was found flying away off his hand, due to the strong wielding of Bonka�s sword. Jakuta also found himself on the ground and there was a loud exclamation by almost everyone in and around the arena watching.

With Bonka at his front, standing between him and his blade, he felt like it was all over, for the first time ever, he had been defeated in a combat, by his own bossom friend. He took a quick look at the Emperor who kept a straight look as he was not meant to be biased about any of the fighters even if his son was among. Jakuta knew behind that straight face of his father, lies a disappointing one. He looked straight at the maid, and saw her just in time before she wiped a tear or two off her eyes. This infuriated Jakuta, it rekindled his already given up spirit,  adrenaline rushed in his body like never before, his morales heightened, he turned his face to Bonka, who was now approaching him speedily with his sword highly raised, Emperor couldn’t take it no more, he jumped up from the throne and tried to signal for the bell to be sounded but alas, the bell keeper had lost himself in the match, likewise every other person there that day. As Bonka launched his high held sword at Jakuta  which was still on the ground, Jakuta bent both of his hands backwards behind his head and with all his strength and power, he pushed himself up, making a quick back flip just before Bonka made a launch at him, with his sword hitting the ground, before Bonka could stand up back to face him, he made a quick jump, stepping on Bonka’s back along the line, therefore making Bonka fall to the ground, he quickly made for his blade and without wasting even a flying second, he dived back towards Bonka with his blades outstretched, Bonka tried to hold back with his sword but found it flying off his hand due to the unexpected diving attack Jakuta made, even Jakuta was amazed at such screamer-move that he just pulled out, everyone was lost in the fight, so much so they couldn’t even jeer or scream, a pin drop silence deafened the arena. Now, with Bonka lying on the floor, and his sword some feet away, Jakuta stood up from where he landed after taking the dive, he had his blade pointed at Bonka and that was when the bell keeper saw the outstretched hand of the emperor which signified the end of the match, the hands had been outstretched when Jakuta was down, even the emperor was so engrossed in the match that he had forgotten that his hand was still outstretched. The bell keeper rang the bell and everyone were jerked out of their onlooking, the entertaining match ended in a draw, as it always does when both Jakuta and Bonka fights. Jakuta stretched his hand towards Bonka, which he took and then he pulled him up, then the noise and cheers came back ten times more than it ever was, noise rocked every where as the two fighters approached the emperor�s throne. Horanmiyan shook his staff at them  in blessing while the standing ovation continue, Jakuta’s eyes navigated to the place where the maid was, and he saw her face filled with smiles, happiness, love and he, Jakuta  was very much proud of himself.


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