Jakuta – Chapter 3

***Many Years Later***

Screams, clanging of woods, whistles of arrows being shot from bows and reverberating sounds of it hitting the targets board was all that kept on re-echoing. They all continued with different trainings, some with Sword wielding, some physical combat but at a moment they all paused as they sighted an uncommon and unexpected occurrence, one of the boys that had been practicing shooting of arrows had demanded for a pot of fire, they all stared at him as he set the arrow into the bow, pulled the arrow back a little, then dipped the tip of the arrow into the pot of fire, the fire then blazed on the tip of the arrow, he pulled the arrow stronger with his grip harder on it, the moment he released it, the blazing arrow moved sporadically and hit the target board precisely on the bull’s eye and also faster than normal, few seconds after hitting the target, the board got consumed by the fire from the arrow.

A very loud round of applause followed suit, people jeered the young lad that took the shot, that was the first they have seen of that kind of act and it was quite a sight to behold. The jeers lasted only but for a while as it occurred that two out of the lads that were practising sword wielding with a piece of wood were now getting so intense, the skills and bravery exhibited by the both of them was a rare one, their skills and techniques were more of the same which made it easier for one to guess the others next move and also launch a counter attack that also endup being envisaged and calculated by the other. All eyes now swerved to the two lads engaging in the fight that has now pretty much advanced for just an ordinary training session and much too intense for amateur warriors like them.

The fight when on and on, different moves and far perfect skills were exhibited, people watched on and enjoyed every minute of it, after a while, the two lads became weak but they still didn’t give in to each other. One of them retreated back a bit from the other and they both kept on rotating round in a circular motion, suddenly one of them made the move, ran swiftly, jumped high and plunged at the other with his wood held high, the other had less time to calculate the attack as that was not a very regular move that his opponent made, inspite of the few time he had, he still managed to slide under the attacker before the wood could be launched on him and almost immediately he somersaulted backwards  to counter the move made, the guy that made the jump move saw the counter move just in time as he quickly jumped up over the the guy that attacked with the back flip move. The last move was made so perfectly and beautifully that another rounds of applause rocked the training ground, that was the moment that the two lads noticed that all eyes had been on them, they stayed transfixed as they enjoyed the jeers.

“Your fathers will be so proud of you boys” A man stepped down from where he had been seating all day observing the  lads that were practising “Especially you Jakuta, the Emperor will be so happy with your vast knowledge of swordmanship and you too Bonka, that was a very interesting match between the both of you, it was perfect in every sense of the word perfect” The man held them both by the shoulders for a while before walking towards the one that shot the arrow “Thimi, the one with the blazing arrow” He said as he also tapped him on the shoulder to indicate how impressed he was.

Few moments later, they had all been discharged from the day’s training. It was indeed a rare training day as all the lads went home well motivated and in high spirit, most of them couldn’t wait for the next training day to come. Jakuta, Bonka and Thimi all left the training ground together with a large number guards following behind them closely. The palace guards were there and also Thimi and Bonka’s guards too as they were both the sons of the two Head Generals of the Empire. Their fathers had served Horanmiyan the Emperor all their lives, together with him they had been conquerors in wars. Bonka father was the best swordsman in his time, Thimi’s father was a very good archer too, the best in all of the Empire at that. So it seems both lads have grown to inherit their father’s skills, and with the pace at which they were growing skilfully, it’s very possible for them to do better than their fathers. Jakuta’s father on the other hand is averagely skilled in both swordsmanship and archery, the only difference is that they were rumours all over the Empire that he possessed supernatural powers, no one save for Thimi and Bonka’s fathers could attest to that facts and since they have both refused to speak about it, not even to their wives. The theory then only remained an unfounded rumour, no one dared to confront the Emperor and ask if truly he posseses supernatural powers.

After walking the long distance from the training ground to the palace, they had all  settled in a corner of the palace and watched as people moved through and fro the palace,  they cracked jokes, talked about their Tutors at the the training which led to them asking Thimi where he had learnt the skill and knowledge of his archery, he couldn’t give much info as it appeared that it was all a talent that came to him naturally as their own skilled sword wielding was to them. As they talked on, they suddenly noticed the emergence of Ajaka, Jakuta’s elder brother who  was in the company of his betrothed wife.  Ajaka was way Older than their trio and also because he is the crowned prince to the throne of Hoyoh Empire, he had to get familiarised with his betrothed as it was their custom and tradition. As he passed by, both Thimi and Bonka curtsied while Jakuta just mumbled his greeting. They were not actually best buddies though they were brothers, Jakuta as always not fancied Ajaka’s ways because he never learnt how to fight or sh00t arrows like him and his friends. Instead he had chosen to be schooled by one, if not the greatest scholar  in all of the Empire and beyond.

While Ajaka and his Bethroted, Rola walked in the front, Ajaka’s guards and Rola’s maids walked behind them. One out of the maids couldn’t take her eyes of Jakuta, she kept on staring at him until they walked out of sight.


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