Jakuta – Chapter 1

The rain kept on dropping heavily but didn’t stop the hasty movements of the midwives, they kept on running helter skelter the same way the Emperor kept on prancing up and down in the throne room, his council of elders also remained on their feet as they occasionally spoke words of encouragement to the Horanmiyan the Emperor who only shook  his head to indicate his affirmation to their uplifting words. He kept on humming a particular sound repeatedly but in a very hushed tone, so much that only few of them could hear the humming sound.

“Akilha,� The Emperor called out his head guard, Akhila is the short form of the head guard’s full name which is Akhilapa. Akhilapa is one of the Emperor’s favourite palace guard and a very trustworthy, honest, loyal and strong one at that. His honesty is what gave him the preference and the favour of the Emperor.

“Yes My Lord” Akhilapa knelt down on a knee and bowed his head in front of the Emperor.

“Go back again, tell them that I command they tell you the situation at hand right now” Horanmiyan ordered.

“Yes My Lord” Akhila courtsied and rushed out of the throne room.

One of Emperor’s wife, Thorosi had been in labour since sunrise, it’s now way past sunset and she was still yet to deliver. The Emperor has been worried sick since when she went into labour, he had grown to love and cherish her ever since he chose her as a wife after bringing her into the Hoyoh empire as part of war proceeds. He had begun feeling something for her even before they brought her alongside some other prisoner of war into the Empire. He had chosen her as his  bride and his Empress, after which he set her people free to go back to the land of Bhariba which had been conquered and now belongs under the Oyoh empire. He let go of her people as a sign of good gesture to his chosen bride, Torosi, but the treaty was that they will forever remain under his rule and as a result pay tributes to him just like everyone other Kingdom under his Empire.

“My Lord.” Akhilapa knelt down as he returned into the throne room.

“Speak.” Oranmiyan ordered.

“Still the same thing My Lord, there’s still no improvement.” Akhila relayed the midwives message to the Emperor.

“Eledua!!!” One of the chiefs exclaimed. , Eledua is one believed to be the supreme God, the creator of the universe, the creator of gods, the one that has been even before the beginning of time “What then shall we say to this, how long shall it take for this child to be birthed, is it the sins of the land that his holding him back?” He continued talking to no one in particular while they all stared at him.

“I think it’s high time we sent for the Priests.” another of the chiefs also voiced out.

“I concur.� one of the chiefs said too.

“You are right,” Emperor said sounding a little bit below par of his voice vibration and energy. “Akhila” he called again.

“Yes My Lord” Akhilapa bowed before him in the same style and manners in which he had been doing.

“Take some of your boys, head straight for the Priest’s shrine, tell him I said he should be here immediately” Horanmiyan.

“Alright My Lord” Akhila replied and rushed out of the throne room.

The helter skelter running of the midwives had doubled, the Emperor’s worries increased, the dampened energy surrounding the palace multiplied. The palace  was in total silence as no one was permitted to move round except for the Midwives, no one was singing eulogies to the Emperor as against on a regular day whence the palace will be bubbling with movements regardless of the time. The rain continued without reducing in it’s might, on the contrary it increased in it’s heaviness. Midnight was now encroaching as it has been a while since Akhilapa had left hence the Emperor was beginning to wonder what could have kept him. He was about to send another set of guards to go and look for him when he barged into the throne room with the Priest closely behind him, he knelt down in front of the Emperor before rushing back to his position beside the throne.

“Greetings from the gods, my lord” Priests bowed a bit as he clung onto his staff like  his upright position depended on it, the priest came with Akhilapa in the heavy rain, Akhilapa was all wet but the Priest didn’t have a single drop of water on either his white attire or his cap, how he did it, no one knows and actually at that poin. In time, given the present state of issues, no one cared to know.

“I am sure you are aware of all that his going on?” Emperor asked as he settled into his large throne.

“The gods have revealed it all to me, even that which is yet to be known to you, I have seen it” Priest replied with his gaze right at the throne and his legs transfixed.

“What do you mean by the ones I am yet to know? Is there something you are supposed to tell me now?” Emperor.

“Not necessarily yes but all I can say to you right now is a reminder of the saying that gods gives and takes but all in all, all things works together for the fulfilment of the prophecy” Priest.

“Why are you speaking in twisted words? Mhiregun” Horanmiyan called the Priest by his name, he is the only one that has the authority and power to do so, as he is regarded as the next in line to gods in hierarchy.

“My Lord, patience, as everything will unfold in a matter of very soon” Priest.

“You have to do this one more time My Empress” one of the midwives tried to encourage Torosi as they could now see traces of the infant.

“I am weak, I can’t do this” Torosi mumbled weakly.

“You just have to do it, for your baby, for the Emperor and most especially for the Empire” another of the midwives put in. The words worked magic as strength from nowhere fell on the Empress, she screamed, the baby came out. Almost immediately as the baby cried his first cry, a deafening thunder struck with lightening that brightened the whole empire and almost simultaneously, Torosi closed her eyes and took her last breath.


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