The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 8

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Old John stacked his clothes into the small bag hurriedly, he had to find a way to leave the city with Rhoda as soon as possible. It was his last chance to be with the love of his life. She had reached him through the landline. Luckily, it was the maid in charge who had picked the call and it wasn’t one of the guards who had been answering recently due to the recent panic. The maid had indicated immediately that the call was for him.

Rhoda explained everything to him, how they were attacked and how she was abducted alongside Mrs Silvia. She also told him the most heartbreaking news, the news of Mrs Silvia’s death. She informed Old John of the hospital and pleaded with Old John to put a call through to Katherine to help her get a bag from her room in the Frederick’s house which contained her life’s savings.

Old John struggled through his pocket and took out the small handset he had taken from one of the guards to be able to reach Katherine.

“Where are you now Katherine?” he spoke into his phone’s mouthpiece.

“I’ve gotten her bag,” Katherine replied from the other end, in a more relaxed tone. “But you’ve not told me exactly what you need it for.”

“I’ll tell you when I get there, please meet me close to the bridge. I should get there in twenty minutes,” Old John said.

“Okay,” Katherine replied and heaved a sigh. The call ended.

Old John dipped the phone back into his pocket. For the first time he was putting on something entirely different from his normal wear which was the cooks uniform. He was putting on a traditional wear of the Orions, a tribe in the country of Airegin. The change in dress style was necessary for him to be able to escape through the back gate as the guards would think him of one of the Orion labourers who had come to the farm. He hung the bag properly on his shoulders and proceeded to the door, he looked at both sides of the corridor to ensure nobody was seeing him as he fled through the backdoor which led out of the building.


“Thank you Matron, I’ll forever be grateful to you.” Rhoda thanked for the umpteenth time the Matron who had helped her.

“It’s okay Friend, you just have to stay in here till they’re completely gone.” The Matron said as she opened the door to her office and peeped outside again. The Matron had found Rhoda wandering around the hospital and had helped her hide inside her office. She had seen Rhoda with Don Pedro’s men and she knew what may happen if they see her. Rhoda had also used the phone in the Matron’s office to reach the Pedro’s house. She was able to remember the number offhand due to her constant secret night calls with Old John. She spoke with Old John and asked him to help get her savings from Katherine at the Frederick’s house before they flee the city together. She was going to remain in the Matron’s office till Don Pedro’s men leaves completely and later on go to meet Old John at a junction where they had agreed to meet.


“Are you crazy? The boys did what? Stop this car! ” Lord Frederick screamed and the car screeched to a halt almost immediately. An accident was almost caused as the driver did not properly pull up to the curb. Lord Frederick got out of the car and began to pace about the curb on the bridge, running his fingers into his hair.

The other vehicle which carried his escorts pulled up behind them. They had began to attract attention from other motorists who were amazed at their reckless driving.

General was quiet for some seconds as Lord Frederick kept on stammering incoherent words over the phone.”Where’s she now? Did she die?” Lord Frederick finally spoke into the phone.

“No, she’s not dead yet, she’s already being attended to but these nurses are not sure of her chances of survival.” General replied.

“Damn it! Where did the bullet hit her?”

“Sir, the boy was stupid not to have shot her in the leg. The bullet hit her at the back and …”

“Do all you can to ensure she lives,” Lord Frederick cuts in. “If she dies, just die with her and make sure you eliminate the boy that shot her right away,” he said and didn’t give General an opportunity to talk before cutting the call.

He had developed an headache almost immediately he heard the news. He wondered how he was going to make up the deal with Don Pedro, now that Don Pedro was already on his way to the second board room with Silvia.

“My Lord, is  there any problem?” One of the boys from the escorts vehicle stepped out and asked.

Lord Frederick placed an angry stare at him, wanting to pounce on him and transfer his extreme anger but he resisted the temptation since it wasn’t going to help him in anyway. The constant horning of cars which drove by reminded Lord Frederick that their cars were not parked at the right place. Without responding to the guard’s question, he entered back into his car and ordered for the driver to continue driving.

His phone began to ring again as they pulled back into the road. The displayed caller’s ID increased his headache, it was Don Pedro. There was no way Don Pedro was going to take the news of Mabel being shot lightly, worst still, they weren’t sure of her chances of survival.

“I’m waiting for you Frederick,” Don Pedro’s voice sounded impatient.

“I’m…coming…” Lord Frederick stammered.

“Be quick about it, we have no time to waste.” Don Pedro hurried.

“I’ll be there in no time,” Lord Frederick replied shakily, unsure of whose mouth the words had come out from.

He wasn’t feeling so scared of Don Pedro but more scared of losing Silvia, that would be the greatest plight that would ever befall him. He had to find a way to get Silvia from Pedro deceitfully without having to explain Mabel’s absence.


Katherine glanced at her wristwatch impatiently and stared around from time to time. She had used more than ten minutes in waiting for Old John and she needed to return to the Frederick’s house as soon as possible in order not to alert the guards of her absence.

Just about the time she was almost giving up, Old John showed up, climbing wearily up the pedestrian bridge.

“Why did you take so long?” She slammed at him as he approached her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be difficult escaping the security men.”

“You’ve not told me what is happening,” Katherine said, staring at the bag Old John was carrying. “You said you spoke to Rhoda, what about Mrs Silvia?”

“I’m sorry Kath,” Old John had a sorry look on his face. “Mrs Silvia died already.”

“What!” The news hit Katherine in shock as she covered her mouth with her hands and the polythene bag fell from her hand.

Old John picked the nylon, “I’m sorry Kath, Rhoda asked me to tell no one. Don Pedro’s men are searching for her right now.”

“But…But…” Katherine stammered, gasping at the same time. “General told me there was supposed to be an exchange of Mrs Silvia and Mrs Mabel today by our masters.”

“Sorry but Mrs Silvia is no more, Don Pedro must be planning something else for his friend,” Old John replied hastily. “Is this what Rhoda asked you to get?” He asked, raising the polythene bag that had dropped.

“Yes, ” Katharine answered, still in shock of Mrs Silvia’s death.

“Okay, I have to go now.” Old John said and patted her on the shoulder. “I can see a war coming my dear, please stay safe,” he said before he turned and hurried down the bridge, leaving a confused Katherine.


Katherine was filled with mixed feelings as she watched Old John leave. She still felt the grief of Mrs Silvia’s death and at the same time developed deep hatred for Don Pedro. She remembered what General had told her of the planned exchange of the women, which was now never going to take place as Mrs Silvia was already dead. She felt the need to warn General quickly of Don  Pedro’s plan and evil deeds. She took out her phone and dialed General’s number as she hurried off the bridge.


“Where’s Silvia?” Lord Frederick asked as he took two steps forward closing in the long distance between them by half a metre. They were in the compound of the second board house. The whole place looked dusty, dirty and unkempt as it had not been used for a long time and this meeting was a foreplanned one.

“She’s in the car,” Don Pedro looked back briefly and pointed to the third car behind him. “Where’s Mabel?”

Lord Frederick looked towards the gate behind him, General was just driving in with a bus. He had later called General to come with another woman disguised like Mabel with her face veiled and also bring Mabel in her state, with the nurse treating her. They would present Mabel if she had been able to remain alive.

“She’s in that bus,” Lord Frederick replied.

The bus soon parked behind Lord Frederick’s cars and General stepped out almost immediately. Other guys who came with Lord Frederick were also out of their cars. The same applied with Don Pedro, except for the third car which carried the pregnant woman they were planning to present as Silvia.

Lord Frederick thoughts ran in several direction as he watched General hurry towards him. General was rushing in such an unusual manner which made Lord Frederick afraid that he was coming with the bad news of Mabel’s death but it wasn’t so, instead, General relayed to him silently what Katherine had told him.

Lord Frederick’s eyes changed to red as he turned back towards Don Pedro. He reached his pocket for his gun, going against their agreement not to use guns.

Don Pedro was fast also and his men were very quick to react. He quickly ran for cover behind a pillar as he took out his own gun. Soon enough, a gun battle had begun. Bullets and bullet casings were flying all over the place.

Don Pedro and Lord Frederick kept aiming at each other from their hideouts but none got a clear shot. In nothing less than fifteen minutes, they had an equal number of men down. Only General and Eric were left at the middle of the gunfare, pointing their revolvers at each other’s forehead while their bosses were shooting at each other while taking covers behind walls.

The second board house was closer to town, so both teams knew they had very little time before the police shows up as the accessibility to the place was not difficult like the other board room.

General and Eric remained motionless with their fingers on the trigger, both of them waiting for the first to pull or waiting to pull at the same time so they can travel together to the great beyond and continue their feud there eternally.

“What’s wrong with you?” Don Pedro barked so loud as he came out of hiding, there had been a pause in shooting for a while. It seemed bullets from the guns of both masters had been exhausted.

“You killed Silvia again after killing Laura,” Lord Frederick barked even more louder, coming out with teary eyes.

“I didn’t kill anyone,” Don Pedro roared. “Things just happen the way fate wants it. You have to believe me Frederick, I would never hurt you.” He said, tears forming in his eyes too.

General and Eric were still at a standstill as their bosses exchange words.

“You took Laura first and now Silvia,” Frederick roared again in a shaky voice. Don Pedro tried to speak but Frederick cut in again. “Mabel is dead, forget her. She was shot yesterday, what they brought in that bus is just another woman”

Don Pedro froze in shock at Frederick words, his bladder suddenly became full and the organ began to let out drops of urine unconsciously.

He couldn’t imagine life without Mabel, it was definitely the end of the road for him if Mabel was dead truly. His eyes moved to General’s face and the look General had confirmed Lord Frederick’s words.

“Nooooo!” Don Pedro screamed. Lord Frederick had killed his wife because of distrust, because of his refusal to believe in his innocence about Laura’s whereabouts.

Both drug lords stared at each other intently. Their bloods were boiling hot and they wanted to settle it now and for all. They began to take very slow steps closer to each other. Eric and General for a second forgot about themselves and fixed their attention on their masters.

A sound approaching from a distance stopped the drug lords from getting close to each other. It was the police sirens. They didn’t think they’ll have enough time to settle the issue with themselves before the police arrived the scene. They began to step back slowly. Eric and General also dropped their guns low and began to step back slowly with their bosses. The police sirens were getting closer.

“I’ll be back for you Pedro,” Lord Frederick screamed with his eyes bloodshot.

“I’ll definitely return first for you,” Don Pedro shouted back in great anger.

And right there happened the dissolution of  THE AIREGIN MAFIAS.












**Airegin Daily Headlines**

Business Tycoons and Friends, Lord Frederick and Don Pedro disappear into thin air after mysterious abduction of their wives

**The Pole Newspaper**

Don Pedro and Lord Frederick flees the city as both losses their wives to kidnappers

**Canola Reporters**

Airegin Popular businessmen missing mysteriously days after wives go missing


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