The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 6

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4 part 6

“Silvia died?” Don Pedro stared at him shocked.
“Yes boss…” Eric replied with stammering lips.
“Damn it!” Don Pedro cursed aloud. He was angry with Lord Frederick but it had nothing to do with Silvia. More heat had just been added to the feud with what just happened, Silvia dying in the hands of his boys would mean war and that his wife, Mabel was surely going to die too. “Instruct Vicker that the news should be kept secret and it should not be made known to anyone that we got the wife,” he barked at Eric.

Mabel was tired and angry about everything already, she was tired of staying locked up in the room imagining what could be happening to her little baby and Anne who she kept at home. An evil thought ran across her mind, what if Anne was in trouble too? Maybe she could have been abducted by the same men who took her or even taken by those who sent Laura to get her baby. She was losing patience and itching to get out of place already. Even though she had been promised she wasn’t going to be killed by the masked man, she still wanted to make sure her daughter who was left at home was saved. She believed her daughter’s safety was more important than hers.

She proceeded to the door of the room and placed her ears against the door to listen to what was going on outside. She couldn’t hear anything. For the past one hour, it had been totally quiet and it seemed to her that she was the only one in the house. She tried to turn the door’s knob but it was firmly locked, she looked around to see if she could get anything to open but there was none. All her eyes met were her shoes placed beside another lady’s shoe, an high heeled one.

“Hey! Who’s here?” She shouted, banging at the door simultaneously. She got no response immediately but continued until she could hear the voice of a man.
“Madam, what do you want?” The voice said. She recognized the voice as the person’s who had earlier come to give her food.
“I need a cold bottle of water, I’m dying of thirst here,” she said.
“Is that all?” The voice shouted back.
“Ermm… And I’ll like to get some fruits, oranges precisely.” She said even though wasn’t sure what she needed the water and oranges for.
“Okay,” the voice replied and footsteps could be heard as the man walked away.
Mabel turned back into the room, thinking of what to do when the man comes in. Could she possibly take out the man when he comes in? She asked herself. Though he wasn’t heavily built, he looked strong and firm. But was determined to try anyway, she proceeded to where her shoe was and the high heeled one and carefully hid them under the bed. She sat at the same spot and waited patiently for him.
Soon enough, the door opened and the man came in with a tray. He had his face masked again but his shirt was off this time, revealing his well built chest and abs.
“Damn it!” Mabel exclaimed loudly as her eyes met with his abs. She had always been a fan of men with well fitted abs, that was one of the reasons she fell in love with Don Pedro. But the was no time to fantasize about abs, she saw it as a way to trap him.
“I was about taking my bath when I heard your voice,” the masked guy explained as he caught her staring intently at his abs. He dropped the tray on a footstool and stood beside it. The tray contained a bottle of water, a glass cup, three oranges and a knife to cut the fruits.
Mabel, just like someone in a trance stood and proceeded slowly towards him. She knelt before him and began to use her hands to caress his abs. The guy was at first shocked but then he began to respond. Her hands slowly entered into his pants while she used her lips on his abdomen. He closed his eyes and held her head where his hands. She stopped abruptly and looked at his face, he opened his eyes to look at her. She motioned for them to use bed and slowly pulled the footstool away. Lost in his urge for sex, he blindly laid on the and didn’t see when she picked the knife. She placed a knee in between his sprawled legs and reached for his trouser with one of her hands. He thought she wanted to help him pull it, so he quickly assisted in taking off the belt. Before he knew was happening, she ran the knife into his belly. He screamed and tried to get up but she was faster, she picked up the footstool and slammed it on his head. He fell back and she turned quickly, picking her shoe from under the bed before running out.
The compound looked disorganized and the workers in panic as the vehicles drove in. Lord Frederick noticed one of the guards running after the car as they proceeded towards the garage.

“General, get into the house now and put a call through to the family hospital, ask about the doctor attending to my wife and her condition now.” Lord Frederick instructed immediately the car halted.
His door was opened for him and he stepped outside immediately, General was also out of the car too and was heading towards the house. “Yes? What is it?” Lord Frederick demanded from the guard who followed the car to the garage. He took a white handkerchief from one of the guards to clean his nose.
“Sir…” The guard began shakily.
“Speak up,” Lord Frederick barked angrily at him.
“We got information that the car was ambushed and they were taken,” the guard spoke out rushingly.
“Who was ambushed?” Lord Frederick widened his eyes at him.
“Ermm… Sir… Mrs Mabel and Rhoda,” he answered shakily.
“What?” Lord Frederick screamed. “Who went with her?”
“Two of the guards who drove with her were killed…” The guard tried to explain but Lord Frederick interrupted.
“Where did it happen?”
“Just before the bridge.”
Lord Frederick turned back to the car and opened the door immediately. “Get the hell into your vehicles,” he shouted at the other guards who had come out of the vehicles in the garage.
“Sir, the hospital says there’s no record of her visit to the hospital today…” General returned, reporting the outcome of his call to the hospital.
“Get into the car,” Lord Frederick shouted at him in a terrifying voice.

Soon, about four vehicles were on their way out of the Frederick’s compound again. This time, their speed was crazier.
… Just about now, report has it that  Mrs Silvia Frederick, pregnant wife of popular business tycoon has been abducted by unknown men at gunpoint. It was said that she was at the point of labour and was being rushed to the hospital for delivery when some unknown men barricaded the road and murdered the two guards accompanying her. She was abducted alongside one of her maids whose name is unknown as at the moment. It should be recalled that just yesterday was Mrs Mabel Pedro, wife of close business associate of Lord Frederick also abducted by unknown men and hasn’t been found yet. The authorities have begun serious investigations and hopes to come out with positive news before the end of the day.

The public radios on streets all over Bextord blasted the breaking news. People walking leisurely on the streets began to gossip about the news.
“That’s Don Pedro’s entourage passing,” Don Pedro could hear one of the gossiper’s loud voice as they drove home.
Soon they got to the house and Don Pedro walked into his room immediately, he proceeded to the wardrobe immediately and took out an empty box. He took it with him to the drawer where he had previously assembled some files and documents. He carefully arranged the documents into the box. He stood up and proceeded back to wardrobe, he paused on the way as his phone rang and began to vibrate in his pocket.
He took it out and checked the caller, Frederick.

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