The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 5

“I met some of our boys now while we drove down the bridge, they’re right behind us.” Eric said aloud. “We’re going to overtake the fool now, no…” Eric paused as someone in his car called his attention to something at the road for returning cars. Eric could see a blue jeep, waiting for the green traffic light at the other place, the occupants of the car were two men at the front seats while Rhoda and Silviah, Don Pedro’s wife behind. Another idea struck Eric’s mind, there would be a better chance of finding Mabel’s location if they could kidnap Silvia just like Lord Frederick had done to Mabel.

He immediately picked up his phone and dialled the number of one of those guys coming behind.

“Hello boss” the guy said.

“A blue jeep is approaching towards you right now, make a barricade on the road to block the Jeep from passing by, now”. Eric barked out orders as he watch the Jeep passed by. “Turn, turn now” He said to Vicker as they both made a dangerous U-turn in the middle of the road, thankfully there were no oncoming vehicles. They started chasing behind Silvia’s jeep, before the driver of the jeep could notice through the rear-mirror that they were been pursued , it was too late as the barricade that Eric had ordered was already in front of him. A car blocking them in front, 2 cars chasing from behind, there was nothing he could do than to just park as he and the other guard quickly reached for their guns but were taken out as soon as they dropped from the jeep, leaving only Silvia and Rhoda in the vehicle. Eric walked swiftly to the Jeep and opened the door violently, his eyes met with that of Silvia who was screaming in pains.

“What’s wrong ?” He asked

“Labour pains.” Rhoda replied shivering.

“Damn,” Eric cussed as he took some few steps away, with his hand on his head as he pulled his hair softly. He then summoned to Vicker and of his boys and they quickly rushed to him. “Do you know the hospital of that doctor that’s working for Don?” Eric asked  Vicker.

“Yeah, the private hospital right?” Vicker.

“Yeah, that one, You will drive this woman there, she is in labour. As soon as you get there, explain everything to the doctor first.”

“Alright boss.” Vicker and the other guy quickly got into the Jeep that Silvia and Rhoda were in and off he drove to the hospital, Silvia screams were now so loud as the pain has become excruciatingly much.

As soon as they drove off, Eric brought out his phone that had been ringing since they were trying to capture Silvia, he clicked on the connect button and placed the phone on his ear.

“Why have you been disturbing me since?” He screamed

“Boss you have to come to the board house immediately.” the caller said.

“Why, what’s going on?”

“Lord Frederick and Don Pedro are in a heated fight”

“What do you mean? What exactly is happening?”

“They are throwing punches and it’s been going on for a while now”

“And you guys just stayed watching like spectators?” Eric screamed

“They both instructed us to stand back”

“And yet you couldn’t call me since?”

“I have been calling but..”

“Damn you” Eric shut the guy up as he tried to explain and hung up.

“Guys, guys, let’s go to the board house” He ordered.


General had almost gotten to Don Pedro’s house when he received a call from one of the guys in the board house, he had turned back immediately and headed for the place. After driving for few minutes, he arrived at the place and met Pedro and Frederick engaged in a fight, he quickly ran towards them and separated them, at that moment all their boys came out from where they had been peeping, Frederick remained calm but Pedro tried to free himself from General’s grip, both of their faces were badly bruised and they both looked very exhausted from the fight. General was still holding onto Pedro for him to calm down when Eric and his boys drove in, on seeing General holding his boss, he barged out of the car that wasn’t completely halted, he charged towards General and landed a blow on his left arm. General let go of Don Pedro immediately and countered Eric with a blow to his lower abdomen, Eric saw the blow late hence he couldn’t weave or dodge it, he was still holding onto the place General hit when General launched him an upper cut with his kneel. Eric was infuriated as he staggered backwards, General rushed towards him but in one swift move, Eric weaved and thrusted himself against General which made General loose his balance, he then launched an heavy kick to General’s right leg, General fell on one knee. Eric was rushed at him again but General slided at him with his other leg and he himself fell on one kneel. They both stood up simultaneously and charged towards each other but both stopped abruptly in each others track as they heard a gunshot. They turned around and saw Don Pedro holding unto the gun that was shot.

“Let’s get out of her Eric ” Don Pedro said and then turned towards Lord Frederick “This is just the beginning, I promise you.” He turned around and walked towards his vehicle.

“Be my guest,” Lord Frederick replied as he spat out a combination of saliva mixed with blood.

“We should get you a doctor.” One of the guards standing by him suggested.

“Nope, I will be just fine” He replied

“My Lord, speaking of doctor,” General walked closer to him “I got a call that your wife was in labour and I was on my way there when I received another call about what was happening here”

“My wife is in what? It’s not even 9 months yet, where’s she?” Frederick rained questions.

“I’m not sure where she is right now because I didn’t even have time to call and ask because I was rushing down here” General explained.

“You should have attended to my wife first, sh!t.” Frederick cussed as they all rushed into the cars and drove away.


Eric sat in front with the driver while Don Pedro sat behind listening to the briefing from Eric.

“We were hot on General’s chase and we were even about to capture him as he was driving alone but that was when we saw Lady Silvia, Lord Frederick’s wife and a maid of hers driving out with just a guard and the driver.” Eric said.

“So what exactly did you do?” Don Pedro asked excitedly

“We turned around and chased after her as we believed she would be a better leverage on Lord Frederick, we cornered her car, took out the driver and the guard and just as I was about to capture her, I realise she was in labour.”

“Dammn,” Don Pedro’s excitement was short-lived. “What then did you do?”

“I instructed Vicker to take her to that doctor of yours that owned a private hospital.”

“Okay, good, so have heard from them?”

“Not yet, let me call Vicker now,” Eric brought out his phone and almost immediately the phone started ringing “Speak of the devil, it’s Vicker.” he said to Don Pedro before picking the call.

“Hello boss.”

“Hey Vicker, what’s up?” How is the situation?”

“Bad, very bad” Vicker replied softly

“What do you mean bad?” Eric listened to Vickers reply and the phone almost dropped from his hand.

“What is it? What happened?” Don Pedro asked impatiently.

“Vicker said that..” Eric stuttered.

“He said what” Don Pedro impatience increase more and more.

“He said Lady Silvia died during child labour” Eric replied softly.


  1. Laura is the master-mind behind all these problems..if only she has not been curious..see what she has caused many innocent people has to die..whyyyyyyyyyyyy

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