The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 3

Just as if kidnapping her child wasn’t enough, she also has been kidnapped by unknown men and there was no sign of help anywhere, she didn’t feel a tiny string of hope, she felt like it was over already and that nothing, absolutely nothing could save her from the den of deaths. She thought about her child that Laura took away, she wondered what could have made Laura did such, she had lived with Laura for some months, she knew she couldn’t just have done such thing to spite her. She thought about her daughter, Anne, she very well knew that Pedro would be busy looking for her hence Anne would just be home alone with the workers. She wondered how she must be feeling in the midst of this sudden crisis, just some days ago, they were a happy family but just in the space of forty eight hours, everything has turned into a turmoil. She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, she lost control of herself and started crying profusely, until she heard some footsteps approaching, she quickly ceased crying and stared on at the door to see who was going to come in.

She thought she was at least going to see the face of her kidnappers and even ask them what they want, she felt disappointed when the person entered with his face all covered in a mask but she was still hopeful that she could talk him into knowing why she was kidnapped. The guy entered with a tray of food in his hands, he first dropped the food in front of Mabel and went to shut  the door that he left opened due to his hands being occupied by the tray. The guy them went back to Mabel and untied her hands.

“Eat,” He said in a very deep tone. Mabel was really farmished but still didn’t feel like eating, she just held still and raised her head to look at the masked man with pity. “Eat.” He said again in a deeper tone and Mabel quickly picked up the spoon and started eating slowly. For the next few minutes, the room was in absolute silence, the only thing that could be heard were the sounds of spoons hitting a plate and cup being dropped back into the tray.

“Why am I being kidnapped.” Mabel asked in total sobriety and in a sincere manner. The guy felt pity for her, though they had been instructed not to engage her in a conversation but he felt her helplessness too much.

“You will be out soon, we won’t hurt you at all.” the masked man replied.

“How so? Who had me kidnapped?”

“That I can’t tell you for now but very soon, you will be out of here,” The masked man saw a very tiny little smile tingle in her lips, she had just giving her hope, a sincere one because he knew Lord Frederick wouldn’t hurt his best friend’s wife or should we say former best friend. Mabel ate the rest of her meal in silence.


“What about this box” One of Lord Frederick’s boys asked.

“Nope, that belongs to Pedro, go to the inner room, there should be more of mine there” He replied. His boys continued to ransack the whole secret board house to gather Lord Frederick’s files and documents. Lord Frederick just stayed outside, inspecting each and every file they brought outside, he was going through one of his own boxes when he saw an old picture of him and Don Pedro when they were new to the game. They both had crazy hairstyles on, he smiled as he started reminiscing on the memories that were attached to that photo. It was the day they were going on their first drug trafficking trip, they had both posed as hip hop artists going for a show so as to reduce suspicions and all. Truly they passed through the departure and arrival without vigorous searching but when they got to the country they were going, they were being ambushed by the same people which they were supposed to be delivering the drugs to. Thanks to their experience on the street before venturing into drugs, they were able to see the ambush just in time, they were to take a drive to a particular place where the delivery should be done but at the last minute before they got there, Pedro just turned the car around and started speeding off, he was still about to query him for turning away when he saw that some people were hot on their chase. Despite Pedro not being conversant with that country, he managed to out run their attackers and they escaped. Those guys denied knowing anything about the attack, they rescheduled another exchange strategy and they executed it successfully.  He remembered how Pedro gave him almost half of his proceeds from the trip just for him to get an heart transplant for his mother.

At that moment he almost felt like crying, he felt so sad that things between him and Pedro could get to be this tensed, why does it have to be Laura, the only person he loved more than his friendship with Pedro after Silvia. He thought about ways they could resolve things, his heart felt weak, if only things could just be resolved and back to how it used to be between the two families. For a moment, he actually doubted if Don Pedro really knew where Laura is but he discarded it immediately, there was no way his boys wouldn’t have apprehended her given all the chase they gave her. He regretted not telling his boys to go after Laura to make sure that she was safe, just that he had thought that sending his boys after Laura might seem to Laura that he wanted to attack her too, he believed Laura would have run to him instead if running away. He regretted the day they all decided to let Laura run her apprenticeship at Mabel’s and further regretted why he had suggested that Laura stay at the Pedro’s residence.

He was still feeling sad and full of regrets when they had a hooting at the gate, as soon as the gate was opened and he saw Pedro’s cars drive in, all the weakness and sadness he was filling metamorphosed into hatred and anger, he stood transfixed to the ground with his body vibrating at the sight of Don Pedro in one of the cars that just entered. Eric opened the door and Don Pedro stepped out, his eyes fixed towards Lord Frederick too, he then slowly walked towards him and stopped as soon as he got to his front, he stared into his eyes for a moment

“Freddy,” Don Pedro said softly while Lord Frederick just stared blankly at him. “By this time tomorrow, I want to see my wife in my house, hale and hearty.

Lord Frederick smiled a little then gradually the smile spread all over his face and turned into a scornful laugh, Pedro just looked at him as he laughed uncontrollably and walked away from his presence.

“Pedro,” He screamed and the whole workers and their guards were startled. “I am giving you the same 24 hours that you gave me, if by this time tomorrow I don’t see Laura in my house, I will send your wife to you in a body bag” He said with his horse voice reassuringly.


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