The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 2

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“Daddy!” The little girl ran into her arms as she entered into the administrator’s office.

“My dear, how are you?” Lucas replied and got up hurriedly. Turning to the administrator he said, “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome Mr Lucas, I wish you safety.” The administrator bid them farewell.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” The young girl asked as her father carried her outside the school gate in his arms.

“Nothing dear, it’s just that we have to leave here now.” He replied her as he slipped into the backseat of the taxi. “Please drive faster,” he said as the taxi driver drove off.

“Hello, are you done packing up?” Lucas asked Laura via phone call. He paused for three seconds to get the reply. “Okay, leave the hotel now. Stay at the…” Lucas couldn’t complete his statement as his eyes met with some cars approaching, he recognized the driver of the first car as one of the thugs who pursued them the day before, he knew they were driving to the school. He quickly bent down, hiding his daughter’s head under his arm.

“We’re away from them now,” the taxi driver announced two minutes later. Lucas’ phone was already ringing again. Lucas peeped to verify, he raised up his head when he saw that they had truly drove past the thugs.

“Hello Laura, where are you now?” Lucas asked as he answered the call.

“I’m already out of the hotel, I’m now at 5/6 junction disguised in men’s clothing, I can spot some of the thugs already driving into the hotel, please hurry up.” Laura replied in an urgent tone.

“Drive faster sire!” Lucas said to the driver after hanging up, clutching his girl who was looking terrified in his arms.

“We could cause an accident if I drive faster than this,” the driver replied to Lucas. Lucas had no option than to be patient, hoping that they’ll be able to pick Laura safely.

Fifteen minutes later, they were on the hotel road. Lucas asked the driver to reduce his pace so as not to arouse suspicion while he bent down to hide his face and his daughter’s.

“Laura, we’re on the hotel road now. Just look out for the taxi with the headlights on,” he spoke into the phone. “Please sire, put on the headlights. ” he requested the driver.

“I’ve done that immediately I heard you.” The driver answered, staring a Lucas through the rearview mirror.

They drove past the hotel and slowly approached a roundabout. The driver saw a lady in an oversized men’s shirt waving them. She was holding something that took the shape of a baby in her arms.

“I think we’ve found your woman,” the driver said. Lucas looked up briefly to the direction he saw the driver staring at.

“Yes, that’s her.” He said with a sigh.


“Sir, they couldn’t find his daughter, the school claimed that he had come to pick her minutes before we got there.” Eric said into the phone.

“Damn it Eric! What about the van?”

“We’ve found the hotel the users of the van were said to have lodged but after checking the room and even ransacking the whole hotel, we couldn’t find them.”

“How come you couldn’t find Laura? Is she that tough to get away from you?”

“No sir, but I think someone in the hospital must have warned doctor Poker about us.”

“Those guys at the hospital would be in serious trouble.” Don Pedro threatened.


“Pedro won’t like what I’ll do to him,” Lord Frederick kept muttering under his voice as he paced his room  disturbed.

Silvia just stared at him in silence, wondering what was happening. She had listened to the news and heard it being reported how Laura had kidnapped Don Pedro’s little baby and escaped with the help of a doctor. She wondered why Laura would do such a thing and what she had to gain in it, she knew her husband was hiding something from her, she couldn’t ask for fear of him shouting at her again.

Don Pedro walked to the drawer and picked up his phone, he dialed a number and placed it on his ear as he walked out.

“Are you still monitoring closely?” He asked as his call was answered, walking towards the main living room.

“Yes, we are sir,” General’s voice sounded back. “We can carry out the plan once we get the slightest chance, we are still waiting for your orders.”

“Keep tabs on her and you can carry out the plan as soon as you get the chance.”

“Okay sir, we’ll give you a positive report.” General replied.

“You don’t have a choice,” Lord Frederick snarled and hung up.

“Honey, can you at least please tell me what is happening now?” Silvia said in a pleading tone, joining him in the living room.

“You’ll get to know when it’s time,” Lord Frederick replied without looking at her, thereafter he walked out of the house.


Mabel wasn’t comfortable at home anymore, her little baby had been away overnight, with Laura somewhere she didn’t know and for a reason she couldn’t tell. Don Pedro was also making matters worst by not explaining the issue to her, he seemed to understand it better. She paced round the guest room solemnly, that was where she had slept overnight. Sleep? No, she could not sleep. She kept on having nightmares of how her baby was in deep trouble. Everytime she closed her eyes, it never lasted for up to thirty minutes.

Her eyes were heavy now but she still couldn’t rest, she couldn’t imagine what could be happening to her baby. Was it possible that Laura wanted to sell the baby for something evil? The worst kept coming to her mind.

She could not hold it any longer, she needed to know what was going on. She quickly picked up a scarf to cover her ruffled hair and proceeded out of the room, she went straight to the master bedroom to check for Don Pedro but he wasn’t there. She walked out and began to ask the maids and domestic staffs where he was. None of them were able to provide an answer except for a guard who said he saw Don Pedro leaving through the back gate. Mabel decided to probe him further.

“What else have been discovered about Laura’s location?” She asked.

“My lady, she was last seen in Enoil with the doctor but she escaped with the baby and doctor before the police and our men could get to them.”

“Oh no! This can’t be happening,” she exclaimed with tears dropping off her face as she turned back towards the room. “Angela!!!” She screamed on top of her voice.

“Yes master,” Angela came running to meet her, she knelt down briefly.

“Get me my car keys,” she shouted impatiently. Angela ran back while Mabel turned back to the living room.

Mabel couldn’t leave it to Don Pedro anymore, she thought she needed to take charge. Don Pedro did not seem to her passionate enough about her baby’s return. Angela returned in less than a minute and handed the keys to Mabel. Mabel quickly stormed out of the house. In six minutes time, she drove out of the compound and headed for the police station. She needed to voice out her anger to them.

She drove roughly on the road and some other motorists hauled insults at her while others allowed when they saw she was a lady. The police office was thirty minutes drive and in just five minutes, she had infuriated several other drivers but she wasn’t concerned, they could go to hell if they wanted.

A black car whose occupants were men who all had dark eyeglasses on, tailed her closely, awaiting the right time to overtake her car and drag her out into theirs. 

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