The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 14

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“Boss, don’t you think we’re biting more than we can chew?” One of the boys at the backseat said to Eric who had his eyes fixed to the road and was hell bent on taking back home Laura and the baby. “We have gone past the boundaries of Bextord and we could get into trouble with the cops here if we’re caught racing like this, of which we’ll soon be.”

“We can’t be in trouble even if we’re caught, no authority that knows us as Don Pedro’s boys would want to challenge us.” another guy replied.

“But we don’t have a strong case here, we’re chasing a girl who came near our secret, don’t you think she’ll be pitied as a poor victim if she starts to say the things she saw?”

“But that would still not make the cops hold us down, it’ll only take Don Pedro a call.” The first guy argued.

“But do you think Don Pedro would like to make that call? He could get us out of trouble but what about the media, we could just cause a scandal if we go on this way. And you know the Press would certainly like to feast on a bad news about Don Pedro.”

“Hey, Shut up!” Eric slammed at the arguing duo in anger. He rubbed his face with his palm and squeezed his lips. “Take the next U-turn back to Bextord,” he said to the driver, taking out his phone to make a call.

“Huh?” The driver flashed a look at him in surprise.

“I said take the next U-turn back,” he repeated and placed the phone to his ear. “Sir, we’re out of Bextord and still chasing them, I’m afraid we could attract unnecessary attention if we continue.” He said into the phone and paused to listen.

“So what do you suggest?” Don Pedro asked from the other end.

“Ermm…” Eric tried to be very careful in answering, he always had to apply care whenever Don Pedro had asked for his opinion in a matter. “I don’t think it is advisable for us to continue anymore, so I suggest we should turn back to Bextord.”

Don Pedro’s deep intake of breath could be heard from Eric’s phone’s speakers, “Turn back,” Don Pedro finally said.


“Turn back?” Mabel sprang up to her feet at once and turned to stand in front of him. “What do you mean by turn back? I hope they are turning back with my baby.”

“Just calm down woman, let me think.”

“No, I won’t calm down. I can’t calm down when my baby is out there with a girl who God knows what you did to her for her to run away.” She barked accusingly.

Don Pedro flashed a furious gaze at her, he wasn’t sure of what the accusation was about. “Please woman, be careful.” He said and stormed out of the living room.

Mabel fell back into the sofa again and began to sob.


As he stepped out of the house into the garden, Don Pedro took out his phone and dialed Eric’s number again. “Eric, make a call to Vicker, he is already gathering information about the guy she escaped with.” He said and cut the call. The phone vibrated as he was about dipping it into his pocket. Lord Frederick was calling. Pedro answered and placed the phone on his ear without saying a word.

“Pedro,” Lord Frederick called in a baritone voice, his tone suggested threats underground. “I know you can hear me man, ” the voice continued when Don Pedro was not replying. “I give you two hours to produce my sister or you may not like what would follow.”

“Just shut up!” Pedro slammed. “Two hours for Laura to bring back my baby or I’ll skin her alive when I finally lay hands on her.”

“Pedro!” Lord Frederick called in a thick creeping tone, adding a devilish chuckle.

“Produce my baby Fred!” Pedro barked and ended the call. He continued his unhappy stroll around the garden.


**40 minutes later**

Vicker, a short thick man with a bald head proceeded into the hospital with Eric and two male Airegin cops.

“Good evening nurse,” Vicker greeted at the reception.

“Good evening sir, what may I do for you?” A nurse replied pleasantly, taking glances at Eric and the two men in uniform.

“We’re from the Bextord Security region ,” he answered, glancing back at the cops like they were his identity cards. “We’ve come here for one of your doctors, Dr Poker.”

“‘Ermm…” The nurse took a minute to check a file. “He’s not on duty now, he left before noon.”

“Yes, we know he’s not here.” Vicker said. “We want all information you can give us about him, he helped a kidnapper escape this evening.”

“Ermm, sir. I think I have to refer you to the appropriate section,” the nurse said, picking up the landline.

“Damn it!” Eric cursed, slamming his hand angrily on the reception, frightening the nurse so much that the phone fell off her hands. Other nurses behind were also frightened and the attention of patients, Doctors and bystanders at the reception was attracted. “We don’t have all that time now. He escaped with one of your hospital vehicles and we don’t want to conclude that your hospital has a hand in the kidnap.”

“Hello Gentlemen, I think we can resolve this without making any noise,” a senior doctor putting on thick lenses approached them.


Lucas had kept on driving at the same pace for over forty minutes, he couldn’t see any vehicle following them again but he didn’t want to conclude that they had turned back since he didn’t see them do that.

The cry of the baby continued to increase despite the fact that Laura tried her possible best to calm him. She knew what he needed was food but didn’t want to risk their lives by asking for Lucas to stop for them to get food for the baby. The imbalance of the vehicle movement had also added to the baby’s uneasiness and discomfort.

“Hey Laura! Don’t you think the baby is hungry?” Lucas said.

“Yes, he is hungry.” Laura who had been looking for the opportunity to complain about it quickly answered.

“I’ll stop somewhere for us to get him something,” he said.

“Are you sure we’re safe to stop now?”

“Yes, we’re in Enoil already and I think the thugs have backed out.” Lucas answered.

“Okay then, please  let’s stop anywhere you think is proper, the baby really needs food now.”

They drove for fourteen minutes more before the van came to a halt. Lucas came out and helped Laura out from behind. The day was getting dark already but the streets lights and bulbs from malls and stores of the city brightened up the night.

Enoil was another state in Airegin, very close to Bextord, the country’s capital. Lucas had worked for some years in Enoil before he was transferred to Bextord sometime after the death of his wife. His previous marriage had lasted for four years, producing a baby girl for the couple  Those four years had been the most glorious years of his life but it came to an abrupt end when his wife died. Before he left Enoil for Bextord, he had put his daughter in care of his grandmother and goes at least thrice in a year to check on them.

The van was parked at the front of a very big and busy supermarket.

“Here,” Lucas counted some tenars notes and handed it to Laura. “I’ll wait here while you go in,” he said, trying to remain cautious.

“No, don’t bother. I have some money with me,” Laura politely rejected the money and began to search around her body for her purse. The baby was carried with one hand to her chest. She began to proceed back towards the van to search for her purse.

“You forgot your purse at the house,” Lucas said to her, still stretching the money towards her.

Laura sighed and took the money, “Thank you,” she said and began walking towards the supermarket.

Lucas watched her as she left, he rested his back against the van and took out his phone.

“I’m in Enoil,” he said into the phone and paused to listen. “I’ll explain later, it was an emergency.” He added quickly.

TenarsAiregin Official currency.

End of Chapter 3

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