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More Shots Fired (10) – Finale

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Eddy returned in anger. His voice thundered in frustration at the many changes to a house he had only left for forty minutes.

“I won’t ask again… What did you do to my brother?” His eyes bore the reflection of a truth he considered could be true.

Ife snapped. “I killed him.” She said. Rejoicing in the event of her recent bloodbath.

Eddy couldn’t believe his ears. He scattered the table by his side, ripping most of its contents apart trying to ease his frustration. “I’ll kill you.”

“I don’t care!” Ife shouted. “He killed my best friend… took my virginity… How could he think I’ll ever love him?”

Eddy pulled himself by the hair, violently, and in all directions. Soon, he crashed to the floor.

“He was a bad man, but he was my brother,” his voice had become weaker now, yet he continued. “He was my blood. And you killed him… you killed him, b****!” He rushed towards her.

Ife flashed the kitchen-knife she had hidden behind her naked body. Eddy took the moment to pause on his steps.

“You think that’ll stop me from killing you?”

“No… but your love for me should… We could be together now without any hindrance.” Her voice held a taste of fear for her life.

Eddy couldn’t believe how naive Ife was at the moment. “I always thought you were the smartest of all of us.” He shook his head. Wiped the tears off her eye corners, and looked up with a straight face. “I will kill you, Ife, and make love to your corpse.”

He pulled a gun on her – his much priced, never used before (70% silver antique revolver handgun) – It was supposed to be a reminder of the life he never wanted and finally got out off, but the universe kept finding news ways to drag him back in.

A unique form of clarity came over Ife now. She knew where she’d found herself. She wanted adventure, and the past weeks had given her more than she could ever imagine. But now, this was the end of the road for her. Her mind inadvertently flooded through memories, and faces – particularly her mom’s, who she hadn’t forgiven for unceremoniously leaving her all these years. She knew she was going to die now; though not wanted, she welcomed it. She had avenged her dignity, and was going to die fulfilled.

‘I welcome you,’ she whispered to herself.



There possibly couldn’t be a sadder man than Barr. Mathews Daniels at the moment. The elder law-man who has invested the greater part of his being alive to the spreading of the law-gospel was on the brink of being tossed away like one who didn’t matter; all thanks to messing up with the wrong set of powerful and influential persons.

He held a letter in his hands, as just received from The Ethereal Foundation. The letter served as a reminder that the Foundation owned a large portion of his Firm’s shares, hence their ability to merged it with another of the small firms they controlled – Tiffany-Jane’s Chamber. Worst part was that he was no longer CEO, in the person of Mr. Patrick (the newly recruited Financial-Lawyer from Lewis Chambers.) Could life be any much unfair to him: losing his family and job at the same time.

He unlocked the safe in his room, and brought out his gun. It had gathered the dusts of yester-years, with no reason to be used in a very long time. He pointed it with shaky hands to the side of head. He closed the safe’s frame-cover to look himself in the shiny surface that double served as a mirror. He saw someone behind him and quickly turned.

“Tiwa!” He shouted.

He dropped the gun in his hand, and ran to hug the love of his life ignoring that he hadn’t seen her in over three years.

“Hello Matty!… It’s so good to see you again.” Tiwa greeted with large smiles.

“I can’t believe it’s you,” Barr. Daniels was overwhelmed with emotions; he seemed disoriented, and couldn’t tell what he was actually doing again. He put down the gun, and continued panting round the room.

“Ife needs to see you… no… Ife, wants to see you.”

Tiwa wiped the tear trying to escape. “I know.” She cleared her throat. “And I know where she is.”

They heard the gunshot from Enoch’s apartment, where Ife was.

Barr. Daniels countenance changed.

“I’m sorry for this, Matty, but they’re making me do this.”

Barr. Daniels looked stunned. He tried to move, but she pulled a gun at him, and fired before he could reach for his.


Ife opened her eyes to see Eddy fall before her. She couldn’t see the person who fired the shot; she couldn’t see anything because the apartment’s light went off.

“Thank you,” she said. She used coy to cover her lady-parts.

“Don’t thank me, thank God.” A voice said from the shadows.

Another GUNSHOT was fired. Ife fell.


Thank you for following the story. Watch out for the next installment in the near future. Tell me what you think about the plot, and speculations for future story-lines in the comment box below.
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