More Shots Fired

More Shots Fired (07)

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The room was calm – silence alone spoke. The atmosphere held the tension of the mood before a tsunami exploit. Ife was trying hard to prove her worth, lest she be sent the same place Naomi now permanently resides.

“He’s also tall.”

The Enoch twins looked at Ife again, this time with much amazement. Chris in particular marveled at how useless and helpless her information was. “You can’t even describe Six-Six. How then do you help us kill him.” He said with clear annoyance.

“He always wears a mask… A black one with an orange spot below the left eye.”

This piece of information caught them perfectly. Anyone who’s ever had an encounter with Six-Six knew he always wore his signature mask at all times, hence his dastard reputation. The only thing any living soul can attest to his facial characteristic are the stern looks both his eyes bore through the mask – whoever was unlucky to see his real face was certainly dead now. Chris remembered that one time a new recruit barged into Six’s restroom without invitation, and paid the price for his unwarranted discovery with his life.

“Go on!” Eddy beckoned her. He wanted to hear all she had to say.

“I have a phone to reach him.”

“Give it to us.” Chris commanded. He was about to go over her position and ransack her if need be, but was stopped by his twin brother. “Let her be,” Eddy appealed. Chris would have none of it , even as he shrugged his brother off.

Eddy tried to calm him enough to see reason. “Without Six-Six our lives become better.”He said.

“I want him dead,” Ife interrupted them. “He killed my biological father… and put my adopted father in the hospital now.”

Chris wondered out loud how she knew all these. “Without facts to back up, all her words were mere speculations.”

But Ife was already certain about his involvement in her biological father’s fate; she knew this through the file she stole from her adopted father’s room days ago; all she needed was to confirm his involvement in the house-shooting she and her adopted father had to endure. “This I would know when we capture him,” she said.

“What are you waiting for?… make the call,” Chris said with a smirk.


At the end of the call, the trio were armed with the information of Six-Six’s intended where-about by 8:00 p.m. tonight. He was expecting Ife as an emissary of The Ethereal Foundation as she claimed to be having passed some minor code-tests.

The mobile phone had a secure line which was totally untraceable. She found the entire package in the cabinet where she stole the file from her father’s room, this armed her with enough info the act as though she was with The foundation.


8:10 p.m.

Six-Six surfaced from the shadows. He crept towards the side of the walk-way that bordered and demarcated the sewer. Ife was momentarily startled. He’d been observing from the shadows to better read the seemingly harmless girl, The Foundation had sent to talk with him on their behalf. Because he came alone, he wanted to be sure she did also.  His deduction was an obvious error he discovered almost immediately: The Enoch twins appeared from the same corner he’d been hiding. Apparently, they came earlier than him, and had spent the greater time gathering surveillance.

“I should have known,” Six-Six said the moment he saw the twins faces. “It was the both of you behind the call.”

They separated, Chris came from his left side and Eddy from the right. “Yes we are,” they both chorused. “And you’re not leaving here alive today,” Eddy quickly added, touching his gunshot injury as a reminder to Six-Six why they were doing this.

Six-Six laughed.

Chris rushed at him first. He threw the first punch, but it did little to slow down the growling monster that was Six-Six. He soon had Chris’ neck by his right-hand, and sent him flying feet backward.

Eddy was next – head first he flew. He got the jam he hoped for, but at the prize of his back which was almost broken save for Ife’s intervention. She fired at Six-Six. The bullet pierced his left hand. It still did little to stop him – he was very angry now.

He used the same left-hand to pin Eddy to the wall.

Chris quickly rushed back and slammed a baseball bat he brought with him at the back of Six-Six’s head.

That was it.

It took roughly ten minutes and a lot of water to wake him up. He was tied really good; bound hands and feet like an animal about to be offered as a burnt offering.

“Tell me what you did to my father?”

Six-Six smirked; he refused to say anything damning, but sort to get into her head and play with her thoughts.

Ife slapped him. She threw the punch, but she felt the pain: that was how ripped Six-Six was.

“You killed him… Say it!”

Six-Six laughed loud again. “Maybe I killed him, maybe I didn’t. I really can’t tell,” he said with his very deep-voice.

Ife was broken emotionally. She turned to the first twin her eyes rested on – Eddy. “Do something. Please!” Her eyes pleaded more than her voice ever could at this moment.

“That’s enough.” Eddy commanded Six-Six, his laughter was getting louder and crouching on all their nerves.

Six-Six continued laughing.

Eddy got angrier and fired at him.

“No!” Ife turned and screamed. She rushed to Six-Six’s body. “Talk to me… who shot at him?… Who called the shot on my father?”

He was already motionless.

She ran towards Eddy, and gifted him a resounding slap. “You killed him!… you were supposed to get him to talk, not kill him.” Her tears were overflowing. “He was my only link to answers.”

Chris, stood away laughing: simply because Eddy, the good one, had finally done something wrong.

Ife’s attention was turned to Six-Six’s body; it just fell into the sewer.


The walls of the hospital room had an aura, one Ife was familiar with from her home. She knew it was because of the lilies. Barr. Mathews-Daniels loved the scent of lilies a lot. The lilies might be much at the garden at their home, but the place missed one ingredient that made it perfect – it missed her Dad. Still in a coma, he looked helpless, and under intensive care before her eyes. Ife wished so much to tell him how much she loved him. The many arguments that plagued them recently made her sad now; she wished they could unsay a lot of the things said, but that could only happen with a miracle, and she prayed desperately for one.

A nurse entered the room, to summon her. She saw two perfectly dressed men waiting for her outside.

“Good day Ms. Ife-Mathews Daniel.” One greeted. He was light skinned, slightly taller than the other.

“Good day.”

“Not to be alarmed, but we’re here just to discuss your friend’s whereabouts … Naomi.”

The mention of Naomi’s name caused Ife’s eyes to pop. “She’s missing, and we want to know everything that happened the last time you saw her.”

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