I Fell In Love – Part 4

By Toyin Taiwo

Thessy was relaxing in her father’s compound, chatting with one of her siblings. Her phone rang, she checked the caller’s ID, it was her boyfriend Tony.

“ Hi sweetheart” she said smiling

“Hi, how’s your day going?”

“Fine, I’m just here enjoying my free time”

“How’s work?”

“Work is fine?”

“How’s Port Harcourt?”

“Thessy please I want you to come to Lagos, I kind of need you here”

“Tony what exactly do you need me for, I was in Lagos last month nau, do you miss me that much?”


“Ok I will come, but I can’t come this week, I just left Ibadan last week, so you can’t expect me to embark on this impromtu journey”

“Ok, let’s make it next week then”

“That’s better”

“Thanks, I’ll talk to you later in the day. I love you”
“Love you too, bye”

Relationship can be stressful sometimes, what’s the meaning of this now, it’s not in my plan to embark on any long journey for now, but do I have a choice. It would have been much easier if I was still in school.

Some days later, I started feeling somehow about my trip to Lagos, I don’t feel like going any longer, but I already promise him. Reluctantly, I traveled down to Lagos.

I noticed he didn’t call me all through the journey, the last time we talked was when my bus took off. I tried calling but his line was switched off.

Wemmy called, I told her I’m still on my way. I got to Lagos around 8.00pm.

On a good day he use to come to the park to pick me up, but since I couldn’t reach him, I took a cab to his house, I got there some minutes to 9.00pm.
I was about to knock at the door, then I heard sounds, someone is inside his apartment. I knocked and he opened up.


“Don’t baby me, you knew I was coming and you did not bother calling me, you were to pick me up, why did you treat me like an unwanted guest, you begged me to come remember?”

“I’m sorry, my phone……

“……Is right here with me, I seized it” she said opening the door wider.

“Tony what’s going on here?”

“Please come in first, then I’ll explain everything”

“And where do you think you are going” she said obstructing me.

“Anita will you please quit this drama, I told you already that I’m expecting my girlfriend. She came from a very far distance so please move before I move you”

“I give her just 30minutes” She hissed and went back into the sitting room.

“You are sick in the head, did you just gave my girlfriend order in my house?”

“If you think she will sleep here, then both of you are joking, because both of us can’t stay under the same, is better she goes back to where she’s coming from”she said shouting.

“Anita get your things and leave my house and my life, I told you I’m not interested in you, I have my own get friend whom I love, so please leave now”

“When you are sleeping with me, you don’t know you have a girlfriend abi, I’m going no where, I’m your girlfriend and she has to leave”

She faced me raining abusive words on me, she threatened to ki*ll me, if I did not leave her man. Before I knew what what’s happening, she pounced on me and tore my clothes, pushed me out of the house, she even pushed Tony who was trying to stop her away, she pushed him so hard that he hit his head against the wall.

Tony’s neighbor Mr Martins and his wife showed up when they heard noise coming from his apartment, the wife hurriedly pull off her scarf to cover me.

They are nice couples, they really liked me, because I do visit them when I’m around especially when Tony is at work, I stay in their flat to keep the woman’s company. We are all outside except the crazy girl who locked us all out.

Tony’s head was already bleeding. So the couples suggest we go their flats, so I can change, Tony’s also needed a first aid, so we followed them to their flat.

I was quiet although, even while all the drama was unfolding, I did not alter a word, its like I went dumb all of a sudden.

The woman gave me one of her top to wear, Tony wound too has been dressed by her husband.

“Tony what exactly is going on, who is that girl in your apartment? Thessy is the only girlfriend I know of” Mr Martins asked

“I met her in the club and we became friends, little did I know that she wanted more. Fine, we had sex once, she tried to lure me into sleeping with her again but I told her I can’t do it, that I’m in a committed relationship, but she refuse to leave”

“Liar ! I finally found my voice.

“Thessy that’s the truth”

“Please sir, there is just one question I need you to help me ask him. He asked me to come, I was here last month, so I did not even plan to come to Lagos, but he pleaded with me saying he needs me here. So why am I here?”

“So you ask her to come when a crazy girl is living with you? Mrs Martins added.

“The reason why I asked her to come was that I want Anita to see her and knows that I’m serious with what I said about been in a committed relationship. I thought she will leave once she sees Thessy”

“No wonder my spirit held me back from coming, but i ignored the signs. So you brought me here to help you chase your crazy girlfriend away right. I’m sorry your plans did not work out. Tony! Officially, it is over between us”

“Baby please don’t do this, you know I love you, you know have never cheated on you before now, please forgive me this time, it won’t happen again, I promise…..

“Keep those promises to yourself, you will need it in your next relationship. I never knew you are such a reprobate, sleeping with a random girl, someone you met in a club?”

“Thessy! I’ll do everything to make things right, please forgive me”

“Oh! so that I can die abi, I’m sorry I love my life, didn’t you hear her, she promise to ki*ll me if I don’t leave her man or you think it’s just an empty threat? I doubt that and I’m not ready to die for a man, I’m Thessy and not Jesus”

“Thessy, you travelled a long journey, I think you should shower, eat and sleep, we will sought things out tomorrow” said Mrs Martins

“Thank you very much ma, but I’m leaving, I can’t stay here, I have a friend here in Lagos, I’ll pass the night at her place”

“You are going no where Thessy, its late and risky its 10:30pm”said Mrs Martins

“She’s right, you can sleep here, you can sleep here too Tony, I don’t trust that crazy girl ” Mr Martins added.

“Then I’ll leave sir, we can’t sleep under the same roof, let him go and sleep with his lunatic girlfriend” I said

Tony thanked the couple for their hospitality.

“Thessy I’m sorry for putting you through all this” he said and left for his apartment.

Mrs Martins prepared the guest room, she serve me dinner, but I can’t eat, I already lost my appetite.

I called Wemmy and told her everything that happened, she promise to come and pick me the next day. I cried uncontrollably, I’ve never been humiliated in my whole life, Mrs Martins heard my cry, she came in and comforted me. I slept in a stranger’s house while my boyfriend was with his crazy girlfriend. I’ll live to tell the story.

Wemmy left home as early as 7am to block Feranmi who has promised to drive her to Festac to pick up Thessy. She had called him last night and explained everything that happened to Thessy. They drove to Festac in his father’s car.

We got to Tony’s house and parked outside, we entered the compound and saw two police men who came to arrest a lady, you need to see the way she was shouting and cursing while the police draged her out of the compound, threatening to come back for Tony.

Tony stood in front of his apartment quietly, watching as the police led the girl out of the compound.

“Feranmi, I guess that’s the girl in question” I said

“They should have involved the police before now”

“That’s true, at least She’ll be given a restraining order. That’s Tony over there” she said pointing at him.

Tony saw Wemmy and walked up to her.

“Good morning”

“Good morning” Feranmi replied with a hand shake.

“Wemmy won’t you answer him, he just greeted you”

“Oh! you thought I came all the way here to greet him. Please Tony just bring out my friend, I’m here to get her.

“Wemmy! Feranmi called out

“Good morning”

“I know you hate me right now because of what I did to your friend, you don’t know how sorry I am” Tony lamented.

“Tony my friend slept in your neighbor’s apartment, your girl tore are clothes, she did not even ate dinner last night after a long journey and I’m very sure she did not sleep at night. So do you think Thessy deserve all this?”

“Wemmy I’m…..

“Just take me to her ”

He took us to the Martins’s apartment, we met the couples and thanked them.

Thessy came out to join us in the living room, she looked worn out, I saw my friend and bursted into tears.

“Thessy!” I stood up and hugged her, her eyes were swollen, hair roughed, it’s has if she lost weight overnight.

“Wemmy, I wished I followed my heart, I would have save myself from all this mess”

“It’s OK, everything is going to be all right”

“Feranmi, thank you very much for coming” she said weakly.

“You are welcome dear”

We thanked the couples again for their hospitality before we left the place.

We got to my house, Thessy showered and I forced her to take cereals for breakfast. She complained of headache, I gave her painkiller for the headache, luckily she slept off afterwards.

Feranmi stayed for a while before leaving, he promised to check on her the day next.

She woke up in the afternoon, I prepared lunch and we ate together.

“Thessy, Tony has been calling since, I told him you are sleeping”

“Why is he calling, I told him its over between us”

“ So you want to end your relationship because of that silly girl, I know you are angry but please don’t leave your man”

“I’m sorry, but that’s my decision”

“You know your guy doesn’t play around, just forgive him this time”

“Yes our Mr perfect has finally cheated but I’m out, sorry to disappoint you”

“ I really love the two of you together, I wish you can work things out”

“ Let me run for my life o, that girl threatened to ki*ll me if I don’t leave him, you know me I don’t want any problem for my life”

“I’m speehless, I don’t even know what to say, why would Tony stoop so low”

“Men, most of them are born polygamist, I don’t know why they can’t stick to just one woman, imagine I was here last month o”

“Even if you give them sex, it doesn’t stop them from cheating” I said

“They claim they love you but still they can’t do without flings.

“The lady was arrested this morning” I informed her.

“Wemmy that’s Tony’s problem not mine”

Days later, Feranmi took us out on a picnic, thankfully Thessy is now herself, she now bonds well with Feranmi as well. She left for Port Harcourt a week later.

Things went on smoothly between Feranmi and Wemmy, they hang out a lot and this really helped them to know each other more, they know more about their families. Wemmy also discovered Feranmi graduated with a first class, she got to know this and many more about him.

… To be continued


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