Dashed Hopes

By Kingsley Godstime

From the sunrise to sunset
Wherein I have always done my best
I am in search of a sky
That will make me soar high
But no one sees my tears in the rain
And I can no more bear this great pain
No one hears my silence at night
In spite the fact I weep with might
No one gives me the chance to leap
Cause they know I cannot be pipped
If I had the chance
I would make the vultures dance
And merry round their head
I will make the market a cinema
And even a perfect plaza
As they trend the square naked
And the rants of people fills their head
If I had the power
I will make their generation wither
Into the earth that has no hope
no not even from the Pope
They will cry and sail in their tears to death
And if course I’ll wish them
A smooth and safe journey to hell

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