When You See My Mother


Tell her she is the moon-
She does not belong to the kitchen
and other rooms like our first lady
Her eyes is the satellite of the earth.
Tell her she is the sun-
That corruption can’t cover at noon
Her dimples creates love channels
Where poetry salutes many lips.
Tell her  she is a  dancer-
Her legs tells thousand stories
Of African tradition and culture
Not of hatred and abuse of mankind.
Tell her she is a singer-
With a tonic voice of nightingale
Not like a venom of an envy snake
Her tongue is the sea of hope.
Tell her that her love made me
Wiggle like a drunk prostitute
It made me lost in God’s eyes
My dance awaits her breastful days.
Tell her I won’t make her eyes wet
She belongs to the throne not kitchen
She shall build another wall of China
Not in her season shall women rejected.
Tell her she a mother not a whore!
Our lives began from her womb like
Nature began from God’s poetry lips
Tell her that I am coming home soon.
A drummer she is among the drummers
Many voices echoe from her hands
She is not an inexperienced kite that
Made fun of the itself by carrying the duck.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
       Voice Of Vincent 2016


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