Tension – Chapter 9

It’s been three weeks after the red ray episode, the shield and the sword eventually formed across four hundred and fifteen countries on the 10th day. After two hours they cleaned up on their own leaving no trace in the sky that something like that ever occurred. I was getting more familiar with my guardian angel, she made sure I had no doubt about anything and I could say she had gained my trust completely. We had less than a week before everything starts and I was in the last days of my class. 
I sat on the king sized bed waiting for her, in two weeks I had learnt to be waking on my own without her saying anything to me. At exactly 2am she came in, in her long flawless gown with her hair packed at the side.
“How are you doing today my dear.” She asked smiling at me 
“Not bad at all. What do you have for me today?”
“I’m not teaching today Mabreta.”
I raised my brow. “Mabreta? Is that my name now?”
“No, I am the only one calling you that. Nobody else knows that you bear that name. whenever you hear that know that I am around. I am not coming to help you though, none of us are going to be around except………..” she stopped.
“Except what?”
“You will know when the times comes. Here is what the bible says in Isaiah 40 verse 29, it said the Lord gives strength to those who are weary and in Isaiah 41 verse 10 it said don’t be afraid, I am with you,I am your god, I will make you strong as I will protect you with my arm and give you victories. I have a little present for you.” She said and brought out a shiny pocket knife from her flowing gown.
“Take it.” She stretched it to me.
“What am going to be using that for? You didn’t teach me how to War so I don’t think it will be functional. I don’t even know how to stab. I do not ki*ll.” I drawled.
She smiled.
“Just keep it with you all the time, you might have to use it anytime not necessarily killing.”
“Is this my last class?” I asked 
“I’m afraid so Mabreta. I have to leave at this time.”
“Please you cant leave now. I still need you around to build my confidence.” I was close to tears. “stay with me at least for the next 3 days before the fall.”
“No. You have to build your confidence before that day without me. Your father will give you all the help he is enabled to give. What you have learnt is enough to keep you on the road until the journey will end. Remember keep all erotic pleasures out of your mind and do not trust anyone apart from your father.”
    We locked in an embrace. “Thank you.” She disappeared. I clutched down to the floor sobbing. I was weak and afraid of what I, we were about to face. And now when I needed her the most she thought it was best to leave me. I let the tears fall down freely not attempting to stop them until slept crept in and I slept deeply like a drunk snoring loudly until Devotion.
Morning Devotion was quickly conducted by my elder brother, I left for school with mom which means I went late. I ran into the school since parents were to stop there only for me to see that the assembly was over. I stood under the mango tree with other students awaiting punishment.
“Tekome, Tekome.” I heard someone whisper. I turned to see Ola hiding close to a class.
“why did you come late?” I read her lips. “Wait there, I’m coming.’ She said and ran off.
I knew she was upto some mischief I was sure. Fatima,Alero,Amina appeared behind her. Alero walked up gallantly to Mr Gabadi the labor master and cleared her throat. 
“Good morning sir. They said you should check behind the cateen if it is bushy enough to clear so that you could give it to the senior students to clear.” She said very boldly. He looked at her very well to see if he could trace any lies. 
“A senior staff sir, I don’t know his name.” her face looked so innocent.
As soon as he was out of sight, Fatima walked from the direction he came from and told me he wanted to see me loud enough for everyone to hear. I followed her to the front until we got to a very sharp edge where we turned to our class before we could get caught.
“Thanks for saving me. I would have just fainted on the field.”
“Why did you come late, that’s very unlike you.” Alero asked me
My friends just saved me and I couldn’t even trust them enough to tell them what I had been up to, nor could I even tell them of the impending danger before others will know. What if they saw me in a mood of rescue, how will they feel I knew about this but didn’t say it to them. I thought to myself.
Ola banged on the table. “holy goodness, where is your mind? What is going on? Say something before you go gaga or are you falling in  love with someone already?” The girls screamed.
‘Come on this is morning, you don’t want to treat me this way. Thank God the first teacher is already coming.” I smiled. They would not remember asking me later and that was one thing I was sure of. 
“Good morning sir.” I greeted the fine Gentle manager. 
‘’Morning Mr Christian , please have a seat.” He showed me in. “Let me go straight to the point. I have gone through the record of the supervisors you are working under and I understand from the records that you are the best in the autochem and we decided to put you somewhere else that requires a brain like yours.”
“But sir we don’t have enough hands at the autochem or didn’t your supervisors tell you that too?” I asked.
“Well, I was told but your assignment will last for just some few days and we do not have more capable person for that job. That means you will be having less hours for yourself but not to worry your pay will be increased. What do you say?” He asked with his gaze fixed on me.
The offer was good but what about my time for studying? I still had a few things left to settle on and time was not on my side either. 
“I’m sorry sir I can’t take it.”
“I can’t put in more than 2 hours extra for work sir no matter how huge the pay is .”
“Two hours. Okay,since that has been settled I will let the operational manager inthat section get your things ready. You will move immediately he calls you.” He said and pressed a button on the table. An aluminum sprewed from the ground dividing the table forming a wall between us. 
I sat there alone waiting for the operational head to call my cell phone. I scrutinized the room to check for any nice technologies or if there were more buttons around. The room seemed very normal to my eyes,it contained a cupboard, a half table, two chairs and the half table remaining. The floor was giving a kind of glow that could lit up a heavy heart, I was happy inside I could get into that kind of place. I had always admired the American movies I ve watched but I never knew beautiful things as such could be in nigeria. 
1 hour later       
I was walked by my operational head, mr Thompson into my new lab. The place was bigger than where I was and it contained much more persons than the rest of the units I had worked in.
“Attention everyone.” He called. “This is Mr christain and he is going to be in charge of the final stage of our mega production. He needs your total support. He is your leader and you must all obey whatever instruction he passes to you.” He said
A few steps ahead of me was the most beautiful technology I had ever seen, the shape was akward, it was all covered with something like glass but I knew it wasn’t since no part of the company I know dealt with glass, they were so many gadgets inside but they were all looking white with a few spots of gold. I felt someone smear near me so I turned.
“You again!” I frowned. It was Wesley smiling broadly beside me.
“yes, You happened to be stuck in the same place with me and most importantly, I am reporting directly to you.”
“when were you moved here?” I asked
“ I had been here. I only went there to collect materials but I couldn’t help but do a little extra chit chat. Come on, we have enough of things to work on with limited time.”
We walked close to get a better view. “this looks completed, what is left for me to do on it?” I asked.
“The last chemical I was told you combined is needed to be inside for some effectiveness.”
“That was a mega destruction tool, if it gets into this machine we are doomed. Do you know why they need this?” I asked.
“I heard someone say they have their orders from the united states and Russia but as for their function, I have no idea. Common let’s start, you are to put that into 180,000 machines.” He said and led me to the first one while my mind wandered far into the unknown.


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