Perception – Episode 5

By Dr Ogonna Okeke

hope that guy that kissed you is on the same flight with you” , the text read . Amoge was speechless, she wished that she could get off the plane and clear the misunderstanding but the plane started taxing on the run way in preparation for take off.She quickly replied “you got it all wrong babe , it’s not what you think “. Amoge switched off her phone to comply with airline regulations.

It seemed like the longest flight ever.What am I going to do? she said to herself . Her palms became sweaty and her heart rate increased. Amoge murmured to herself” I am finished! ,he is going to cancel the wedding . What am I going to tell my parents?” .

Immediately the plane landed , she tried Arinze’s number but he didn’t pick .She claimed her luggage and took a cab to her village.

She was so happy to see her parents and siblings. She didn’t want to spoil the joy and excitement in the air so she kept the situation between her and Arinze to herself.

It was Friday morning, a day before the traditional wedding ceremony. There was still no word from him. At this point, she knew that she had to do something.

She called Arinze’s younger brother; Jidenna.”Hi Jide”, she said. “Sis!” he replied. “How is Arinze doing? I haven’t been able to reach him on his cell phone. Did you all travel yesterday afternoon as planned?” .”Yeah we all did except for Arinze. He said he would come later, he still has some things to sort out “he replied . “Please tell him to call me when you hear from him, she said and ended the call .

It was 7pm, preparations for the ceremony were in full gear. Relatives trooped in to greet Amoge and her parents. Madame Grace and her daughters spoke with Amoge in turns.They were excited about the next day.Amoge was very worried because she still hadn’t heard from Arinze.

She called her elder sister; Chinenye who was already married with kids and took her into to the bathroom.”I have something to tell you sis!”.”What is so important that we have to discuss here , what’s going on? She said.

Amoge narrated the situation of things to her.”He isn’t picking my calls” she said with bitterness and burst into tears. Chinenye consoled her sister and promised to speak with Arinze .

“Look at the bright side Amoge , if he had cancelled the wedding, he wouldn’t have allowed his family to travel all the way to the village,she said . That’s true Amoge said and cleaned her eyes.”Why can’t he just give me the chance to explain myself?”, Amoge said.

What is wrong with me?Don’t I deserve to be happy? ,Amoge asked Chinenye?

“Don’t worry baby sis!You will get married tomorrow. Go and take a shower and sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day”,Amoge’s sister said to her.

Amoge woke up the following morning and prayed for the will of God to be done in her life.She was prepared for the worst case scenario. The aroma of the delicious local and intercontinental dishes being prepared for the ceremony aroused her appetite. She decided to have a proper meal since she had been unable to do so for two days.

Amoge sent Arinze a text message which read:”In life and death, you remain mine” and decided to get dressed for her wedding.


She finished making herself up .Her friends and family went to catch a glimpse of the bride to be with the intention of taking pictures. “You look so beautiful” they all said. Amoge wished those words were coming from Arinze.

Amoge looked at her watch with worry.She began to panick and started redialling Arinze’s line .Suddenly, her aunt came into her room to announce excitedly, the arrival of Amoge’s in laws to be . “Chinenye please go and confirm if Arinze came with them” , she whispered into her ears.

Chinenye returned to confirm that he indeed came with his family. Amoge was so excited. She did a final touch up of her make up and tied her traditional head tie to match her wrapper and blouse.

She went outside ,ushered by her close female friends and family members to greet her husband and in laws to be, as custom demanded.

Amoge danced to were Arinze was seated , his eyes met hers and he held the gaze . “That’s a good sign” Amoge said to herself and danced back into the house after greeting the guests.

She came out the second time .Her father blessed a cup of palm wine and gave it to her .Amoge took the cup, went to where Arinze was and knelt down before him .

She took a sip of the palm wine while looking into his eyes. She was looking into the eyes of the man she loved. A man who treated her like a queen. Not even William would tear them apart she thought to herself. She gazed into his handsome face and gave him the cup . Arinze took the cup from her, stroked her left cheek softly with his left palm and drank the wine while looking into her beautifully made up face.

He pulled her up to her feet and embraced her.”I am so sorry “

she whispered into his ears. “You look so gorgeous Amoge . Let’s not ruin our day , we shall dicuss later he whispered back into her ears”.

The wedding ceremony came to an end. Amoge went with her husband to his village see her new home. She had dinner with Arinze after she having a shower.

It was 9pm, Arinze said to Amoge “We need to talk! “.He took her into his room and locked the door.

“Who was that guy that kissed you ?” , he asked with bitterness and coldness in his eyes .” His name is William” she replied. “He is the same William I told you that I dated in the past “Amoge said to him.While she tried explaining what actually happened to Arinze in order to clear the air, her phone rang.Amoge looked at the screen to see who the caller was.” Why on earth is William calling me ?” She said to herself.

” Who is calling you “he asked? .”It is William “she replied reluctantly .”Answer him” Arinze said angrily .

“Hello William what’s wrong?” Amoge asked. ” Nothing is wrong. I didn’t want to bother you earlier because I knew that you would be busy. I just called to wish you a happy married life” William said. “You didn’t need to call to say that. Goodbye! “, Amoge said and ended the call furiously.

“Why did he call you? ” ,Arinze asked. “He just called to wish me a happy married life” ,she replied .” By what time ?Arinze angrily looked at his wrist watch to confirm the time. You guys must think I am stupid.You are still dating him behind my back Amoge! “, he yelled at her .

Amoge went down on her knees and held his trousers. “Babe , believe me!I was surprised to see him in Lagos. I was angry when he stole that kiss and I am even more vexed that he just called me.

I love you so much and I would never intentionally disrespect you” she said with tears running down her cheeks.

“Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if Jidenna escorted me to your house that morning. The only reason I continued with the wedding was because I hadn’t heard your defence story. Your sister called to explain to an extent what happened between you and that guy.When you sent me that text this morning, my heart melted only for you to break it again with this call .

He walked away from her and didn’t return to the room that night. Amoge cried herself to sleep.

She woke up the following day and assisted with house chores.She had to pretend that all was well . Arinze acted the role well.He sounded so sweet and affectionate in the presence of others but was cold to her when they were all alone.

They went back to Lagos a couple of days later.She went to her apartment while he went to his house.

They had barely 12 days left for the church wedding and they were supposed to travel to Italy a week to the wedding to put things in order before the their guests arrived.

Amoge was sad .She didn’t know how long she could cope with the emotional torture. He only called her when he had vital information to pass across to her. Arinze buried himself with work and made several excuses when she suggested a date.


It was the morning of their supposed  flight to Venice . Amoge had mixed feelings about the trip.This was not how her fantasy about the build up to big day played out in her dreams. She put her clothes , shoes and other personal items in a suitcase. She then went to her wardrobe to bring out her wedding dress.

She looked at her beautiful wedding dress .”What’s the point of buying this dress” she asked herself in anger .” It’s all my fault “she screamed and hurriedly placed the gown in a separate rectangular plastic box.

Amoge picked her phone up.She looked at her screen and saw the picture of her and Arinze taken a while back. “What happened to us? She asked herself. He doesn’t want me anymore! .How do I make it right between us? ” ,she asked herself with tears running down her cheeks. “Let me try his number one more time “she thought to herself.

As she tried calling his number, his call came in. “Hi , I hope you are okay? I won’t be able to travel tonight with you. I will be on the next flight. I have to seal a business deal that came up suddenly.

“Okay” Amoge said sadly. “I will transfer some money to your credit card so that you don’t get stranded in my absence, he said to her. “See you soon then” ,Amoge said.” I love you! , she said with a soft voice .Amoge didn’t get any response from him. She looked at her phone, only to discover that the call had already ended. “So much for trying one more time “she murmured.


It was a lonely flight to Italy but she was glad she arrived safely. Amoge took a boat shuttle from the airport to her hotel .She was so tired that she had a hot shower and slept off immediately she laid on the bed.

Amoge woke up at about 12 midnight and unpacked her things. She indulged in a light snack as she watched television .

“I am so bored”, she said to herself and walked towards the balcony of her hotel room. She noticed the full length windows which gave a great view of the lagoon.

Amoge got to the balcony .The view of the lagoon was even more breathtaking.Her thoughts went to Arinze. She wondered if he still loved her.She said to herself with teary eyes, “If I don’t see him here by tomorrow night, then it’s over between us.I can’t take this torture any longer “

…To be continued


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