Perception – Episode 3

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By Dr Ogonna Okeke

Amoge left angrily. She didn’t bother calling William to say that she was leaving. She got into her car and started crying. “What’s wrong with me? ” She yelled.” Why can’t a guy love me and settle down with me? “.She pulled down her car mirror and looked at herself. Tears came running down. She didn’t care that she was ruining her well made up face.

   “When am I going to spend time with him? She asked herself. He is going back to Portharcourt tomorrow afternoon. I don’t even know the direction this relationship is headed”.She had a million questions to ask herself.

       She slotted in one of her music discs to put her in a happier mood and drove off. She drove for some distance and got caught up in  traffic. The cars kept moving at a very slow pace . Suddenly, she heard a loud bang and her car shook . “Don’t tell me some one just hit my car .Could this day get any  worse than this?” ,she yelled.

     She got out of the car angrily not caring how she looked.” Why did you hit my car ? “she screamed. “Madam I should be asking you if you’re blind. Didn’t you see other cars moving?”. Amoge looked at her car and saw that the bumper of the car had a minor indentation. “Mr man “she said , “look at what you have done to my car “.Amoge poured out her suppressed anger on the man and drove off.

        Amoge got home and had a cold bath to calm herself down.She looked at her phone to see if William had called her and there was no missed call. She decided to go to bed.

       William called her the following morning asking her why she left early and she told him that she was tired.He told her that he was sorry that he had to travel that day because of work the following day and that he would definitely work on getting his leave soon so that they would spend more time together. She felt a little happy with what he said.

        It was  morning of the wedding annivesary party for the managing director of Marigold estates.

Amoge wore a beautiful fitted knee length dress and let her long hair down.Mr Banigo informed her that the photo shoot  for the family pictured would be in the morning and the party in the evening.
    She got to Mr Okafor’s (the MD ‘s) residence and drove in through the gate.Her jaw dropped as she drove in.The mansion looked magnificent. She was ushered into the house by the butler.

      Amoge was taken into one of the small parlours to make up Mrs Grace Okoli.She placed her work items on the table and asked for her client.

     The elegant Madame Grace walked into the room. She spoke with a soft voice .Amoge showed her a catalogue of her previous jobs and asked for the kind of look she wanted. “Just make me look beautiful,nothing flashy. I don’t think this is necessary but my son insists that it we look our best for the photo session”.

       Amoge had a great time while working on her client’s face.They had a nice conversation ,though she was elderly ,they seemed to have a connection and she was so easy to talk to despite her social status.

         Amoge had just finished with madame Grace’s face when she got the urge to use the toilet .She finished with the convenience room and while she was going back to the parlour where she left madame Grace ,Amoge  met a man coming from the opposite direction .


“Is this not the rude guy who hit my car the other day? ” she said to herself.The man looked at her with a frown on his face and said “young lady what are you looking for in my parent’s house?”.
        She ignored him and entered into the living room where madame Grace was waiting for her.The young man followed her into the room and just as he was about to ask her a question, madame Grace said; I see you have met my first son Arinze.
      “Ehmm yes ma! “she replied with a low voice .”Arinze meet the wonderful young lady who has transformed your mother into a “sweet 16 teenager,” madame Grace said.
      Amoge wished that the ground could open so that she could go right inside. She hated this guy from the first moment she met him.He could not even say sorry for hitting her car , she thought to herself. He excused himself and left the room to dress up.

    Amoge was told to stay around for the photo session .She was taken into another living room. It was so massive ,Amoge felt that she could get lost in it.She met the entire family .There were 2 boys and 2 girls. Mr Okafor gave out a pleasant  smile  when she greeted him.The photo session went well. They all looked so good.

      The 40th wedding anniversary party commenced at the beautifully decorated garden which had a fountain. Amoge found a seat by a corner and sat while she watched with admiration,  the various fashionable wears worn by the guests.
     She saw a missed call from William and decided to go out and  call him back.He told her that he called earlier to tell her that his leave was approved and he would be coming to Lagos in 3 weeks. She walked  excitedly back  to her seat but she realised that her seat had been taken.
Amoge decided it was a good time to leave since she had been at the Okafor’s residence since morning. She went to tell Madame Grace who was busy attending to guests goodbye .When she approached her, Arinze was giving her a bottle of champagne for a special guest.”My dear thank you! , please give Arinze your number ,I left my  phone  in the living room, I will call you later, madam Grace said. “Thank you ma “she replied. She gave Arinze her number and went home.

     Weeks went by and William came to spend his holiday in Lagos. He decided to stay in a hotel rather than with his parents.He visited Amoge as often as possible and vice versa.
      He had spent about a week of his holiday in Lagos when Amoge went to drop off  some specially prepared goat head delicacy he requested for earlier before going to work. She got to the hotel room and knocked but there was no reply so she walked in since the door was opened.

      She could not believe her eyes.”What are you doing here Lola? She asked. She sprang up from his laps .”it’s not what you think Amoge.I just came to discuss an important issue with William ” Lola said .”Are you not supposed to be in the UK?” Amoge asked. “What is going on William?” .

Lola interrupted William’s attempt to reply Amoge and said that he was the only guy she could confide in when she was emotionally down. When she discovered that her boyfriend got another girl pregnant, she took the next available flight back home to get over the trauma.Amoge yelled at her,”stop lying”,I know that you have always wanted him.I am sure that you purposely didn’t give me my letters many years ago.
    “Well yes!! ‘Lola screamed back. “I didn’t give you the letters,do you want to know why? ” At this time , she faced William and said ” I have loved you since I knew myself. We went to the same nursery ,primary, secondary  school and even university. You never noticed how much I love you. All you talk about is Amoge but because I know that you have not married her yet ,I believe that deep down inside that heart of yours, you have feelings for me. It has taken me many failed relationships but am willing to wait for you” .
    William was speechless. “Won’t you say anything? “Amoge asked William. “Wow! “Amoge said with tears of anger running down her cheeks and stormed out of the room.
    Amoge’s heart must have shattered into a thousand pieces .She cried like she had never cried before .She had already built her world around William. Amoge got home ,put her phone on silent mode and cried herself to sleep.

    She woke up to see several missed calls from William and an unknown number. She called the unknown number  because she felt that they were potential clients. “Hello I got a missed call from this number, may I know who is speaking? ” Amoge asked. “It’s me Arinze ,I called to invite you for Sunday lunch,mum wants to see you again. I can come and pick you up if you want”.”Never mind ,I will come by myself “.Amoge replied.


A couple of days went by and Amoge decided to return William’s calls. He tried apologising to her but she told him that she only called to let him know that he was free to go with the Lola of his dreams.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Amoge came back from church feeling rejuvenated.She had a light snack and took a cab to the Okafor’s residence. She was ushered into the living room where she met all the Okafor’s excluding Arinze. Madam Sandra was so happy to see her again. “Arinze is on his way here , he had to go and pick up some things from his house” she said.

Lunch was served on a beautiful antique dining table.A wide variety of meals were displayed on the table to choose from. As she was about to sit down , Arinze walked into the dining room .The sit opposite Amoge was empty so he sat down there.

She felt uncomfortable but decided to participate in the discussions at the table and enjoy the delicious meals.

Amoge could have sworn that she caught Arinze staring at her a couple of times. “Why is he looking at me ? ” she wondered in her heart.

Lunch was over . Amoge assisted in taking the dishes to the kitchen. She spent some time chatting with madam Grace and her daughters in the kitchen. They loved Amoge’s sense of humour. She told them that she had to go home and thanked them for a lovely lunch. “My daughter please feel free to visit us whenever you can .Arinze will drop you off at your house” ,she said.

The ride back home was a quiet one .When they got to her house, Arinze switched off the ignition of his car and said, “I know that you hate me and can’t wait to get out of this car but I just want you to know that I have not been able to get you out of my mind since the first night I met you”.

He told her that no lady had ever spoken to him with such confidence .Most of the ladies he met according to him never wanted to risk getting him angry .They had no will of their own.

     ”  I have heard all that you said and I will think about it “Amoge replied. “I am willing to wait for as long as it takes Amoge,I want you in my life” ,Arinze said.

Amoge said to herself” this guy must be joking if he thinks that I will have anything to do with a proud man that I barely know.She left his car and went into her house.

    It was a brand new week ,Amoge was excited to start her  part time masters degree in business administration at the Lagos Business School.

She employed a make up artist to take care of her clients whenever school work clashed with a new job.
       Her first lecture in Business English was over . Amoge hurriedly walked towards the door so that she could drive home.She saw someone that looked like Arinze discussing with some men in a corner of the classroom but she pushed her speculation aside and walked out of the room.

As she was entering her car ,she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Fancy meeting you here Amoge” the male voice said.

Amoge turned around to see Arinze standing before her.”Are you stalking me?”,she asked with a frown. “Don’t flatter yourself my dear , I just came to greet you since you are my new classmate”.”Okay, I guess I will see you around. I have to leave now, you know that I have a long drive back home” she said to him.

…To be continued

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