Inseparable – Epilogue

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*** 8am, next morning ***
Ini felt much better when she woke up, the Doctor had told her that a friend donated
blood to her but he didn’t tell her the name. She wondered who the friend could
have been.
Just few minutes later, the Doctor walked into the ward. He left the door open.
“How are you ma’am?”
“I’m better sir”
“Good, your friends have come” the Doctor said looking in direction of the door,
Amarachi came in first. “Yeah, that’s your friend who donated to you. Her blood type
was the best for you”
Tears filled Ini’s eyes as Amarachi walked closer, Kelvin followed behind her, then
Bode, Dennis and the driver assigned to her by her father.
Tears also filled Ama’s eyes as she got to her friend. They held hands and looked at
each other silently, tears rushing down their eyes. Kelvin sat on the bed carefully
placing his hand on Ini’s forehead while the others stood and watched.
“I’m sorry” Amarachi was the first to speak.
“No o…” Ini wanted to speak but Kelvin cut in.
“It’s okay guys, its all over. The most important thing is that we’re together again”
“Madam” the driver cut in. “Your Dad called, he’s coming over and wants to speak
with you first”
“Hello Dad” Ini collected the phone from the driver. “Yes Dad, the Doctor says I can’t
travel for now, he has to still keep an eye on me … No Dad, don’t bother ,I ain’t
relocating anymore… Don’t waste any more cash, I’m not moving an inch from
Nigeria, Not now”
She spoke boldly to her Dad for few more seconds and the man was forced to agree
before she ended the call.
“You can now leave” she said with a smile to the driver who took the phone and left
the ward after speaking with her Dad. The Doctor also excused himself.
Ini, Amarachi, Kelvin, Dennis and Bode was left in the ward. They looked at each
other in silence for some minutes before Bode spoke up.
“One sure thing I’ve learnt is that Friends would always stick together, no matter the
situation they find themselves in , fate always bring them back together but…” Bode
paused and wiped away tears from his eyes.
“Let’s join our hands together” he said and was obeyed by all. “Frank died in this
battle and I’m so grateful to God for not letting his murderers go unpunished but I
believe that he’ll be glad when he looks down and see us together now but he will be
happier if we remain inseparable always, never letting the storms tear us apart”
He paused and wiped off his face again
“One minute silence for Frank”
*** Chief Pedro Fayemi was arrested and found guilty in court, Ken and Sandra were also found
guilty and sentenced accurately.
Dennis, Amarachi, Ini and Kelvin returned to work. Ini and Kelvin’s relationship grew stronger;
Dennis presented Amarachi as his fiancé before the deadline given to him by his mum.
Bode built a bigger salon in memory of Frank, he sent the proceeds monthly to Frank’s parent. He
got into a relationship with Janet, Dennis’ sister two years later.***
^^^^^^^^THE END^^^^^^^^
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