The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 12

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“We passed them already dear, they didn’t suspect that you could be with me.” Lucas said aloud for Laura to hear.
“Oh, thank you so much.” Laura replied, her voice was almost inaudible and it had Lucas straining his ears to make out what she said. 
“I’m going to allow you join at the front seat once we get somewhere safer.” Lucas added.
“Don’t worry, just keep driving until we drive very far away from this city. I wish I could even disappear from Airegin this moment.”
“Don’t worry Laura, we’ll be safe.” He said as he turned into a main road, he kept on driving at a speed not too higher than the other drivers on the road, not feeling the need to drive speedily on a road with fairly moving traffic. He also wanted to stop somewhere not too far and abandon the vehicle there so as not to put the hospital driver into debt, after he must have been put into trouble of explaining where the van was. Not more than one minute after he turned into the road did he notice a car driving crazily behind him. He stared intently at the side mirror in a bid to identify the car but it was too late, the car had swerved to his left side and was catching up with him. The vehicle leveled up and Lucas eyes met with what sent chills down his spine. The driver of the car was pointing a gun at him with his left hand while controlling the wheel with the right hand. 
“Damn it!” Lucas cursed as he increased his speed instantly, swerving past the car in front of him. The bullets released hit the side of the van. Lucas increased the speed drastically, it was time his hobby of driving was going to be useful to him. 
The car chasing the van followed instantly, but Lucas was already a few metres ahead of them.
“What’s happening?” Laura asked frightfully from the back. 
“They’re after us again,” Lucas answered in a stressed tone. He took a glance to the side mirror and saw the car giving them a hot chase. Lucas was scared, he was afraid to die. He could drive very fast but he had no belief that he could escape the thugs. They had guns and one bullet into the tyre of the van could send the van crashing. However, he was in it already and he had to try his best to get out of it.
He kept swerving past cars and other vehicles, the road was in disarray as other vehicles almost collided into themselves while trying to evade the crazily speeding vehicles. A thought popped into Lucas’ mind, he began to try remember the closest police station to their location. Then he recalled that one was just few metres ahead. He summoned courage and prayed that the thugs would not have enough wisdom to target the van’s tyres before he got to the police station oblivious of the fact that they had not done that just because of Laura and the baby who they believed was in the van. They wouldn’t love for an accident to happen, Laura and the baby had to be taken back alive.
“Eric, the dude is really a crazy driver,” said the thug at the passengers side of the car pursuing after Lucas. 
“Is he coming our way?” Eric asked from the other end of the line.
“Yes, definitely. I think he’s purposely driving to the police station.”
“Good for him and excellent for us. I just arrived the place now, all cops in the station here are our friends.”
“What’s happening Honey?” Silvia asked her husband for the umpteenth time as he paced up and down the living room worried. 
“Any news?” Lord Frederick asked as a guard entered into the living room. 
“None yet sir…” The guard replied and wanted to add something else but wasn’t allowed. 
“For how long has General gone with the boys?” Lord Frederick cut in.
“It’s more than thirty minutes now sir.”
“And no report from them yet?”
“None sir.”
“Call General now and get back to me immediately,” Lord Frederick barked. 
“Lucas, where are you heading to now?” Laura asked with a shaky voice as the van swerved from side to side. She struggled to stand briefly with the baby in her hands and peep through the hole behind. 
“There’s a police station ahead, I’m going there. They should keep us in safety for a while.” Lucas replied. They were approaching a roundabout from where they’ll take a turn into the road which led to the police post.
“Noooo Lucas!” Laura screamed. “You’re driving us into their hands, they’ll just have us wait there until Don Pedro’s men come to take us.”
“What do you mean by that Laura?” 
“The cops at that station works with Don Pedro and most of them frequent the house on daily basis.”
“Shi*t!” Lucas slammed his fist on the steering wheel. He had to make an instant choice than  and swerve to another road instead of the one that led to the police post.
“What’s that?” Eric eyes widened in shock as the van which was almost turning into the road they were swerved into another route. “Come on, ignite the damn car and follow them.” He said, tightening his fist.
“What’s happening?” Mabel asked as Don Pedro stepped into the room. She was seated in the bed, with her back resting against the headboard. Anne was laying on the bed with her head on her mum’s laps. 
“It’ll be fine Mabel,” Don Pedro answered, proceeding towards the drawer beside the bed. 
“That’s what you’ve been saying for the past one hour now and I’ve not seen my baby,” Mabel flared up. 
Don Pedro heaved a sigh, he flashed a look at her. “He’s my baby too, you know.”
“But you seem to be less concerned,” she slammed again. 
“Do you want me to panic like you?” Don Pedro asked. He took a second to stare at Anne’s face. The little girl had her gaze fixed on her mother’s face, she had never seen her mum so angry or shouting like that at anyone. 
“Don’t you think it’s enough to panic?” Mabel rose up, placing Anne’s head on the pillow gently.
“I think you should take it easy, consider the fact that we’re not alone here.” Don Pedro said, flashing another look at Anne.
Mabel seemed to consider for a second as she also flashed a look at Anne. “But I can’t seat and watch while you do nothing to bring back my baby.”
“Come on,” he stared at her with a raised eyebrow. “How can you say I’m doing nothing, I’m as concerned about my baby as you are. My boys have gone after them, even the cops are looking for them.” He said and rose up to his feet, abandoning his search in the drawer, he walked out not wanting to continue the war of words with her.
“You can’t walk out on when…” She said as she hurried after him.
Anne rose up from the bed and stared blankly at the opened door, she could feel the heat between her parents. She knew it was because of her brother but what she couldn’t understand was why they had to be bothered about it when it was Laura who went out with him.
Lucas took a glance at the side mirror and noticed that the vehicles following after them had increased, a police vehicle had also joined in the chase. With the pattern of the cops’ vehicle chase, he could deduce that they had teamed up with the thugs. Four cars were now chasing after them, the police vehicle was at the last position. 
A  school bus was driving slowly before him and the lights at the back was blinking, indicating that the school bus was about to turn. Lucas pushed the horn desperately to warn the school bus driver.
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