The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 11

The Airegin Mafias – All Episodes

Lucas got to the door and hung on a bit for one more knock before he answered.

“Who is there?”

“Hey Doctor, it’s me” a tiny voice replied. Lucas immediately recognised the voice as the nosy’s neighbour’s own, he opened the door and stepped outside quickly just in time before the nosy neighbour will start peeping in to see Laura.

“How are you Mrs Quincy?” Lucas faked a smile

“Am just fine Dr Lucas, am sure you are enjoying your off-day at work yeah?”

“Yes actually, I am really enjoying it. I was pretty occupied when I heard you knock so am guessing it’s something important huh?” Lucas tried to cut her straight to the point without being rude.

“Ohh sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you at all,” Mrs Quincy quickly switched to her gossip mode which Lucas had recognised after staying in the same compound with her for a while. “I just got back from work now and some guys just came to meet me to ask about that car parked right there” She pointed to the car Laura brought.

“Guys, who do they say they are and what do they look like?” Lucas quickly shot in but still trying to feign ignorance.

“Ohh there they are” Mrs Quincy pointed at Eric and few of the boys that entered into her building were still trying to convince the building’s security that truly they were from the Insurance company, the others were in the cars parked outside. They were unable to provide the necessary documents, so therefore the security didn’t give them the permission to access the residential apartments. The moment when Mrs Quincy was pointing them to Lucas was when Eric raised his head up, His eyes and Lucas’s eyes interlocked for few seconds before Eric continued trying to convince the security personnels the more. A thought of using force crossed Eric’s mind but he knew very well that the insurance company will soon be there and probably come with police too, so he knew that would be a very reckless act.

“Who do they say they are?” Lucas still fixing his gaze at the intruders as they continued to give reasons to search the apartments.

“When I was coming in, one of them stopped me at the gate and said they are from insurance company and they tracked the car here so they are asking around to see if anyone knew or saw when the car was being parked” Mrs Quincy explained.

“This people don’t look like anything like insurance company” Lucas replied.

“I thought so too, what do we do now?” Mrs Quincy was beginning to Panic.

“For now nothing, I’m sure the securities won’t allow them in and if they do anything funny the security alarm will go off” Lucas reassured Mrs Quincy of her safety “Please go to your apartment right now and shut all your doors and windows”

“I will do just that,” Mrs Quincy rushed away.

“Be careful” Lucas said before rushing into his apartment and locking the door after.

“What’s going on” Laura rushed at him immediately he entered.

“Come here” Lucas took her to the window and opened it a bit, enough for them to see what’s going on downstairs, Laura opened her mouth in bewilderment at what she saw downstairs but quickly cover her mouth with her hands so as not to make sounds to draw unnecessary attentions.

“You know them?” Lucas asked

“Yes, that is Eric, Don Pedro’s personal guard” Laura started vibrating all over her body “What do we do now?”

“Calm down Laura”

“I can’t, we have to get out of this place right now”

“Laura calm down, we will leave but not with this guys outside, we will leave as soon as they are gone because I am sure the securities won’t let them access here”

“Are you sure”

“Yes I am” Lucas hugged her for a brief moment before excusing himself to go pack up his important stuffs while Laura sat beside the baby who was already sleeping.


After Eric tried all his efforts to get through the security without success, he then decided to leave the premises with his boys before the police arrive there. He shook the hands of the head of securities as they excused themselves to go and get the necessary documents. They then went ahead to stay at the only route that led to the area, as they were driving out, they saw lots of police vans driving in.


Lucas and Laura quickly rushed out immediately they saw Eric and his boys leaving, Lucas had advised they took the stairs instead of the elevator to avoid being caught, they took the staircase with Laura holding the baby on her chest while Lucas had a suitcase in his hands, the suitcase contained most of his important documents and ID cards. Lucas had thought of the boys hanging around so he came up with a plan, he was going to pass the hospital and get an official car. As they got to the small gate separating the building from the hospital, he quickly brought his ID card from the suitcase and swiped it with the machine at the gate and the gate flipped opened. The gate was meant for the hospital staffs that were residing at the apartment as the apartment served as staff lodge for the hospital. Lucas instructed Laura to stay put at the parking space that was right underneath the hospital as he quickly went to the front, he got to the front and saw one of the hospital drivers and told him about how he needed to quickly get to somewhere very important. He had always been nice to the driver by giving him money anytime their part crossed so the driver couldn’t even reject the first favour he, Lucas was asking of him. The driver handed over the keys to one of the hospital Vans after directing him to where it was in the parking garage and also pleading with him to be back on time.

Lucas quickly rushed back to where Laura was and led her to the van as he also picked up his suitcase. He had advised that Laura stayed behind in the Van so as to avoid being seen, while he was going to drive. The security on seeing the Van approach quickly opened the gates and Lucas drove out, he looked through the rear-mirror and saw the number of police vans that were parked outside his apartment, he shook his head vigorously, he had never bargained for this, his once peaceful and boring life had now turned into an adventurous and dangerous one just in a matter of hours. He wondered why he was even doing all of these, risking his life, his career, his reputation all because of a lady that they haven’t even started dating at all, it all boiled down to one thing, Love.

Knowing very well that Eric and his boys would still be around, he paid maximum attention on the road in order to spot them out in time. He had not driven too far when he saw a car right in front of him, he immediately recognised them to be Eric’s boys, they were pretending like their had a fault while they were trying to push it off the road, all their gimmicks was just to barricade the road incase Laura wants to escape, when the saw that it was the hospital’s van, they quickly pushed the car off while Eric who was the one on the steering quickly came out to apologise, Lucas shook his head and drive away.

Eric halted as he tried to remember if he had seen the Van driver’s face before, that was when it struck him, it was the guy that he saw in one of the apartments while they were trying to access the building.

“F***!” He cussed out. “Let’s follow that van” He shouted and they all got back in to the car and drove after the Van while 3 other cars parked ahead also joined them in the pursuit.


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