Pleasure And Pain

Pleasure And Pain – Prologue

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At the top of the hour, the music was blaring hysterically, the branded “OX” standing fan was ventilating at a top motion, the average-sized ‘LG’ plasma television hugged on the centre-wall showcasing FRESH music videos from sound city was paid little attention, while the queen-sized furniture was vibrating vehemently, as though a landslide was about to occur. All these forces were working together for a common purpose, as Nosa and Nancy were positioned stark unclad on the bed having another round of hot intimacy.

In what appeared to be a marathon sex, Nosa was copulating his girlfriend without protection for the sixth round in 24hrs since she came visiting, this was against the norm as they started off their relationship using protection. Although, Nancy had suggested that they use the condoms, as she had previously become pregnant for him on three several occasions in the past, thereby opting for an abortion, but Nosa kicked against the idea as usual, stating that he only enjoys the sex – when he could feel the warmth of her private part. This issue of protection had always been the leading cause of dispute in their two-years long relationship, but Nancy who appeared seemingly emotional would always compromise by succumbing to his verdict in order not to lose her man.


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