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Pleasure And Pain – Episode 7

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By Femi Odunayo
Very early the next morning, around 3:00am, while people were still asleep, men of the Nigerian police force drove their Hilux vehicle into Nosa’s lodge in commando style, and they were well armed with assorted rifles.
They launched a mega-phone, and commanded Nosa to step outside of his room, with his hands placed upon his head in the next two seconds, or they’ll be forced to take him down in a way that he would never had imagined. How is it – even possible for him to come out in two seconds, well, Nigerian police will always be Nigerian police.
Nosa woke up and heard his name being called out by the police, he didn’t know why he was about to be arrested, since he had not committed any crime, or so he thought. Anyway, he dressed up comfortably and came out as commanded. When the policemen saw that he had opened the door entrance, they rushed towards him and bundled him to the ground. While some of the men were busy ‘deafning’ him with some blows, another managed to put a handcufs on his hands. People in the neighbourhood who noticed what was happening to him, started staring through their various windows. Most of them thought he was a Yahoo boy as regard his ostentatious lifestyle, and that Nemesis had finally caught up with him.
The policemen carried him into their vehicle and drove him to the nearest police division, but not after they had sprayed bullets in the air to make people aware that they came. Later that morning, they put him inside their vehicle again and started parading him to the various residence of his partners in crime, and got all of them arrested. By this time, he had been dealt with severely and had bruises all over his body, the remaining guys were not left out, as they were equally dealt with. After the incident happened, they all went back home to relax thinking that the Lecturer was pretending, they obviously took the matter with levity, what they didn’t know was that they made her lose her first ever biological child, eventhough, she was already in her late 30s, while she almost lost her life too. They had committed a grave offence, and the law wasn’t going to take it likely with them.
The news about their arrest circulated around the school, and when it reached the senate building, they were all rusticated from school, except Emmy, Ochuko and Badmus. Nosa who was a Law student in the varsity was rusticated in his final year in school. The 24yr-old Nosa was later charged to court, together with his accomplies. He was charged on three-count of coercing a juvenile to commit abortion for him, attempted kidnapping, and the murder of an unborn child. According to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he was sentence to six years imprisonment with hard labour. The remaining five suspects were given option of bail; except Nosa who was the main culprit. Even his fathers’ wealth couldn’t stop him from going to prison.
Nosa accepted the verdict with good fate, as he was taken to Oko prison where he was meant to live for the rest six years of his life.
1, Oct, 2012
The nation was thrown into jubilation for yet another independence day celebration. Coincidentally, it was also the same day that Nosa was to gain independence from prison; after serving six years jail term. The prison warden majestically walked towards the cell, opened the gate and told Nosa that his family were outside waiting for him to come home. The news came as a shock to him, many a time, he thought he was gonna remain in custody for the rest of his life. For a moment, he didn’t know whether to be excited or not, as prison life had become a part of his existence.
He had met new people in prison who had somehow became his family, some were innocent, some were murderers, some were kidnappers, some were fraudsters, and so on. They all came from different walks of life but they shared some similiarities, they all had different stories which brought them to prison, but one thing was common amongst all of them, they shared the same interest, hoping and praying to regain freedom someday. They had undergone through different orientations, as several organisations would come to share with them, words of inspirations, so that when they leave prison, they won’t go back to their formal way of life. Among all of these, Nosa had developed interest in studying the bible always, as he had given his life to christ by becomming born again.
Nosa remained seated on the floor, as though he didn’t hear what the prison warden had said; after a moment of silent prayers, he did the sign of the cross, then he reluctantly stood up, went around to bade his fellow inmate farewell, he gave them some words of encouragement, then he stepped out of the cell-room, but not after changing his clothes which was given to him by the prison warden.
Nosa slowly walked behind the prison warden, as they approached towards the entrance of the prison. Immediately they got outside, he met his entire family in a pitiable state, his mom bursted into tears on seeing her son looking tattered and unkept, his hair had grew so long that he looked like a mad man. His best-friends, Ochuko, Emmy, and Badmus were also there to receive him. His father ordered that he was driven home to freshen up, but he refused to follow them, insisting to see his child first. They tried to persuade him to go home first, but he would have none of it; It was either they took him to see his child or totally forget about him. They had no choice as they hopped into the cars that they came with. The driver conveyed him to Nancy’s residence while he kept surveying the town which had transformed into a big city, as they were on their way to her house.
As they got to the place, Nosa was accompanied by his friends while his parents stayed back in their car. Nosa knocked on the gate, while Nancy who was dressing up her daughter, left her and made for the gate. As soon as she put the gate open, she couldn’t believe her eyes as she met Nosa on the other side, and fainted immediately.
“MUMMY!!!” The daughter screamed as she saw what had happened, and ran towards her mom. Her cries attracted the knowledge of Mr. & Mrs Osadolor, as they came outside to behold what was happening.
Nancy woke up almost immediately in the hands of Nosa who was pleading for her to forgive him. It was a touching scene as tears slowly dropped down his cheek. He then helped Nancy up while she hugged him passionately in the process, and also started crying. She missed Nosa every single day and decided to keep herself hoping he would come back to her someday. Both Nosa’s parents, including Nancy’s parents walked closer and watched them speechless.
“This is your daughter, I named her Irené. Irené, meet your father. He loves you so much..” Nancy said and drew her closer to them. The five-year old looked exactly like her dad.
“I love you too, Daddy!” The little barbie said. She was so cute. The literal translation of her name means “I have come in Bini.” and it’s amazing how she finally came, despite all odds.
Nosa squatted and kissed the pretty Irené on her forehead. “I love you right back, my pretty angel.” He said.
“Honey! There’s something I’d always be willing to tell you, I was rooting for the right time to come. Will you marry me?” Nosa proposed with a racing heartbeat.
Nancy paused for a second, then turned back to look at her parents before spilling the words.
“I’ll marry you, my prince charming.” She said and kissed him lovingly.
Mr. Osadolor was stunned by the stunt they had pulled as he gave them a round of applause.
Mrs. Osadolor was all smiles to see her first child happy after many years of being lonely. The lecturer later got pregnant and gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl.
Nosa’s mom couldn’t hide her joy as she moved closer to embrace her daughter-in-law. Mr. Osadolor and his wife also congratulated them and they became one big happy family.



Nosa, his wife and daughter travelled abroad to the United states of America where they later settled as a family, with the assistance of Mr. Efosa Osadolor who made the VISA acquisition quicker.

Nosa then enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania, where he continued his education as an intending lawyer, at the age of thirty.

Nancy became a diplomat at the Nigerian embassy in the United States, and they lived happily ever after.

In life, there’s no pleasure without pain, and no pain without pleasure. It doesn’t matter which one comes first, because in the end; Love is the answer, nobody really cares what the question is… …


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