Pleasure And Pain

Pleasure And Pain – Episode 5

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By Femi Odunayo
The scorching sun in benin-city, the boisterous noise, and the red dust had decided to wage their wrath on Nancy, who for no reason whatsoever decided to trek back home, and before she reached her house, she was already looking like a mad woman on the run. Anyone who saw her at that moment would surely know that there was something disturbing her. Finally, she arrived at her residence looking ‘dustful’, while her hair was scattered everywhere; just like the wind which did justice to her respectively. Unlike when she first left the house, she was now looking more confused than ever. Immediaetly her aunt saw her approaching, she halted to be sure whether her eyes were playing pranks on her or not, and indeed, they weren’t.
Mrs. Osadolor rushed towards her daughter and sat her down, before rushing to get her water to drink. She had been worried ever since Nancy left home earlier with such a mudane look on her face, something deeply inside was telling her that all wasn’t all right with her. Nancy was the only child that she had, and she loved her to pieces. Although, she had been married for ten years without her own biological child; when Nancy lost her father at a tender age, she filed to taking care of her, so that she could atleast have a feel of being a mother, eventhough she was yet to put to bed a child of her own. Ever since then, herself, together with her husband had been the ones sponsoring Nancy’s education and also ensuring that her social well-being are met.
Mrs. Osadolor who was a Lecturer in the University of Benin had been mocked severally for her childlessness, and her students even attribute her strict attitude as being the cause of her problem. They fail to realize that virtually every woman occupying public offices tend to be strict. However, when outside the four walls of a classroom, she’s a very reserved woman, who show value and care for people’s feelings.
Nancy is among those people whom she so much love and care about, and she’ll do anything to ensure that she’s always happy.
Nancy had gone to take her bath, and also eaten to her satisfaction, and then her aunt who also act as her mom called her to the sitting room, where she narrated everything to her. In turn, her aunt was very furious about the situation, although, she knew that Nosa and Nancy were dating, but she didn’t know that Nancy had done three abortions for him, and he also had the guts to demand for another. She then comforted Nancy passionately and assured her that everything would be all right, and that she wouldn’t have another abortion, with or without the boyfriends’s support.
Furthermore, she sternly warned Nancy never to see the boyfriend again, and also warned that he doesn’t come close to the house to see her too. About her husband, an immigration officer who rarely stays at home, the aunt promised to break the news to him at the right time, and positioned Nancy to wipe away her tears, that everything would be all right.
Those were the heart touching words that couldn’t come from someone who Nancy called her best-friend, but surprisingly came from her aunt, whom she had thought would be mad at her.
It seemed like everything was back to normal for Nancy, but then, the story is just about to take a new turn..
Nancy had drastically become more stronger. Emotionally, she had gotten over her ex-boyfriend whom she had not seen for the past seven days. Although, Nosa had made various attempts to reach her, but she disconnected every of his moves. After seeing that she wasn’t answering his phone calls, he resolved to sending her series of love messages whilst begging her to come back to him, so that they could talk over the issue in a different way, but still insisting that she must have the abortion carried out. Nancy kept ignoring every of his texts, and refused to give a call-back either, but, on one faithful day, she decided to compose a text to him, telling him that she was no longer interested in the relationship, and that she was going to give birth to their child whether he likes it, or not.
Nosa wasn’t happy reading the text, so he started sending her threat messages that she was gonna regret her actions by trying to blackmail him. All throughout that time, she kept herself in a confinement, by refusing to leave the house nor attend classes, and her aunt was solely behind her, always ensuring that she got everything that she needed.
Unfortunately, Nancy was going to write a continuous assessment test in two days time. On that particular day, she did leave the house to write the test. After the test had ended, she was on her way back home when she saw Nosa’s car driving towards her direction, she wasn’t sure whether he saw her or not, but she took to her heels, and ran as fast as her feet could carry her.
Immediately she got home, she told her aunt what happened, and the aunt advised her to travel far away from Edo state, only to return for her examinations, albeit, with tight security; as her safety was no longer guaranteed should she continue to wander about the school.
The next day, the aunt drove Nancy in her car to a motor-pack where she boarded a vehicle to live with her younger sister, Nancy’s other aunt who was a single-mother that lived at Akure, Ondo state. Everything they did was done, without the knowledge of Nancy’s mother.
Nancy changed her phone number so that Nosa couldn’t have any connection with her henceforth.
They continued this routine for a period 1-Month, and when it was time for their exams to commence, Nancy came back to Benin to continue staying with her aunt, Mrs. Osadolor. Already, her pregnancy had developed to an extent that if she attempts an abortion, chances are that, she was going to lose her life.
Painfully, the next day, something very tragic happened..
…to be continued
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