Pleasure And Pain

Pleasure And Pain – Episode 4

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By Femi Odunayo
Later that same day, Nancy had gone to the clinic to get a doctors’ report about her maternity status, and the result came out positive, that she was actually with child. Apparently, it was the same doctor who had aborted for her on three several occasions that also conducted the pregnancy test. However, he didn’t hesitate to re-affirmed his earlier advice to her not to have another abortion done, otherwise, she may as well lose her life. And two wrongs does not make a right, so, it’s either she keep the pregnancy, or she keeps the pregnancy. It was a one-way traffic. A harsh decision which must be taken, since she was still a student in her second year in the university, and considering the magnitude of embarrassment that it would bring upon her, especially amongst her classmates, loved ones and family members. Her reputation was bound to be tarnished, but there was nothing she could do, as the deed had already been done. Except of course, she wanna take the risk of exterminating the unborn child, and being prepared for the aftermath. Perhaps, she may not wanna consider doing that, while the person who got her pregnant would be made to go scott free, and probably get another lady pregnant, while she ceases to exist. These thoughts kept running through Nancy’s mind, as she concluded to keep the baby, irrespective of what people would say, and regardless of the damage that it would render on her image.
Nancy went back home and locked herself indoor, as she soaked her bed in tears, she kept pondering about her future and how she had deliberately brought doom upon herself. High points of her worries was how she’d be able to combine pregnance and her education together, and perhaps, her Aunt’s husband may insist that she drop out from school when he eventually finds out. This would definitely thwart her dream of becomming a diplomat in the nearest future. She also thought about how her siblings at home, and most especially her mom would embrace the shocking news of her daughter being pregnant out of wedlock.
At a point, she felt her entire world was about to crumble before her very eyes. Tons of regrets started tripping into her head. She regretted the day she met Nosa, to the day she gave him her virginity, to the day he literally went down on his knees begging her to have her first abortion, and finally to all the times she foolishly allowed him to have his way through with her simply because she didn’t wanna lose his love, and being known as the girlfriend to the biggest boy on campus. Alas! She realized that there was no point crying over spilled milk, hence, she braced herself up to break the news to her boyfriend.
“Of course, I don’t want you to die, but I can’t afford to be a father now.” Nosa complained.
“Well, you should’ve thought about that before you slept with me, after I had told you several times that we should use the condoms.” Nancy fired back, this time, sounding above her voice.
“Oh, really! It’s all about me now, you’re sounding as though you didn’t enjoy the sex too, abi?” Nosa also retorted, raising his voice too, and the next thing that happened was shocking.
Nancy landed him a thunderous slap that could change one’s destiny, hopefully, that would make him change his mind and come to a consensus with her. She angrily stood up from the bed and dashed out of the room almost instantly, and left Nosa stranded with awe.
Nancy left Nosa’s apartment wishing never to see him again, but as the popular saying goes; if wishes were horses, beggers will ride. She had lost trust in the person she loves the most, and the only person she could turn to now was Jennifer.
She put a telephone call through to Jennifer to ascertain where she was at the moment, and fortunately, Jennifer was at the hostel. She then boarded a bike to hall II, inside the school metropolis where the female hostel was situated, and alighted immediately they arrived the place.
Nancy was strucked with anxiety as she managed to compose herself so that people do not find out what was bothering her. However, she finally got to Jennifer’s hostel room looking worked out, her problem was too enormous that she couldn’t erase it from her face.
“Babe! What’s the problem, you look worried?” Jennifer asked immediately she saw her.
“We have to talk!” Said Nancy.
“Okay! Calm down, have a seat, and let’s talk.” Jennifer said trying to understand what the issue was.
“Not here.. I don’t want the other girls to hear our conversation.” Nancy said below her voice. “Let’s go to the field, then I’ll brief you about everything.” She added.
They left the hostel room together and headed for the field where they eventually sat on a stand under a broad tree with shady branches.
“I’m dead!” Nancy said.
“How do you mean you’re dead. You’re still alive, and you won’t die!” Jennifer countered her words with shock.
Nancy heaved a sigh of relief and began narrating her ordeal to her best-friend, Jennifer. Apparently, Jennifer was aware about the abortion from the onset, because she was actually the person who introduced Nancy to the clinic in the first instance, but what she didn’t know was that Nancy went further to abort again, two more times, and now she was faced with the option of either aborting for the fourth time or not.
After all was said and done, Nancy revealed to Jennifer that she had decided to have the child, and not take the risk of aborting one more time.
“Are you crazy?! You’re not serious about what you’re telling me, are you?” Jennifer shouted obviously not impressed.
“Yes, I’m crazy! You can continue shouting from now until eternity, and nothing will make me change my mind.” Nancy said.
“You’ll do no such thing, my dear, people make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of life. There is no harm in trying one more time. You’ll never know if you don’t try.” Jennifer said.
“And if I die, how then will I know?, See, I didn’t come to you because I need you to talk me out of my decision. I came to you because you’re my best-friend and I need someone to share my problems with. Atleast, you can do that by giving me words of encouragement, and not encouraging me to take the life of a child who knows nothing yet.” Nancy backed herself up.
“Now you’re making it seem as if you’ve not committed an abortion before, every young lady does it every now and then, personally, I’ve had an abortion six different times, and I’m still alive talking to you today.” Jennifer made her see reasons why she should go ahead to have the abortion done.
“I know, but it’s wrong, as in, for how long will that continue.. I don’t wanna have an abortion anymore, what if I eventually lose my womb?” Nancy blurted.
“That’s your problem. I’m not sure I wanna have a friend for now – who is with child.” Jennifer suprisingly said, while looking at Nancy with a scornful eye.
“Are you denying me Jennifer?” Nancy said with shock.
“You can call it whatever you like, I’m out of here!” She boasted and walked away immediately.
Nancy was astonished beyond what words could describe, she never could have envision that coming. Jennifer was the least person she thought would ignore her, despite her predicament, which she did in the most unprofessional way. 
Reality was beginning to appear before her. In a day, she had lost not only her soulmate, but also her bestie. The pain and shock from the things happening to her was so tangible that she couldn’t predict who would deny her next. She slowly stood up reluctantly in a dejected form and began walking back home in a scattered state of mind.
…to be continued
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