Pleasure And Pain – Episode 3

By Femi Odunayo
In the heat of the intimacy, they were both sweating profusely. Nosa was doing what he knew how to do best, as he was banging her mercilessly. On the other hand, Nancy was lost in reverie, as she concentrated less on the sex, haven refused to moan and clamour for more. Her attention was placed on Nosa all through the process; she kept staring at his face, while trying to catch a glimpse of his facial expression. Nosa who had levitated to cloud-9 was ignorant that she was staring at him, as he appeared to be having all the fun by closing his eyes, while his mouth was wide opened, and his tongue on display which depicted him as a bull-dog on heat. He must have located the center of gravity, or so I say.
Nancy was reeled with mixed feelings. She was a bit pissed by his behaviour, as she thought of herself being treated like a prostitute, even though she was making out with her boyfriend. As though that wasn’t bad enough, Nosa noticed that she wasn’t making any sound to sweetened the pleasure, then, he gave her a painful spank on her a$$, and this got her really mad.
Nancy immediately pushed him away from her body, and proceeded to wearing back her clothes coupled with a sad look on her face. Nosa was taken by surprise, as he couldn’t understand where he had gotten things wrong this time around.
“Babyyy! What’s the problem? Hope I haven’t done something wrong?” Nosa inquired obviously perplexed.
Nancy concentrated on what she was doing without uttering a word, she was more concerned about leaving his presence, rather than stay there and look at his face one more time.
Nosa remained cool, while trying to unravel the mystery behind her sudden change of behaviour, however, Nancy would have none of it. Not long afterwards, she was done wearing her clothes, then, she made for the door and barged out of the room, but not after dropping a tongue wagging bombshell.
“I’m your woman, Not your sex machine!” She said.
Nosa stood there unclad and confused, he wasn’t sure whether to quickly put on his clothes and chase after her, or remain still and pretend like nothing ever happened, while hoping that the ground could just open and swallow him. He bounced back upon the bed like a confused fellow which he was at the moment, and just then, something caught his attention; It was Nancy’s cell phone which she had forgotten.
It was indeed a nice asset to hold on to, ’cause it would definitely bring her back to him, without him having to do that by himself, or so he felt.
The following day, Nosa was all dressed up, about to stepped out of his apartment when the door alarm rang, he went for the door, and surprisingly, he met Nancy standing on the other side. He then opened the door fully after creating a pathway for her to step inside the room, and then he walked back slowly behind her after shutting the door. The both of them were silent for a while, before Nosa took the bull by the horn by apologizing for the ugly scenario that transpired the day before.
“No! You shouldn’t have apologized. It was all my fault; I later realized that I probably took things a little out of proportion. I came hoping that we can forget about what happened yesterday and move on..” Nancy muttered with a faint tone, as though having a feeling of guilt.
“It’s alright.. I understand how you must have felt. I would have come looking for you, but then, I found out that you forgot your phone here, and I was trying to avoid a situaton where I’ll come looking for you at your Aunt’s house when her husband would be at home.. Remember what happened the last time I came.” Nosa lamented, and ended his statement with a chuckle.
“It’s a good thing you didn’t come without my permission, I’m not sure he has forgotten so soon.” Nancy said. “But there’s something I really wanna talk to you about..” She added.
“Please go ahead, I’m listening.” Nosa said in a subtle manner.
“Okay.. I’ve not seen my period for this month. I’m afraid I may be pregnant again. I’m really scared.” Nancy said and slowly turned to look at him straight into the eyes. Nosa remained still for some seconds, his white-turned-red eyeballs didn’t blink, nor move, not even a bit.
“Are you serious about what you’re telling me?” He asked a rhetorical question.
“Don’t talk like that! Have you forgotten that for the past two weeks, we’ve been having constant sex without protection! After my last abortion, the doctor warned me not to have another, otherwise, I may not survive it, or betterstill, lose my womb. I don’t wanna die!” Nancy complained almost in tears.
“I know! I know!! You won’t die. You’re not sure yet if you’re pregnant or not. I suggest you conduct a pregnancy test first, and when the result is out, we would know the next step to take. Believe me, everything will be all right!” Nosa affirmed trying to pacify her.
Nancy turned and gave him a stern look that could pass a thousand words, she was beginning to lose the trust she had in him, but still gave him the benefits of doubts.
Nosa then opened a drawer and brought out a cash bundle of money from where he calculated fifty thousand naira, and handed it to her. Nancy reluctantly collected the money and waited to hear what he had in mind.
“I’d advice you go to the clinic and use this money to conduct the test, whatever the result comes out to be, endeavour to let me know as soon as possible.” He said.
Nancy heaved a sigh of relief, hoping his words alone could comfort her for the time being, but whatever that happens, she was very certain that she would not have another abortion, and nobody on earth could change that decision, not even the devil could convince her this time around.
…to be continued


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