Pleasure And Pain – Episode 2

By Femi Odunayo

“That’s no problemo, I’ll do anything if it would make you happy.” Nosa said.

“Most certainly! I’m still waiting..” Nancy added as though expecting the worse to happen.

“Alright! I’m sure you guys can hear our conversation from over there. ‘I’M SORRY BOYS!!!, Anything to make ‘MI LADY’ here happy!!” Nosa magically cooled down boiling tempers with his humility, as he made for her left hand which he slowly grasp towards his lips before planting a succulent kiss on it. For a moment or so, all eyes were on them, as their actions had attracted everyone’s attention.

“You’re forgiven bro, Go and sin no more!” Ochuko who was the funniest amongst the boys said indinstintively.

Nancy instantly felt butterflies all over her stomach, her joy knew no bound, as she had just had the most romantic moment of her entire life, coming from someone whom she seldom know much details about. Her impatience grew as she could barely wait to get to know him better, but that could only be determined should he take the bold step by asking her out. Her thinking faculty was operating at a rather high percentage as she thought of the best possible ways to become afflicted with him more, but every possible cues suddenly eluded her. Her disposition was hinged on – trying to avert a scenario where, one moment, she had found the prince-charming she could ever crave for, and the next moment, he had disappeared into thin air, or so she thought.

“My name is Nancy Iredia. I’m 20yrs old, the second child from a family of five. I’m a christian, and I stay with my Aunt who’s a Lecturer here in UNIBEN. I’m currently a 100 Level student, studying foreign languages, and I hope to become a diplomat when I’m through with my education.” Nancy said but halted when she noticed that the countenance on Nosa’s face had suddenly turned to a straight look, she was so confident that she gave too much information about herself in such a short timing. “Anyways, if there is any other thing you’d like to know about me, kindly ask, and I’ll be glad to respond.” She had opted for the latter, in order not to further speak out of place.

Nosa purposely ignored her question and continued staring at her with a straight look, as if strucked by lightening. Nancy soon noticed the change in his facial expression, and then slowly scrutinized her body to see if anything was wrong with her, but then, she found nothing. Just when she thought the worst was about to happen, Nosa, again, proved her wrong as he weathered the storm by complimenting her in the most romantic way.

“I don’t get to do this often, but I have to admit that you’re the most beautiful woman that I have ever come across. I was lost in your beauty, but now, I’m very certain that I’ve found the treasure that I’d been searching for. I think this conversation is long overdue, and the food is already cold. I’ve lost appetite to eat, ’cause my heart is yearning for your love. Staring at you talk alone gives me goose bumps, and knowing that I could be somebody in your life triggers impulse of adrenaline all through my veins. In reality, if I don’t get to say the words in my mind, then I’m indirectly torturing my emotions. Please, do not quench my burning heart desires! It’s not anything else that I’d like to know about you, it’s what else I’d like to require from you, if not to have your mobile phone number; so that we could stay in touch, atleast, to know ourselves better.” After listening to him professing his love for her so quickly, eventhough, she had anticipated for it, Nancy wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not, because everything happened so fast which was too good to be true. In the end, she was rendered speechless, but then, it was the best time for her to front a bit, atleast, before accepting his offer.

“I’m sorry! I don’t give my number out – to strangers..” Nancy blurted then she grabbed her hand-bag and stormed out of the cafeteria in the speed of light, as though, embarrassed but Nosa was very pro-active, as he followed her abruptly without hesitation. Seeing that he was dancing to the tone of her music, Nancy halted outside the premises of the cafeteria, her plan was for them to have more privacy, and her tactics worked out exactly as planned.

Nosa didn’t give up, he kept persuading her for the digits but she insisted that he wait for another time until they meet again. He wasn’t sure when they would meet another time, and he didn’t wanna take any chances, hence, he persisted. He had several girls cleaning up his sleeves whom he had turned down in the past, but something got him real stuck to Nancy; A feeling which he could hardly explain.
In an attempt to leverage the situation, the boys decided to help out one of their own, as they stepped out of the cafeteria and positioned themselves strategically while Nosa and Nancy practically paused to observe the drama that was about to unfold. Emmy took the lead, then, Badmus followed suit, before Ochuko, as they began singing a song which they had composed in a record breaking ten seconds.

“Nancy! Nancy!! Please give him your number..” They repeated the song severally. Evidently, they had been eavesdropping on their conversation. After they had ended the song, Nancy made a shocking revelation, as she revealed her number to Nosa, who quickly saved the digits into his phone amid all smiles. It didn’t take long before they both hugged each other warmly, then, Nosa offered to drop Nancy at her residence, and she obliged without hesitation.

Mission accomplished; They all hopped into Nosa’s convertible car, and the rest was history…..

…to be continued


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