Inseparable – Chapter 6

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“You must be very silly to drop a clipper on someone’s head just because you saw a 
girl” Bode mocked ” If I was the guy, I would have made sure I scrapped the skin on 
your head with the clipper” 
“The guy no get sense jor, he was justice in lucky to have people who held him for 
you” Kelvin joined 
Frank kept quiet as his friends made fun of him, he couldn’t get the day’s incident off 
his head. He wasn’t really pained about the fight that ensued, but he was disturbed 
because he did not catch up with the girls. It seemed like he just lost something very 
“Frank, Frank ” Bode shook Kelvin who was already deep in thoughts ” What’s the 
matter with you? You should be thanking God that things didn’t go worst and not 
bothering yourself” 
“I’m not worried about the salon the issue at the salon anymore, that has been 
solved, I’m just wondering how I lost the opportunity to see Amarachi” Frank replied 
“Hahahahaha” Kelvin laughed and walked towards his room “Bode, your friend is 
beginning to fall sick, he almost got his salon burnt and he’s still thinking about the 
girls, you better speak some sense into him” 
” You guys don’t understand me and I don’t understand myself either” 
“Hmmm, I think I understand you bro. You are beginning to fall for Amarachi” Bode 
replied and walked away smiling. 
Kelvin walked by into the house at five thirty pm to find his Mum seated in the living 
room, watching her favorite TV drama series, Super Story. The last time he saw her 
was Saturday after the marriage discussion, he was later told she travelled to the 
village that evening. 
“Good evening Mum” He greeted 
“Welcome son, how was work today?” 
“Fine, we thank God” , He said planting a kiss on her left cheek. 
“Good, Dennis. I have a surprise for you. When you are well rested, I’ll show you” 
“Okay Mum” Dennis replied and climbed up the stairs to the first floor of the duplex 
where his room was located. He wondered what kind of surprise his Mum had, she 
was someone who didn’t like surprises herself. 
Dennis came into the living room after about an hour in bedroom, his Mum was still 
watching TV, this time a Ghanian movie. 
“You’re welcome Dennis” 
“Thank you ma, when did you return from the village?” 
“This morning. I have a surprise for you, I brought a gift from the village” she said 
“What’s that Mum?” 
“Wait” she said and called out “Nkechi come, my son is back from work” 
A tall girl came out smiling from the visitor’s room, she was dressed in a skirt and 
blouse Ankara and had a scarf tied carelessly on her head. She had a funny and not 
too pretty face, she drew up her skirts which was obviously loose and falling off her 
waist as she walked towards them. 
“Good evening sir ” She knelt down in front of Dennis 
“Good evening”, he replied and turned to his mother “Is she the new house girl? I 
thought we had enough house helps already” 
“She’s not an house help Dennis, she’s is your wife, I picked her from a very good 
home in the village” 
“What?? Mum? I’m sure you are just playing pranks” 
“I’m not playing pranks boy, since you’ve refused to bring a wife home, I’ve gotten 
one for you” 
“Mum, I don’t like this, how can you bring a wife for me? I’ve told you I’ll do that 
when it’s time” 
“When will that time be? That’s what you say always and I’m not having any of it 
“You’ll marry her yourself, I’m not a kid anymore, you can’t choose things like this for 
me”, Dennis spoke angrily and made his way to his bedroom 
“No you will marry her, she’s here to stay” 
Turning to Nkechi, she said ” Don’t mind him, he will calm down, I’m sure it is stress 
from work that is making him react like this. Go and pack your luggage and join him 
in his room, you are his wife.” 
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