Inseparable – Chapter 3

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As Kelvin drove with his Friends through Etyle City to Erinsic, a popular bar and 
restaurant which most Big Boys and Girls patronized in the city, they made 
comments about almost everything they saw. After twenty minutes of driving, Kelvin 
began to halt slowly close to a broken down car. 
“Kelvin, what’s the matter, why are you stopping” Frank said. 
“Don’t you see those chicks are struggling with their car? Let’s lend them a helping 
hand and you know, I think I like one of them” Kelvin replied as he came down 
through the driver’s seat. 
” Oh!” Bode complained, obviously irritated, “which one be this now? Are we good 
Samaritans? Why you just wan spoil our groove this evening?” 
“The guy wan toast babe now,abeg leave am o”, Frank replied and joined Kelvin walk 
towards the girls. 
” Hi girls, what’s wrong with your car?” , Kelvin asked as he approached the car. 
” I don’t know, the engine has refused to start again since I parked to receive a phone 
call”, one of the Ladies replied with a faint smile. 
“Let me help you check it” Kelvin said as he checked through the car Engine. 
Frank fed his eyes on the girl’s faces, he had not seen girls as pretty as they were in a 
long time. He admired the one in the dark blue suit more, he loved the dimples that 
revealed themselves as she smiled on sighting him. He smiled back too. He decided 
to engage the girls in a conversation while Kelvin worked on the car. 
“Where were you girls off to?” He asked, directing the question to the girl on the 
blue suit, but was quickly answered by the other one. 
“We were on our way to Erinsic when the car stopped, I don’t just know what’s 
wrong with the car, it has never broken down” 
“Don’t worry, it would be fixed, we were also on our way to Erinsic” 
After about one minute of working on the car, Kelvin called out “You can start up the 
engine now” 
The car started at once to the surprise of the two girls. 
“Wow, thank you so much” the lady who had been silent all through finally spoke, 
beaming with smiles. 
“It’s nothing” Frank quickly replied her 
Ini came out of the car looking grateful. “Thank you so much, we would have been 
stuck here for long without help” 
“You’re welcome Ma’am, It’s my pleasure to help pretty ladies like you” Kelvin finally 
spoke, cleaning his hands with a handkerchief. “My name is Kelvin and that’s my 
friend Frank” 
“I’m Ini, and she is Amarachi, I call her Ama” She replied cheerfully, winking at 
Amarachi who was looking less interested 
” I heard you were your way to Erinsic? ” 
” Yes, we wanted to spend some time out this evening” 
” Oh, I see, we were heading for the same place. I think we don’t have to waste time 
anymore, let’s just meet there. 
” Dennis, time is not on your side anymore, you are ageing gradually and I’m also 
getting closer to the grave, please let me carry my grand children before I rest finally 
o “, Mrs. Michaels whined 
“Mummy, I told you to be patient, you would get your grand children when the time 
comes”, Dennis replied as he took a sip of Five alive fruit juice. 
” That’s what you always say, for years now, we’ve been patient and there has been 
nothing to show for it, you better bring a wife home if you want us to live in peace 
“Mrs. Michaels replied and stormed out of the living room . 
Dennis hated having this kind of discussion with his mother, they’ve been through it 
several times and the woman would not let him be, she brought up the discussion 
every time she heard about a marriage ceremony in town. 
He thought about the two Ladies he had dated previously. His relationship with Ada 
hadn’t been too nice. Ada came from a rich family and therefore lived a flamboyant 
lifestyle that didn’t work with him, she was also arrogant and lazy, he couldn’t put up 
with the relationship again and had to break up one afternoon after she beat up one 
of his female staffs in the office for staring too long at her boyfriend. 
Funmi, the second lady that he dated hadn’t loved him but pretended and play 
pranks on him alongside with her lover. Three years after that, he hadn’t open his 
heart to any other girl, he focused on making money. 
“Brother” , a tiny voice called, interrupting his thoughts ” ain’t you going out this 
It was Janet, his younger sister, who was just twenty years of age. He was used to 
chilling out with her on Saturdays when she was on break from school. 
“Is anything the matter?” She asked after noticing he looked gloomy, “you don’t look 
cheerful today” 
“It’s nothing dear, I’m just trying to think through some matters in the office” He lied. 
“Hmm, sweet lie, you think I will take that? I know you don’t disturb yourself with 
office matters on Saturdays, so tell me the truth” 
” You are too young to understand Janet” 
“No, I’m not” , she replied, sitting close to her brother on the three sitter sofa ” you 
can talk to me” 
“No, you won’t understand Janet ” He said and walked into his room 
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