Inseparable – Chapter 2

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“How do I look? ” Amarachi asked Ini, posing in front of a mirror. 
“You look sweet hun, you don’t even need to talk too much, seeing you alone would 
make the manager give you the job.” 
“Hahahaha, come on stop flattering me” 
“I’m saying the truth babe, you can’t be denied the job” 
“I hope so” 
“Please let’s go now, so we can beat the traffic, you know” 
Both girls laughed as they left the house and got into Ini’s Honda car. 
Amarachi looked indescribably beautiful in her dark blue trouser suits; she had a 
pretty round face and a fair complexion, one that would make guys always take a 
second and long look at her. When she smiled, she revealed a nice set of tooth and 
dimples on her cheeks. She had a blonde like hair which made people conclude that 
she narrowly escaped being an Albino. Her beauty could be likened to that of the 
Nollywood actress, Omotola Jolade. 
Ini was also very pretty, fairly dark in complexion with long and very dark hair. She 
had an elegant body shape and figure six that made people refer to as a model. Her 
smile and composure reminds one of a Nollywood Actress, Genevieve Nnaji. 
They got to Videx International Limited just some minutes before eight o’clock. They 
parted at the car park just after Ini wished her friend success in the Job interview. 
Amarachi found her way to the reception in the account department, she met two 
other people who had come for the interview and sat close to them, waiting for her 
name to be called. 
The two other applicants were called in before her, after about forty five minutes, 
she was called on. By that time, there was already four other applicants who waited 
also at the reception. 
“Good morning sir” she greeted as she entered the office. 
“Good morning, Miss Kolawuyi Amarachi Toyin, you can have your seat” The 
manager replied looking up, ” You are here for the interview, are you sure you know 
what this job is about ?” 
Contrary to her expectation, the manager was a young man in his late twenties. He 
looked serious and business minded, his looks didn’t bother her, she was well 
After some minutes of questions and answers, the manager, Dennis Michaels paused 
for some minutes and spoke with a smile ” Alright, Miss Kolawole, we would review 
your credentials and get back to you, you can leave now” 
He watched as she left his office, she was definitely the most intelligent applicant he 
had interviewed in his few years as a Manager, she would get the job, he was sure of 
Kelvin drove home excited in his New Toyota Camry Official Car, He had just been 
promoted to the post of the Public relations manager in the company where he 
worked and had been given a car alongside with other benefits. He worked for a 
multinational company, Devi. 
Devi was known for its several top quality products, her employees were always 
proud to display their badges and speak about the company to others. Kelvin joined 
the company not more than four years ago and had been promoted four times 
already due to his hard work and intelligence and some other factors which he 
wasn’t aware of. He had become an object of envy for employees who he met in the 
He drove into the compound and used the car horn to attract his flatmates who he 
knew would have returned from their places of work. Bode was the first to come out, 
his face clearly showed surprise at the sight of the car. As Bode examined the car, 
Frank walked outside too to check what the disturbance was. 
Kelvin broke the news to them, “Hey guys, I’ve just been promoted, my salary has 
been tripled and this is my new ride”. 
His friends were so happy for him that they were speechless; they hugged him tightly 
and shook him. 
Finally, Frank broke the silence,” Kelvin you don hammer o, your money has come, 
you must celebrate this for us” 
“Yes o, you must o” Bode supported 
“You guys should go and change your 
clothes, let’s drive around town for now, on Friday evening or Saturday we would 
celebrate properly” 
Bode and Frank rushed in to change their tops only, they drove out of the compound 
two minutes later. 
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