Inseparable – Chapter 1

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 Shouts of joy erupted from the football viewing centre as the referee blew the final 
whistle. Arsenal Fc had just won their first European Champions League title; it had 
been a tough match. 
They played against FC Barcelona, a Spanish club who were known to have won the 
title several times. The Barcelona team played hard but was unable to get the ball 
into the net; the match had proceeded to the extra thirty minutes. At the die 
minutes of the game, defender Puyol had mistakenly sent the ball pass his team 
goalie through a disastrous header actually meant to keep the ball out of the box. 
” Up Gunners!!!” Bode hailed as he walked out of the centre with his friend Frank. 
” Na Luck una use win jor” Frank replied him in pidgin English. 
“Luck or no luck, we are champions of the season” 
“See you, come next season you guys would be trashed out like you are always 
“Hahahaha, haters keep hating, we are the champions” 
Frank and Bode were flat mates, young men aging twenty four and twenty six 
respectively. Their other flat mate, Kelvin who wasn’t a lover of football was left at 
home by the duo. Kelvin was older than the both of them, he was twenty eight. The 
three guys had met in the university and became close friends, instead of renting 
several single rooms; they had decided to stay together in a flat. 
Bode and Frank walked into the house and met Kelvin fast asleep in the living room, 
although both had their different rooms, they slept most times together in one room 
chatting and sharing their day experiences. 
“Kelvin, what did you prepare? We are so hungry o” Frank said to Kelvin, waking him 
up from sleep. 
“You want to eat again? Aren’t you filled with football already? ” Kelvin asked 
jokingly, “Go into the kitchen, you’ll find beans. I’m going into my room to sleep, I 
have to prepare for Church tomorrow “Kelvin said and walked away from them. 
Frank and Bode rushed into the kitchen like kids who were fighting to get a toy. This 
was their usual manner; the first person to get to the pot usually got the larger 
portion of food. 
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