By Adeola Nissi


In the village of Iguocha where people were known for excessive beauty lived a certain beautiful girl called Amara. Definitely not the fairest in the land, but obviously the most desired. Her spotless skin was neither fair nor dark, it was somewhere in between, glowing like glass in the sun and smooth as silk. Her flawless skin was the envy of all the other maidens in the land, even though she almost never had money to buy body cream to enhance her skin. Her smile, bright as the morning sun was enough to make every male specie desire the sight of her, and her suitors, though she was still in school, did not stop increasing.
Though from a very poor family, Amara had high dreams of one day becoming a medical doctor in order to take her family out of the state of poverty. She had watched on her neighbours television the way doctors dressed smartly in white apparels in the hospital and had vowed to focus squarely on her studies in order to reach her aim. Amara started school late but at nineteen, she was finally in her final year in the secondary school. Amara had never lost the top position in her class and now that resumption was here, Amara looked forward to writing the very popular WAEC examination which was feared by all and sundry. She had burnt candles during the long vacation and now that resumption is finally here, Amara was full of energy. Her dreams were looking up and if she put round pegs in round holes, she hoped to meet up with the scholarship requirements in order to eliminate the problems that may arise as a result of lack of funds. Little did she know that her destiny was about to take a down slide. Something unexpected happened; something happened, which changed the course of her life forever



I closed the lid of my diary as warm tears glistened in my eyes. I willed them to go away but as usual, they rolled unhindered down my cheeks. I did not waste time brushing them away, knowing fully well that it would be a futile effort. A warm hand touched my left shoulder affectionately, bringing me back to my surroundings. The cameras were already in place and five pair of eyes looked at me with concerned expressions.
Are you ready? the Manager asked softly.
I shivered, nodded and turned to the camera. Hello I said as the tape started rolling. My name is Amara Peters, and this is my story.


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