Black Monday

Black Monday – Episode 4

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By Dare Afolabi
It had been two months since one of the worst Robbery Attack ever recorded in the history of Mother crime hit the commercial capital city of Warri, South-South, Nigeria. The attack which recorded the killing of Fifty-Four people including Security operatives and Bank customers was described as the most unfortunate event that shook not only the people of that region, but the entire nation as a whole. The tragic event left the various families of the deceased individuals grieving for the death of their loved ones; while pleading to the government that the perpetrators of the act be brought to book. The Governor of the state headed to the plea from these pained families, thereby conducting a Mass burial for the dead, and assured the families that the government would definitely fish out the culprits stating that anyone of them caught would be tied to a stake and sent to the great beyond.
Although, a member of the Gang was caught on that day of the operation whose identity couldn’t even be identified as he suddenly lost his ability to speak. This was the handiwork of General who made sure that Stone do not say anything to the police torture unit that institutionalized him in a solitary confinement. He was later beaten severely until he passed away and his body thrown into an inferno.
The Bank attacked was almost in the blink of liquidation until the federal government intervened and offered them a loan from the federation account, so that they could proceed with business. The money stolen was reported to be over 7 Billion Naira, but it wasn’t certain whether the figure was altered to suit personal favours.
Coincidentally, the lady who was the only victim survivor from the attack was a Reporter working with the State owned television station, and she was now secretly working with the FBI/POLICE in order to nab the criminals who nearly took her life.
Jude had just had another heated argument with his ON/OFF girlfriend Margaret. The cause of their crisis always revolved around her sleeping with other members of the Gang. He had warned her several times to desist from such act – of which she promised to change, yet was still being intimate with General. On this day, he became vexed and decided to cool his head off at a cinema by seeing a movie. Jude then made out of his apartment shortly and went directly to his garage where his fleet of cars were parked. Regardless of the big brand of cars which he had in his garage, he decided to step out with his Toyota Camry vehicle. On getting to the cinema, he was walking towards the Theatre after purchasing the ticket, just then he received a text message from his estranged girlfriend, Margaret. In the message, Margaret had informed him that she was leaving his house and travelling to Abuja to return back to Warri in due time and wished that he should have gone back to his senses before she would return.
Jude was reading the message with excitement whilst paying attention to his phone, just then, he mistakenly bumped into a lady and she immediately fell to the floor yipping in pain. Jude was then instantly full of apology as he helped raised her back to her feet. Their eyes soon became interlocked, and then they froze admiring each other as though their lives depended on it. The lady was a full-blown beautifully created specie of human. Her eyes were as white as the cloud, and her fair-in-completion sleek skin was glowing like the sun. Jude was immediately lost in riveria as he could barely phantom when he broke the silence and striked a convo with her.
“Permit me the honour of knowing your name ma’am..” Jude muttered confidently still gazing into her eyes. Evidently, he was oblivious that the lady before him was the same person whose life he helped saved at the Bank when Preacher almost sniffed breath out of her.
“Uh! My name is Elo.” She managed to utter while curling her weavon backwards. Elohor Emmanuel was one of the most sought after News Reporter across Niger-Delta. Her findings had greatly influenced the success of the Nigerian Army toward curbing the menace of militants activities terrorizing that region. It became of – greater interest upon her now that she was investigating another act of terrorism while working as a secret intelligent undercover together with the police, and especially as she was affected by their attack. Her role was to act as a research observer; while her motive was to expose the criminals with the aim of reporting their story, and also helping security operatives to reduce crime to the bearest minimum.
“I’m Jude, you can call me Jude. Please forgive me, but I’m triggered to know, why is a pretty lady like yourself would be walking all alone in a cinema, or – perhaps, are you here with someone?” He enquired slightly raising his eyebrows upward in a bid to appear more handsome. Jude was instantly flirting with her. However, he wasn’t bad looking either and he also had the structure of a body-builder.
Jude had built virtually every part of his body as he was Muscular, had his chest pushed-up and a very attractive collection of biceps to match with. He was also Heighten, Dark-in-completion and had full facial beard. His appearance could best be linked to that of the Veteran Noolywood actor, Desmond Elliot.
“Actually, I’m waiting for someone, my Elder brother. We were supposed to see the movie together.” She lied. “Hmmm… Lemme even put a call through to him now!” She said and quickly brought out her phone from her handbag, and pretended to be calling her imaginary Brother. It was – all an attempt to perfect her plan in order to avoid any suspicious antiques.
After a while, she made a grimace look and then informed Jude that her brother was caught up in a meeting at his work-place and would not be able to show up anymore. She looked disappointed and slowly started walking away in a dejected manner, not until Jude interrupted her and said that they could watch the movie together; she succumbed immediately and they started walking together into the theatre.
The dance movie started in due time and everything was going smoothly until Elo started pulling some attitude. All of a sudden, she pretended to be dozing off while resting her head on his bosom. Jude was quite uncomfortable with such attitude of hers owning to the fact that he barely knew her, but still, he let it slide and feigned ignorance.
After the movie had ended, they were dispatching from the hall, and suddenly Elo developed cold feet. She was shivering and could barely stand upright. Jude had supported her to walk properly as she felt it was convenient to rest a huge part of her body on him. As though that wasn’t enough, she lamented that she could not board a cab to her area alone at that profane hour of the night due to high rate of crime present there. Her excuse being that the situation would have been better supposing her Brother came along.
Jude thought about her ordeal for a while and offered that she pass the night at his place. She gleefully hugged him and showed appreciation for his kind gesture. Not long afterwards, they made for Jude’s parked Toyota Camry vehicle, but not after Jude had ushered her inside using Chivalry. About then, he ignited the car and zoomed off almost immediately.
Finally, they reached Jude’s multi-million Naira Duplex apartment which he had all to himself, and thereafter, things started going against plans.
…to be continued
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